Thursday, 17 December 2015

Winter Mixture

Thank you to everyone for last night.

The hard thing for the performers is to have no wings/off stage or space to hide, however the beauty of the high ceiling, smooth wooden floor and wonderful strong paintings surrounding them is a pleasure. Along with the ever constant hospitality and welcome which make Falmouth Art Gallery home from home for many in the area: Maybelle, Rosie and Sidney are frequent visitors, Eddie has done work experience and exhibited paintings, Jo works there, i have run workshops, performances, attended numerous children home ed art/writing workshops and seen shows there as well as private views etc it is a real hub in our community and big THANK YOU to them for continued support.

Andrew and Miles

group improvisation

Welcome to Maz

Thank you to our audience a packed house from family and friends to those who have never seen us before. Thank you also for the generous response, as we seek funding for next year, over £100 was donated. We were able to enjoy Christmas cake and refreshments afterwards.
We are sorry to have missed Anne and Ley who are regular and wonderful performers and were unable to be with us in the past month, however welcome to Maz and we have new people interested and that is always heartening, and David and Paul have returned. The nature of Shallal and community groups is often a moveable feast as people commitments and circumstances change,  Anna and Skye may return next term! now they have settled into college.
 I haven't sat down to really analyse how it works 'the power of attraction' but it does and i came to the work through it. After shows we often have people ask to join.
So nearly to the holidays our Shallal Dance Theatre Christmas Party today and then rest till the new year.

Photos from last night are posted on

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Winter Mixture

Thursday evening 6pm!

Jo Lumber willingly changed from participant to volunteer within Shallal 2 after Jessie Webb left which enabled us to continue, she is now an associate artist and has written this review of our year for tomorrow.

(Many thanks to councillors Hanna Toms and Cathy Atherton who have last year and this year supported the dress rehearsal and performance through Community Chest Funds.
We are currently appealing for local support to continue to flourish next year.)

Winter Mixture & review
Shallal2 present a seasonal selection box entitled 'Winter Mixture'. We hope you enjoy our diverse range of music, chosen by company members. We are thrilled to be back in Falmouth Art Gallery after last Decembers' show 'Contrasts', which was inspired by the 'Porthmeor Past and Present' exhibition. 

Falmouth based Shallal2 has been running for 3 years and is now an established performance group.  We are an eclectic group of individuals, ranging in age from 0- '60 something', and every decade in between.  We share a love of interesting music, exploration of movement, playing together, using our imaginations and creating work from themes. Everything we present is improvised, making every performance unique. Our shows have no specific narrative allowing you, the audience, to create your own if you wish!

It has been a busy 2015: In Spring we devised 'Dance On The Grass' which was performed one balmy eve at Gyllyngdune Gardens. Our audience enjoyed the setting as much as we did; what pleasure to perform in the fresh air, under blue skies, surrounded by vibrant flowers. We also took the show to Malpas Park for Truro's Playfest event... where it was more a case of  'Dance in the Drizzle' as we battled against the rain!

In July we joined the main company, Shallal Dance Theatre, for a week long residency at the AMATA Performance Centre. We thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in our craft, and felt privileged to use the wonderful university facilities. The hard work and play resulted in an exhilarating Friday night show, in a superb, state of the art dance studio.

A highlight of the year was to perform 'Contrasts' again, this time at Porthmeor Studios, on the last day of the St Ives Festival. A chance meeting with artist Vicky Wiltshire and manager Chris Hibbert led to this late booking and we rose to the challenge. We revisited the piece after 9 months and had just 2 rehearsals. On arrival at Porthmeor we found the artists studio to be a true working space- with years of paint, plaster and debris scattered. There was much to do in order to prepare the floor for dance! The team cleared, swept, and vacuumed, freeing the space of staples and screws. Despite various events throughout the town we performed to a packed house, with many of the audience members new to our work. It was particularly poignant for us to share the show in the very space which inspired it. We received wonderful feedback and on a post-show high several of us took a dip in the sea as the September sun shone brightly.

And here we are again in our beloved Falmouth Art Gallery, a place which understands and embraces us. Thank you, everyone, for supporting us. Please join us after the show for some festive refreshments and a chat. See you again in 2016.
Jo Lumber, Shallal2 member.

