Friday, 30 March 2012

exhibition and rehearsals

If you haven't seen it I hope you will it's worth a visit, really beautiful work and 4 paintings sold already. Thank you to Studio 61 for hosting this and for everyones input which has made it such a success. I hope we will have many more exhibitions.
 Steve Tanner will be delivering work next week and the film dvd will arrive by then so - with their computer technical hitched fixed - they will also be there to enjoy.
It was an evening of interesting conversations, so we look forward to how those might flower.

With our self employed artist status reclaimed Shallal is now in a position we thought of many years ago, much more an artists/ facilitators led group collaboration with admin and trustee support. So many more things possible and many exciting projects that have been on the back boiler may with the right timing and funding come together....
there is a wealth of talent and experience in the group at the moment and people who thrive on collaboration we shall see....interestingly the main co still is the seed bed for most of the ideas and people end up there, even if they didn't start there, such as Debs and Duane...partly the informality and time to eat together and chat help that I think.

Thank you to Stephanie who has now finished her 2 week student placement with us, she has been a great help from hands on help and dancing, to research and support. We hope she will get back in touch after her degree when she returns to Cornwall.

We had good rehearsals; tackled Godolphin ideas......lots to work on for next term and Eddie's poem developing into a strong piece, Eleanor and Trevor, Linda, Toby, Debs, Duane and more... lots to work on next term.
Developing Gyllyngdune ideas....I'm singing a simple round with Rory again- fun and I'm feeling distictly old! last time was over 16 years ago, at Truro Museum for a Kneehigh opening for Truro City of Lights.
Alan has returned so he will be with us for Gyllyngdune and Mousehole....just what we needed, he is also busy on a textiles course.

Thinking of Alan reminds me of a beautiful piece of art like a long scroll done in pastels with a poem on that he did and a possible idea for another exhibition would be poetry and paintings..there are lot of old Shallal poems around and i want to make a book sometime, need a printing patron! plan to talk to Sally about books soon.

Mousehole meeting today, with Kate and Gail, freezing wind, but no rain..and good chats and sorting out reality of performances there, main one will be at approx 2pm on the far beach 6th July. Half the performers at Mousehole, as Godolphin the next here are some of Zoe's photos from our Godolphin visit at the beginning of term.

view from the door

in the house listening to Malc, many people inspired by the story of the white lady

Zoe with house in distance

Sammy by the door, note lovely courtyard and door behind

Sam and Toby

playing with the space

hug a pillar, i love them and Roger is writing music for a simple piece with groups around them and musican weaving through

Saturday, 24 March 2012

"funny monkey up a tree" notes

  Last Monday Stephanie came with us and we met Jessie in the gardens, taking a break from writing her dissertation, and we went to have a recky particularly to look at the tree. The potentail piece will have vitually no in site rehearsal time so have taken some photos, made notes. While we were there we checked out the steps and the play area where the dragons head will make a nice underwater piece feature!

Then have to blog as Eddie on a creative roll, poem and then a song, as Jacqui has said, "Eddie and I spontaneously wrote a 'funny monkey up a tree' song last night for one of the Shallal dances."

Kerry is keen for the tree challenge and i am keen for something slighty faster than usual for her to complete the challenge/exstension, which is why Anna is added for speed and swinging! and Colin for safety, he and Kerry have worked together a lot before, and Jessie is keen to develop work with Kerry they have 8 short sessions to build the theme and relationships to do the tree..and we hope they don't lop anymore branches off!!

here are some photos

performers please look at spaces! 

Michael gives a good idea of height, only light people hanging!
Jessie sitting on stone
sunny spring day   

width of entrance up

Anna hanging from tree

Luke and Jessie looking out to sea... had hoped to end piece with Michael and Alan here but Alan not available at present which is shame,  hope to catch up with him soon as he and Micahel were developing a comedy duo.

Michael trying for size!

Luke looking through Neptune's chair

sea monsters head, notes..Eleanor on white stone, Tina behind, Toby on earth in middle, Eddie on wooden seat.. 

Searching for music is late for some of the pieces though only song for sea scene and tree one left i think as crows sticking with recorded sound at the moment. So funny monkey up a tree song coming on Friday....

Friday, 23 March 2012

lots going on!

Well, blogging to avoid more difficult work and so much exciting 'stuff' happening need to blog to clear my head. Despite some people being away we had a very full session, Linda returned after illness, we were all so pleased to see her back. The summer flyer has been sent to the printers in time for the Private View on Friday ( last blog). Eddie has created a fantastic image
for Gyllngdune Performance, may need to change type face of Shallal, but fantastic work.

