Monday, 29 June 2020

Eddie's Weather Playlist

New play list for Shallal
all about the Weather

here my first weather song
it's to do with good weather

because sometimes it's sunny but other time it not

this is Ain't No Sunshine

by Bill Withers

and now for a second song
about  bad wether

it by  Gene Kelly

it is Singing in the rain

and now for another summer song

it is by  Vivaldi

and this is Summer, Four Seasons

and now  for another
song about rain
it is bluegrass

Originally by Peter Rowan and Tony Rice

Covered by Obray Ramsey
and this is Rain and Snow

and now for another summer song

by Lesley Gore

and this is Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbow

and now  for another
song about rain

originally by Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande

but covered by Samuel Solis on Sax

and this is Rain on me

Monday, 22 June 2020

Week 12 is review your choices, pick your favourites and look again week! Musings, news Picture Post project and no playlist!

Many wonderful things going on in Shallal at present,
especially Picture Post the developed work of Shallal Studios outreaching to old and new artists and partnering with Project Ability.
I have always rated News as something that others want to tell you about and I have many artists enthusiastically sharing their work and enjoyment, see more at

Now is normally the time i collate a playlist and this week i'm taking a break to review it...also the politics of I and i?

Finding tunes that work can be time consuming or nearly instantaneous and fortuitous, without the easy try on, and stop and start of an in the room Shallal session to review your choices, it poses more questions.
Zoom, as many have been writing about, is a great but restricted tool, a co-worker we are all making friends with and also restrictive of what sounds good, some of my favourite new musical finds have been to subtle to really work when presented on that format.
I'd hoped to get to Music Choices 12 but am pausing at 11.

Last week the toll (from the last 3 months) of getting everything going behind the scenes,
" I can't believe how busy and fast you got the whole Shallal up and running on the internet" Shallal Associate artist
sunk slightly under the more complex ( even more unclear?!) new style Covid19 guidelines along with the needs and wishes for more in person connection felt so heavily from some in Shallal and wanting to honour it all and keep us as safe as possible, so  Risk Assessments RA at the top of our agenda. It's settling. We hope to have the first 1:1 meet up this week which is piloting the way forward for others: social distance, outside and 3 fold RA.
As always all the artists and facilitators are thinking outside the box, finding safe outdoor spaces, communicating well with all involved and working and collaborating, using restriction as creatively as possible. Many thanks and admiration to the whole team.

Away from delivering tunes people might like to dance and move to I need to turn my attention to delivery, with feedback from participants in Zoom land. So am taking stock and reflecting.

In the background Barbara and Lou continue to fundraise, seek new opportunities, liaise and translate the needs and wishes within Shallal into tangible aims and projects again with collaboration from across Shallal.

Shallal Sketchbooks is coming back into its own with Claire's energy and enthusiasm and it's obvious outreach potential in lockdown.

So in my normal circular thinking back to near the beginning.

Apologies no playlist this week,
Week 12 is review your choices, pick your favourites and look again week!
Rummage through your old music and explore online platforms or like Toby get out some good old vinyl, drawing to music was suggested in Shallal Art Zoom and will continue this Friday for our next theme. Thanks to Barry Cooper our host artist.
photos from Friday Art Zoom
Barry Copper top left

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

these times ....RSA and Culture Declares Emergency

Life can lead us in strange directions and i find myself applying to be Fellow of The RSA

My activism tendencies being stirred by our recent world wide situation with COVID19.
Culture Declares Emergency ( CDE) and other responses.

for example....
The Offer
Art, Ecology, Emergency: Sustaining Practice
The Offer: Your invitation to join a virtual space for The CDE Community
The Offer 11.00-12.30pm
Wednesday 17 June 2020, 11.00-12.30 and 19.30-21.00Art, Ecology, Emergency: Sustaining Practice
This two-part event will explore the intersections of artistic practice and ecology, bringing together artists, producers and academics to share their experiences and their research.
Organised by Eden Project Ltd and the Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter

Part One will focus on curatorial and academic perspectives, exploring the relationships between ecological research, artistic practice and public engagement. Questions explored will include: What kind of ecological knowledge do we need to creatively navigate our way through crisis and uncertainty? How can ecological expertise inform creative practice? Are we all ecologists now?

Host: Caitlin DeSilvey: Professor of Cultural Geography at the University of Exeter
Lucia Pietroiusti: Curator, General Ecology, Serpentine Galleries, London; co-curator, The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish

Dr Erini Saratsi: University of Reading, lead author on 'Valuing Arts & Arts Research' (2019)

Please note that all speakers and both hosts will be present and participating in both sessions. You are welcome to attend either or both parts, but must book separately for each.
The Offer and The Evening Offer are a response to the context of Coronavirus and the devastating impact it is having on our society, and not least on the creative and cultural community. It is a space for anyone involved in or interested in a cultural response to the climate and ecological emergency.

"Tate's directors have joined the Culture Declares Emergency movement, adding their names to a list of hundreds of cultural institutions that pledged to take action on climate change. including Somerset House, Battersea Arts Centre and the Royal Court Theatre."
There are now over a 1000 signatories.