You may notice a lack of leaping in this show; our wonderful Anna and Skye are busy with their college courses but work with us when able. We are so happy to have Zoe with us, who is also busy with sixth form commitments. As part of her course she recently hosted a delightful fundraising tea party at Falmouth School. Highly talented teenagers treated us to brilliant music and song, ranging from Einaudi to Arctic Monkeys! £125 was raised for Shallal2. Thanks to all involved.

original photo of Zoe and Maybelle from residency 

beautiful photo by Zoe Wilton of Zoe Osmond at residency that almost made it to our Xmas card as love the colour! an attempt below......

festive posters/programme covers by Eddie Callis

Sunday, 13 December 2015


"Passing Through, an improvisation technique working with the philosophy that movement needs no leader in creation.  We will begin with the basic principles of walking, running, pause, following and leading and looping.  Specifically working with instant adaptation and transforming the environment of the dance while playing with expansion and cohesion."

very excited when saw some videos of this style of work a year or so ago as has elements of 'Always New' in it..

then when researching Michael Klien through Independent Dance newsletter came across the wonderful centre he created with Daghdha in Limerick, also came across this poster.....

Artists can show the way for inclusion because they cut across society - as does real faith.

issued by Senator Joseph MacArthur height of red scare in 1950's posted on

Saturday, 5 December 2015


Friday felt like an international day!
Annis and Lydia
Pepe from Catalonia Spain came to 'play' with movement and George's friends Sulia and Eric from MInnesota USA came to play with music.
Trip to see Terry Frost exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery next week in the afternoon.
Some good work being created and some back to basic reminders in warm ups and exploring contact improvsation which we always need to revisit.
Winter window with Katherine and Brain.
Anna, Star and Marjorie

Pepe in striped top
Sulia and Eric in the background

Trevor at 75 is allowed to rest whenever he wants, here he is with Katie 'restfully' exploring some contact work


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Winter Mixture

Fresh from their success at Porthmeor Studios in September Shallal 2 wanted to perform again.

Shallal groups are a moveable feast and you can never quite determine who is available until the term/day! which is one of the reasons why we created our "Always New ' style of approach to performance improvisation.

This show has a combination of devising and performing techniques and a wonderful selection of music contributed by the dancers.

It is exciting and eclectic with new member Maz, David and Paul have recently returned and a whole new family have joined but are not in this show. Some lovely old members moved on ( Peter now comes to the main co, Skye and Anna too busy at college)  although we hope they will return when they can.

Sidney, last seen in a sling, has progressed to crawling! so watch this space ... if all well he has a spot which is charming, to a beautiful piece of music with mum Rosie and Eddie, and will be seen dipping in and out of other pieces. Maybelle 5 has brought in 2 tracks which start the show and there are some quirky lovely scenes, which match the music mixture.

It is pulled together in a term and coming together well now but will be 'fresh' as Zoe expressed it.

Do come along and see it, it's free in Falmouth Art Gallery on Thursday 17th December, timed to late night shopping so you can do some of that as well. The show runs approx 35 minutes.

Thanks again to Zoe Osmond who organised a music concert and played with other pupils from Falmouth School. It raised £125, much needed as Shallal 2 are unfunded this term.

Friday, 27 November 2015

AHSW Provocation notes

In response to:
  "if any of you has any notes that you would be happy for me to upload to the      AHSW website as an ongoing resource "
   "It was great to hear your talk ..... it was the most engaging of all the provocations." feedback

 Notes made 'after' a 10 min provocation at AHSW Conference, so summarising the appeal....

To set the scene there were good longer presentations from Paul Dieppe and Plymouth Music Zone 
and others before me, so we had looked at broad aspects of the work already including practical join in Laughing Yoga...illustrating how quickly simple movements can change mood and engender community.

Providing Inclusive Pathways...

I want to raise the question of "and then what?" 
You run closed specific art groups for people in health care settings, they enjoy it there are wonderful breakthrough stories of how art can open, give room for expression, support, allow another route for communication at depth, give fun, joy and sense of community.
Your project finishes and then what?
Where can participants continue their new found relationship with the arts.?

What is there in their local community that can welcome, include, support and understand them?

Where they can meet more people, continue their art form?
What do artists, facilitators and project providers provide as progression?
If you believe your work is worthwhile, why isn't it more widely available and accessible within the community? 

This is not only progression and continuing care, but preventative, providing community and expression and makes for a healthier society.

It also allows people to step out from one user group into supported friendly truly inclusive groups. I don't believe the word inclusion is about including different groups in experiencing the arts, it's creating spaces which include all sorts of people with and without support needs.