We rehearsed and discussed work for Hall for Cornwall short piece in June on Monday 18th, a fund raising event by Nick Carr Productions, this took a lot of time but was looking good, however we are going back to another piece as then found out a main performer will be unavailable, but the work isn't lost as the piece is probably being used in the summer at Godolphin. 
Worked in small groups on ideas, and work is coming together well, Gyllngdune is linking up nicely, just awaiting an Apex song to work to next term.
We watched what we have and I was shown again how important it is not just to plan through the head, we listened to Star and Elaine's poems and changed the order after listening, they are beautiful and pertinent to the place and in that lovely synchronous, creative way to other pieces.
Star also read her Godolphin poem, very haunting, and Eddie wrote a poem in the afternoon with echoes of the theme in it. 

Andy came and the creativity started to bubble over. Meeting with Andy and Debs over a book idea he has next week and Shallal book in pipeline as well. Anna, Stephanie and I had found some simple tops for costume this week. (Stephanie is on student placement from Cardiff University where she's studying dance, she is with us for 2 weeks.) Linda brought in costume/props ideas and she and Toby were heads down in art session, which is beginning to really work as a creative ideas, visual arts and support time which is how I'd hoped and envisaged it. 
Diana our administrator often pops in to our chaos, as we no longer have an office but all work from home, - I am ever grateful for my macbook bought with money left by Eileen a long standing Shallal member and very close friend who died a few years ago, without it I couldn't work as I do....or bore you by blogging! She would have approved as she was amongst many things a journalist and writer.
 I found myself introducing Diana as our walking office?! ( I want to write about Walter here but maybe best to put a link to his lovely photos! it's good to have a physical handover time as we don't live near each other. 
The afternoon allows creative meetings to happen with more people present, last week Roger Pinsent, composer, came, this week Sally Crabtree, poet,    
it's lovely to work with her again. To share notes on the continual funding struggles, and the excitement of creative ideas.
Mousehole has been the last performance day for us to shape up and she has given us real suggestions, possibilities and it now is getting a shape to it. Last week Katherine introduced us to Sheila of Mounts Bay Singers who we may work with.
 Colin may go into Mousehole school with Sally to engage some children in one of our performances, all in the world of possibilities and we shall see how it all lands!
Debs excitedly getting out her writing group idea she and Sally could develop. Sally off to write something based on anecdotal conversations with people from Mousehole, on the bus etc. Debs to write us an ode based on Dolly Pentreath - laughter over Cornish dialect what we remember etc..our slightly anarchic way of working is very Celtic/ Cornish i think! passionate and slightly disorganised, hard to stop us (talking!) when we get started....
the studio idea has come up again twice this week and Duane sent a link  - really good but if we can do Studios I want it to be inclusive, it's the mix that's so exciting! and really feeds people and allows mutual support, creative inspiration and exchange and fun!

Rory Mcdermott our BBC funded dance artist wrote us a nice quote; 
( for a press release on my "to do" list!)
 " it is always an inspiration to work with such creative and loving people. Warmth and support is the bedrock from which this extraordinary company produces such moving and innovative work. I look forward to the journey with this wonderful, maverick band of artists and performers". 
We feel the same about him!

Well dawn is breaking and my "to do" list awaits me, ( as do chickens, washing up, teenagers etc)

Hope to see you at the Private View next Friday 30th March 6-8pm at Studio 61, Lemon St, Truro or drop into it in April, info on our last blog !

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Exhibition at Studio 61

Studio 61, Lemon St, Truro
Spring Exhibiton of Shallal artists 
2nd - 21st April, 
Monday to Friday 10am - 3pm

Invitation to the Private View of Shallal artists exhibition 

Zoe Wilton,an already established solo exhibitor, rightly described as a renaissance woman! (actually I think all the artists involved have a renaissance quality )
Toby Bridge, an eclectic and inspiring artist who's work deserves to be seen more
Eddie Callis, who is at the start of his artistic career and currently studying Art at Camborne College. 

Alongside we have invited Shallal's friends, photographers; Andy Parker and Steve Tanner, whose work you have already seen on this blog and we are really grateful they can be involved.
Andy at:

Steve at: ... too busy to finish his website!

Some short films many made with the support of Barbara Santi will also be on view.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Friends and Dancing

Today is Wednesday Friends and Dancing day and this term we've had visits from Arthur and Meesha 2nd year photography students looking at Community, both have brought something unique through conversation or images and we look forward to continuing to work with them.
 Some of Arthur's monochrome photos below 

group improvisation

Duane, Andrew and Georgia. Andrew has joined us this term and is fantastic to work with.

there are a lot if us now! but we like the light airy space so adapt the session to cope, but may one day outgrow it?!
Josie also visited us this term and some people from this group are now also attending Open House Redruth run by Colin and Josie on Thursday mornings, at Redruth Community Centre, info on our website


Hayley and me having quick chat..thought transference.."you can do it!"

group improvisation Sammy in front

Debs and Trevor..this has now progressed into Farewell dance first performed last week in main co

Well here i am blogging to avoid design work..another skill yet to be mastered but am enjoying playing..publicity for summer shows needs to be done asap
and trawling through images came across these colour photos from the end of last year.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Exhibition at Studio 61

Early warning for our up and coming Art Exhibition at Studio 61, Lemon St, Truro. 

