Thursday, 31 July 2014

Art Sale Fundraiser tomorrow

Nearly the last event of the summer tomorrow.

 Next week we are at Playfest, Truro, Thursday 7th August, 3pm performance by outreach group from Shallal 2 and 4pm workshop.

Tomorrow we are at our rehearsal space (and it's just so nice to be there) St Peter's Hall, Newlyn, for our Annual Art Fundraiser.
A chance to see more associate artists, supporters and friends work, to sit and chat, with tea and cake, browse, listen to Skye, the Wheelers and many more in the open mike sessions, and buy some Art a range of sizes, styles and prices, something for everyone!! including Michel's ceramics

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Well here I am writing credit lists and looking up titles for this evenings show and while searching for one I googled Moondog. Many years ago Phil, i think, gave me CD and i had always thought it was 60/70's experimental music group ..    it's much more interesting than that and do just click here and hear about this extraordinary artist.
We love the quirky music and Shallal 2 use two of his tracks, and we look forward to seeing The Viking of 6th Avenue.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Snaps from Godolphin

It's easier to get good photos with less people in, so these are fun, and capture some lovely moments but not representative of the scale of the work ....with normally more than 6 on stage!
Thanks to Anne for photos!
I am so sorry we didn't film it, another time!
Glen and Toby in an Always New, George improv

Zo, Colin and Lydia leaving the stage with giggles, Sam in background

Star and Trevor

Trevor and the ladies,! his partners for the day, Star and Demelza

You can see Shallal 2 and Shallal Dance Theatre with George's exciting new work, along with Travelling Time Wasters and Skye at The Performance Centre this Friday, well worth seeing a complimentary mixture of talents and styles.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Godolphin courtyard Always New

 Well done everyone it was beautiful in that setting and the work with George was great!

Waiting on sorting photos and others to come in and a kind visitor who saw some of the rehearsal and returned to watch the show and filmed some of it.

Thank you to Malc and Siobhan at Godolphin for all their continuing support.


"Superb, Very moving, emotional"

Take a bow:
Star, Trevor, Aaron, Skye, Annis, Anna, Lydia, Zoe, Jo, Lauren, Katie, Sam, Colin, Toby, Katherine.

.............Demelza, Joseph, Glen, Zo and George

Creative mosaics exhibition and APEX evening! coming soon


The Story Republic are at The Exchange, Penzance

30 July - 16 August with lots of exciting events!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Flyers - hope to see you soon!


George creates wonderful sound landscapes with his new wave drum and a variety of acoustic instruments we have had some months working with him and Always New and Shared Vision will let you see some of the ways of working we are exploring!!
Choose between two beautiful spaces or come to both! 

Thank you to Michael, Annis and Anna for creating this poster. The photo credits are Andy Parker for the top and Anna for below.
We are so looking forward to this, Shallal 2 are an extraordinary ensemble group and they are joined by the elder Shallal Dance Theatre our main co ( twice the size and nearly 30 yrs old!!) and Skye singer/song writer ( she performs in both groups) and Eddie's band ( Eddie is a past member of both groups and hopes to return soon). We are looking forward to seeing them as we missed their set at Holifield. Travelling Time Wasters includes Stewart and Adrian.

Last not least, HELP we need funds so we don't have to close our groups while awaiting the arrival of grants!!
We are always grateful for how much support we are given and we hope to provide a fun event: more open mike sessions by popular demand, lots of tea and cake and good company, pop in and see the art and buy some!
At St Peter's Hall our past and current home and great supporters through the years. A big thank you to them and all in the community there.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

photos from Holifield and poster for 18th!

Many thanks to Mark of for these lovely photos.
Hayley from Friends and Dancing joined us for our meeting!

indoor procession!

Queen of Hearts out and about again with her jam tarts,
we had water melon for Mazey day!

Relaxing on wheels afterwards, serenaded by Toby, and tea and chat - we couldn't get the sedan chair to Holifield, as our van has died.

All change for Always New, some familiar pieces some completely new and our improvisation explorations with George which has given the performance it's name.
Hope to see you there!

Friday, 4 July 2014


"Great performance. Really graceful and inspiring."

A lovely day out, sadly it rained so we couldn't go outside the marquee for our entrance, but we still had a good day.
We chose to perform on Friday so the whole company came, resplendent in their 'out and about ' costume.
This was the last outing for this theme for a while and we have really enjoyed dressing up!

It was our first fully live gig with George, with no space to warm up and rehearse with him beforehand, and we're looking forward to our next 2 performances where we can give the improvisations more time.

For those of us who have been to Holifield for the last few years it has a sense of coming home to a nice environment and the fun of meeting old friends and making new ones, in a relaxed creative open air space, good food, comfortable surroundings. We highly recommend it, as a good day out.

Some fantastic photos of the event are available on:

Most of us hung around to catch Travelling Time Wasters, Eddie, Adrian and Stewart, but they had temporary power failure so had to go on late. I look forward to hearing them on the 25th at Shared Vision. 

Kyle and his mum Caroline were also there.

Anne and Jewel were handed the camera, so we have some photos....thank you to them.
They then handed it back saying Luke aged 6 took better ones. Occasionally Luke still visits Shallal and a while ago he also helped edit some film with Barbara.

Here are Luke's portrait photos in order of shooting!

Devoted and Disgruntled

Having had communication about Devoted and Disgruntled saying I was Disappointed to be asked to pay for visioning and pooling ideas etc. The fee of £10 was reduced to £6 - without lunch - and I found myself happily trotting along to The Hall for Cornwall for a few hours on Thursday. I was glad i attended, the conversations I had were all relevant and it is good to feel and see the openness and support people and organisations wish to give each other. There is a lot to build on and share, and hurray even talked about the process of creating work, more chats like that please!
You can catch up on the conversations on:

It's a difficult transition time from all The Works achieved but it looks promising and gathering vision ideas, experience and making connections is a good way to start. One of the main things is always how to reach those emerging groups/artists and encourage them along to.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Where you can catch
Shallal this summer!

Friday 4th July
We always enjoy Holifield and this year we are
one of the opening events at 1.30pm, followed
by a workshop at 2.30pm.
Hope you can join us there!

Friday 18th July - Godolphin House
We can’t stay away from this beautiful setting - this
time you can find us in the courtyard between

2pm and 3pm, performing excerpts from previous
summer work, along with
 'Always New', featuring our new explorations with improvised music.
Performance is free with entry to the gardens.

Friday 25th July, 7.30pm - The Performance Centre
Tremough Campus, Penryn.
Shallal 2 are hosting their first theatre show,
Shared Vision. Their guests include:
Shallal Dance Theatre,
Travelling Time Wasters and Skye.
Tickets on the door £5/£3

We have a new website for Shallal Studios

 Saturday 2nd August
Fundraising Summer Exhibition 

3pm - 8pm at St Peter’s Church Hall, Newlyn
We're holding a fundraising exhibition, featuring
‘rummaged’ old and new art work from
Shallal Studio artists and friends.
Our last Small Picture Show was a successful event
on all levels, with a range of fantastic art to buy,
a good social event and open mike session, and
some much-needed funds raised.
We hope to repeat this!

 Do tell your friends and contact us
if you wish to be involved at any level.

And early notice for Shallal Studios Residency
We are there for all of October and are wanting to
hear from artists who might like to be involved,

 We hope to see you at one of these events over the summer!