I have seen an approach work for a myriad of ages and abilities I have seen it work and each time I have learnt from it. Stretch your practice build pools of inclusive community arts don't restrict the joy of it to closed funded groups in health care settings, take that good practice and approach and spread it, learn from it and embed it within society. We know it works and has impact now take that further in your own way.

It has been around long enough and has proved itself, now please consider providing inclusive pathways for the arts within society. That are not linked to specific attainments, further education but run on the grounding of a person centred approach and for the fun/ joy of it for all involved, including the providers. 

PS. One way of enabling inclusion is to ask for donations, with a suggested fee, rather than set a fee, this enables everyone to feel they can come. Many people are on low income and some have little self esteem at first and don't believe they are worth it,  (this often changes) and those who can't pay can help in other ways - an energy exchange. 
Also to run groups in central accessible local spaces: church halls, village halls, community centres. 

For more practical suggestions, to discuss ideas and support feel free to contact Jo Willis 

Thursday night Benefit and Back Lane West

Yesterday provided the treat of attending 2 events i wasn't involved in organising - well a very little in BLW -
and they lived up to expectation, Zoe Osmond's cafe style musical treat, so much talent and so lovely to be there and enjoy it all, everyone said the same, a Big Thank You to Zoe and all her supporters, performers and helpers. They raised £125!
(Every time Philip Robinson and i chat (apart from about chickens) i want to try to resurrect/recreate MAP Music Access Project - one day maybe we will finally get there, it was such a success and there is so much interest and talent.)

Short pause and onto Back Lane West, everyone commented on the space, we love it!
and it fits so well, greeted by Oli's wonderful photos and Eddie and Stuart's fabulous interactive projections, then into the music, sound, projection, movement with 4 'performed' pieces, i immersed myself in one and was so happy, i love it and it worked so well, well done to all artists!

Lots of ideas for progression from us all, need to capture and dwell on them and let them bloom, first and easiest is longer time next year, booked in well in advance so everyone can clear their diaries as George keen to also work with Stuart as well on expanding possibilities and skills sharing.

Jo and George messing about at the end!

It is 'enabling' as Jane said the fun of seeing people work well together and find common grounds and stretch ones own art form into others....
Cross Currents where lots of ripples meet, form, peak and spread out.

I'm also keen on a small annual festival idea, where all this could be more widely shared and showcased.

Also busy hatching plans from the successful pop ups which carried on well after i had to leave them, photos coming soon from Demelza.
Just in and on FB.....

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Really looking forward to today,
Free tea and cake followed by music, what could be a nicer Winter tea time?
Tea and cake 4.30pm, Music Concert at Falmouth School 6th form organised by Zoe Osmond 5 - 6pm,
We have heard Zoe improvise at the Shallal Shared Residency now we look forward to hearing her and others.
All money raised to Shallal and only £1.50 a ticket....very helpful as Shallal 2 are still seeking funding.
A big thank you to Zoe!!
Zoe is also on Shallal 2's new poster, along with Maybelle...see below

Then a short pause, time to get to Redruth, and see some of the Showings from the Cross Currents Collaborations in our Back Lane West Residency 7.30pm with refreshments.
Good news that despite Jo Lumber being unable to attend, Eddie and Stuart have had a really productive 2 days and we can interact with some of it this evening! and you can see work from "3 men in a tub" with Star, they are also on FB and Studio blog as well as old posts here.

Zoe and Laura also had a good 2 days and some of their work to view on Monday, and on Studio blog tomorrow.
Joan Gabie arrived in Cornwall last night and it was exciting to chat and catch her excitement to get into the studio on Friday, she is our last artist in. She came via Bideford and the interesting project she and her husband were involved in there.

So as well today:
I have a meeting with Colin around Doorways, trying to get Anna and Annis's photos developed for Monday, submitting CPD card application for visiting dancer next term - hopefully - and getting some limited funds for Shallal 2's new show, which is pulling together late but looking good, despite as usual some erratic rehearsal attendance from some performers, and welcoming back David and Paul and new member Maz!
The new show Winter Mixture has a good interesting and varied selection of music suggested by members and I visited the venue Falmouth Art Gallery this week and they were hanging their new exhibition which looks dramatic and brilliant and will be a wonderful setting for it.
Thank you to Falmouth Art Gallery for being such a home and host for Shallal 2.

The Last Showing of Cross Currents work is on Monday at 6pm, with more visual art, photographs and including Toby's frame and Zoe and Laura's creation.