Private View Friday 30th March 6-8pm
Exhibition 2nd till 27th April

We chose an easy sceanrio for our first exhibition, there are many multi talented artists in Shallal but for this show we asked people who already had work available, so minimal expense for them/us, so;
 Zoe Wilton,an already established solo exhibitor, rightly described as a renaissance woman! (actually as I write this I think all the artists are)
Toby Bridge, an eclectic and inspiring artist who's work deserves to be seen more
Eddie Callis, who is at the start of his artistic career and currently studying Art at Camborne College. 

Alongside we have invited Shallal's friends, photographers; Andy Parker and Steve Tanner, whose work you have already seen on this blog and we are really grateful they can be involved.

Another friend of Shallal, film maker Barbara Santi has offered to put some of our short films together so they can be seen on a monitor.

So we hope you can come and please tell your friends.

 We hope to do more with visual art in the future and are very grateful to Jo Beer and all at Studio 61 for this opportunity.

Images coming soon

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Diversifest Celebrations

Many thanks to Mid Cornwall Diversity Action group for giving us some funding to support this performance. I attended their meeting on Monday which was really interesting.
I am blogging to avoid work sitting surrounded by my "to do" list for today. We are a changing creature every time you think the main company has settled someone has to move on, someone new joins and because of how we work creating with each other, each change brings new opportunities, challenges and gifts. We have officially 'closed for rehearsals' especially as the next performances are particularly challenging outdoor ones, but we have tonight 4 new faces to the main company;
Debs and Sammy from Friends and Dancing,
Duane who works with Giles and Trevor ,when talking to him last time we performed we found he has a wealth of talent and experience in Performing Arts, so he has also joined us,
Jessie who is in her 3rd year Choreography at UCF ( Flo her daughter often comes with her),
and then welcome back to Sophie who has time available with us till the autumn term,
and Rory is also popping into some of the performance.

So we are full company tonight; minus Eddie and Alan - who will be back next week, and Linda who is unwell - we miss her and hope she feels better soon.
Andy Parker continues to take amazing photographs.
Thanks to Frazer who found music for Nigel's powerful photographs, tonight they all come together for the first time!
and Elaine has a new poem.

The other people to thank are our chairperson Gillian Cleave and trustee Tim Boulton who served and supported Shallal and have now moved on to other commitments THANK YOU from us all. We all enjoyed Gill's hospitality, support and legal common sense - artists need that - Tim brought all his diverse experience which helped us to see ways through, and we hope and plan to continue working creatively and musically with him and his inspiration. We welcome trustee Terry Stanton in his new role as Shallal's chairperson and look forward to tea and cake and a trustees meeting at his home next Wednesday!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Photos from rehearsals for Friday 9th ( see last post ) by Andy Parker- thank you again to him!
 Working title The Bridal gift: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!
old and new dance pieces, borrowed stepladder and blue water images projected in last piece which will be performed for the first time...

it's late and the photos didn't quite come out in the desired order but nevermind!


Framed again!

2 sunsets

new piece in progress, Farewell created for Gyllngdune Gardens

Skye and co

for Waterfall

my brain/notes scattered across the floor last Friday, all better now thankfully, the running order was more problematic than usual!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to COLIN ! - his birthday card

Katherine and Debs

Michael and Eleanor

Jessie and Kerry, new work

Kerry and Toby

Friday, 2 March 2012


There is lots I want to blog about and have some lovely photos of Zoe's to put up soon, but todays news includes good news that we have just been notified that we are successful in our Grants for the Arts application for the Doorways project, so can now go ahead with full blown response, and be paid!
Diana came down today especially to tell the company the good news - thank you.
Good news indeed and it comes on Colin's birthday!
Secondly we have a performance at The Performance Centre next Friday 6.30pm, 9th March for their Diversifest Celebrations so: something old, something new,( in tems of work ) something borrowed,( step ladder from St Peter's Hall), something blue ( blue is Nigel Maynards Drift dam photographs) show, and I have been struggling to get a working running order, but hopefully now we are there. We performed there before Christmas but all our performances so far have been community ones held out of term time, so this time we will have a student audience...
I had creative melt down today trying to link it all up but we are there now, also the nature of Shallal is new faces so always people to support  encourage and put into new and old pieces, and my brain has decided to close down on costume, Terri used to do it and is no longer with us so we need someone else and will start looking soon, now we have budgets in place.

from Zoe's photos