Thank you to Michael our new graphic designer only 17, Michael was one of our resident artists at Porthmeor Studios this summer - despite the faint print on Collaborations poster, done in rush as deadlines for his college work were surrounding it- we get good feedback from the designs especially from artists and we hope to provide Easy Read copy as well in the future and then lets keep going to create posters which cover both in the future, but for now just good to get good quality posters when we need them.
For me it can be a joy and gives me exciting insights to watch his creative process while making them and to do my work alongside with occasional feedback and comments passing between us.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Don't miss.....Showings at Back Lane West 26, 30 Nov

Cross Currents, a Cross Art Form Residency at Back Lane West, Redruth, this November.

Free events with refreshments

Thursday 26th November 7.30pm, Cross Art Form Collaborations 

apologies type face too faint in middle!
Oli Raymond Barker, Jamie Mills and George Bradley - Peers with Star and other collaborations ( from next week )

Monday 30th November 6-8pm "Through our Eyes" Visual Arts
artwork, photographs and more....

Shallal Studio artists and friends......

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

pop up link

My dear macbook is having exhaustion from uploading photos onto Studio blog (keep forgetting some!) here's a few last ones to invite you to visit them.

"We had a great time on the street...meeting and engaging with a lot of people...all very positive..thanks for arranging it..great fun" Colin

Back Lane West - messages from todays Collaborations!

"Dear Star,
Thank you for joining us in the great experiments of sound, light and movement!
See you next week..."
Star peeping through from studio!
"Oh my goodness, I had SUCH a good time today" - Star
with "3 men in a tub"
George, Jamie and Oli

and from George
"Really lovely day, we are all appreciative of the opportunity to work together."
They are back in next Thursday and you get the chance to see some of their work in the evening Thursday 26th 7.30pm


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

AHSW Conference and I am Joan show link

Excellent day at AHSW conference.
Great venue, interesting presentations, Prof. Paul Dieppe, about to start a fan club! talking about soul, the arts and healing, and fantastic presentation by Viv who won an award last time and talked about creating I am Joan, which I do hope to go and see, she ran a great short workshop ..lovely to move....this blog is to give you the link to that show, and thank AHSW for a really good day.
Oh and had some good feedback from Provocation, so ok, but nerves while waiting were high especially as my style is to just talk, just couldn't make 'real?' notes.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

News: Zoe Young, Fundraiser at Falmouth School 26th and Showings at Back Lane West!

Busy day in main co, 2 or 3 new dance pieces created with George towards Godolphin Doorways - Artistic director breathes sigh of relief and they/performers say "You can trust us - to deliver " i reply, "I do trust, you just not sure i trust myself " - to do my part adequately
so back to
Trust the process!!

Barbara Santi introduced us to Zoe Young who will be filming the documentary part of the project. Zoe joined in and loves to dance :), she might also be called Zoe Freda as we have so many Zoe's at present.

Zoe Osmond is very kindly organising a Fundraiser:

Hello all Shallaler's!
I am organising a concert at my school sixth form, that is raising money for Shallal.
All you guys are welcome to come along! 
It is on Thursday the 26th in the Falmouth School sixth from common room (if you arrive at the main entrance there will be people to show you in). 
People will be serving free tea and cake from 4.30 
with the music beginning at 5.00 (and lasting till 6.00).
I'll be playing something, along with solo's and duet from different friends. 
The tickets are £1.50...if anyone would like to come please let me know and i'll put some aside at the door for you.

Much love Zoe :) x

Back Lane West, Redruth will have  'Showing' of Cross Art Form Collaborations starting at 7.30pm .... so why not have a Shallal evening and roll onto that afterwards!
Next Showing "Through our eyes" visual arts part and possibly costume etc will be on Monday 30th November evening time tbc
more info and updates on /

Back Lane West continues to speed up with return from USA of Laura Menzies, "Geraldine" our tailors dummy from 2iis R& D is having a journey to play with Zoe Wilton and Laura next week.
Zoe has been squeezing performers into costumes over the last 2 weeks, Colin's greek/morris dancer look was recut into ......

as the old one smelled too damp! can't wait for space to put stuff...roll on permanent studio space!

Tuesday I will be at AHSW conference
with 10 minute Provocation titled Providing Inclusive Pathways.

I get a chance to speak about what i care about, time is running out, i am 52 and one gets impatient ! i think dancers are often impatient?!-
Had nice chat with Kiki Gale HFC dance consultant about this and more recently. Waiting to see the real changes, the work has been valid for over 50 years now, happening widely since the 80's it needs to be embedded in society....not still being noted that the arts work for different groups! make it an ongoing widespread provision and reality....oops best save it for Tuesday!

Also with close of Arts for Health Cornwall - many thanks for all they have done....
a quick none Shallal announcement, which i have 'put out there'

Local artist database suggestion from local practitioner

Dear Artists and Practitioners,

I feel very passionate about artists work and continuing provision.
(I started voluntarily was given work in a hospital, went freelance and haven't ever stopped. I gained my initial experience in the early 80's in London, which included psychiatric, stroke rehab, and community settings.)

With the close of Arts for Health and all they have provided, I am concerned that there should be a site where artists can connect and potential employers and funders can find suitable artists for their work/projects without randomly scouring the web.

So I have a proposal which would be to build a simple free weebly website, I am happy to do this.
I have done Shallal's weebly pro site see below.
(The site I suggest wouldn't be under Shallal but autonomous, however Shallal could link to it as hopefully other supportive organisations would)

It would need a good title ( suggestions please ) and a home page with a short explanation, then headings for different art forms,  each artist can have a page under their art form.

To be included you would need to send me:
your art form
information about your work and experience
up to 3 photos, ( jpeg please)
and your contact details.

Once created ( if you want ) I maybe able to give you the email and password so you can update your page when you need to, or send me the new information.
That is all the maintenance needed.
You can also circulate the website to your contacts so it gets known.
There is scope for publicising it and marketing if anyone has the time and skills ie: a press release, launch party etc
I would like to think I could put it together by 2016 and as Jane leaves mid Dec there wouldn't be too much of a gap.
Look forward to hearing from you.
best wishes

Monday, 9 November 2015

A&A at BLW

Anna and Annis return to Back Lane West, George came to to try the space and took some photos of their work in process, see below.
Their work is accompanied discussion, suggestions to each other interspersed with giggles. Their choice of photos coming soon.

I am looking forward to today with Zoe and Sam, with Peter and Lou visiting.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


ipads are very popular!
capturing dance moments, Peter, Zoe and Lydia.
We were looking forward to seeing Holocene by James Wilton dance co, however it has been postponed so another day of rehearsals tomorrow.
We borrowed a go-pro from Falmouth Art Gallery recently and are eagerly awaiting a new film camera, and some hard drives which can be used to store all our images etc for Doorways.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Grasping Granite..Zoe Osmond photos Godolphin Doorways

Some of Zoe Osmond's photos from Friday at Godolphin House.
Meeting tomorrow with Godolphin House staff to negotiate the show etc, we were also looking round for instillations and exhibition or something in The Cidery a few weeks before...
and Back Lane West Cross Currents residency starts tomorrow, i get the key today - hurray!

i know it\s the wrong way up but it was sent this way and i like the hair!!
lost my nerve here it is right way up

the coat


Demelza and Katie, strike a pose!
they a have a dramatic twosome from 2iis that we might have to develop for this environment

they also have a laugh!
the drama of the potting shed
i started writing a blog some years ago as it was recommended as away to show artistic process development,  partnerships, all the things you naturally do but funders might not know about unless you tell them,  etc well this blog now shows my mind enjoying this photo!
it feels like a ( ships) figure head looking back into time, we are all still quite into the white lady stories!
"grasping granite"

Friday, 30 October 2015

young uns at Godolphin

Some photos from Godolphin visit with Anna and Skye, it grew from 3 dancers and Belinda into production team and some others who didn't make the first day and then the lovely Wheelers came to be with those they had missed......
warming up by the wonderful old door
George's music and slippery stones, damp day, we had hoped for the mist to be there

playing with the go pro
Demelza was able to join us

Skye's new red hair

lots of cameras, we then left the courtyard and Zoe recorded the other group so their photos to follow

Play is the most important part of improvisation it allows authentic movement and helps with nerves and self conciousness

in the Cidery
great photos - the camera was shared and Skye took these i think

I used to say to a friend i worked with "it has to be fun", if you are not professional why do you do it? it can be hard work and serious and requires commitment but it has to be fun too....
........the dancers often take the best photos of each other as they trust and play also helps them develop their eye, which is so important when you don't work with technique, it is all self and group reflective

Jo Lumber's coat!

in action

Arron, Zoe, Anna, Skye, Annis and Joseph
tea and cake or icecream are always favourites

Belinda photography, John art and production and Colin! - posing...