Eddie's playlist upbeat and slow songs

Shallal's New Playlist
of Songs that are up beat and
 songs that are slow

This is is by David Samborn 
this is slow song called Indio

this is by everything everything
it is up beat song called  Distant past

This is is originally Composer: Erik Satie 
this is slow song called Gnossienne 1
covered on guitar by Gerasimos Pylarinos 

this is by Christine and the Queens
it is another up beat song called Tilted

there is a lot of slavery going on at the moment
so i'm upping the black singers  with this

third slow song  by Bill Withers

and it is  Ain't No Sunshine

there is a lot of slavery going on at the moment

so i'm upping the black singers with this song by Laura Mvula

up beat song it is Green Garden

this is another slow 
song by Norah Jones
and it is Come away with me

here another up beat

song by Toploader

how loved to dance around at night time

this is Dancing in the Moonlight  

Monday, 15 June 2020

Connect & Create Music Choice week 11 ....and dance links

A very random mix, this week pick and mix!

Shallal 2 are currently stretching their wings and happy to have old friends rejoin us!
Lisa Mortensen who covered my maternity leave 12 years ago came along!
and has suggested some great tunes

  • Brown Rice by Shadowfax    As you were talking about comedic music yesterday, I remembered this song from my days at Annexe Arts

  • More songs from Shadowfax - good for shapes
  • Prez Prado - good for humour and lifting the energy

Jo- Social dance

Demelza's suggestions

Jo- Themes

I listened to this list again and decided it needs a challenge..

Demelza's again....

Jo- In memory of Marjorie and with love to Zoe

add on....

Anna and i listened to Einaudi 'Seven Days Walking'' on our way home in the car travelling through Somerset what joy! and I found this

Dance links and thoughts
Kirstie Simson
really interesting some of her perspective around dance, life and performance i find myself resting within some of her view and in Wolfgang's ethos and outlook, extraordinary how much ones early 20's affect you? 
I watched her perform with Julyen Hamilton at Dartington in early 80's and it has stayed with me all my life such playful joyful robust ( really highly skilled) contact improv.

Anna and I looked at some of these...

And then there is ...PINA, a must see...
(and a good essay about it we posted some years ago

and in the background interesting links and conversations starting ....
Doughnut Economics research

Friday, 12 June 2020

Thomas's poems

Thomas Remnant
of Liskeard 'Out There' group
wants to share these poems with others in Shallal.

 The colour of Spring

The colour of Spring shine in different way of
the way I like, showing around what's it brings
Of the Light from flammable sun shining through
The colours of flowers grows in different 
    and let it stay with plenty of Power
          Also pollen from busy bees
       buzzing away in
Yellow and Black 
That Spring is so mellowed

       The colour of sky so warmed
       and settled in the air
        Always bring breeze
             and the lamb bounced 
          on the colour of green 

Seal of Looe

Imagine yourself the way you felt
Touching a wave upon your feet
Or paddle, swimming upon
 on a bigger wave
    Something you can feel 
Is cold and salty
    The seaweed is rusty
 as green brown
     Moving the way of
  a wave and 
  soft to touch
     Specially around 
   sea animals
     Fishes, crabs, sharks
      Seals, Dolphins are
        to play in the 


Art Zoom Fridays feedback

Email straight after Friday Art Zoom session...

Hello Jo, Colin, Barry and even single person at Shallal.
Please forward, post, put in grant applications, whatever!
Wow! What a fantastic, marvellous, magical, vibrant, vital, wonderful, inspirational, motivational, awesome, amazing, positive, energetic, diverse, totally whole, beautiful, truly inclusive of every single fantastic, unique, talented .........  (add your own superlatives .....) SPECIAL IN EVERY WAY! group of people Shallal is. 

All singing, All dancing, All - Everything!
Such fun and joy which filled the room, still does, with rich multi-coloured dancing patterns of energetic living light weaving patterns like the travelling Rainbows from a multi-faceted spinning hanging Crystal. My Mind Body Spirit is filled with enough pure Creative Life-changing Pure Love to illuminate and change the World. CV-19, and the dark clouds with torrential rain outside, which I quite like anyway, are suddenly irrelevant. Sunshine surrounds and fills me. 

This Is Real Life - the potential which every person carries inside to Bring, Share, Give, Exchange is so limitless. I feel so very lucky to be part of it. My precious Home surrounds me, I have the priceless love and support of my family but Shallal is irreplaceable.

Thank You All from the Depths of my Heart for enabling and empowering All of Us.
Enjoy your week, see you All Soon.
Love and Light and Huge Hugs
"It don't matter what the weatherman say ....." ".... and I think to myself What a Wonderful World!" and All That Jazz,
Cue for Fanfare for The Common Man and pot of Earl Grey.

That's great and many aspects so highly relatable.

I wholeheartedly agree, what a lovely session that was. 

It was so great to re-connect and see some new faces. I need more Shallal in my life and really hope I can be involved with some of the art stuff again moving forward. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Connect & Create Music Choices week 10 and video links

Playlist week 11
made the list and then go this "from my girls"
latest fun tune...

warm up reaching deep down for movement

Walk on By
moving around greeting each other through Zoom or in our imaginations! or...

fast, use some of it and or

Bonobo Flutter

piano or cellos i couldn't decide so.... either
or piano....

serious overacting

Thanks to Demelza  for
reminding me of this one.
Hope to have it played by a French pianist so we can make film to it! with Demelza, Miles & Eddie....

Theme....Bonobo  - Pick Up

winding down stretching out....George Winston - Summer

slowly stretching out stillness and others..enjoy...

looking for links of what i sing i found this one which we did at the very beginning of Shallal Dance theatre when we performed Glimpses in Truro Cathedral...

'On the Line'
Shallal Dance Theatre at the Acorn 12 years ago!

Just for a laugh, an oldie- our Colin with Katherine Sheer, filmed by Phil Jacobs

 New dance upload with Debs and Anna to "Dancing in the Evening Skies"
after i uploaded i remembered  them both dancing in Red this beautiful film of Barbara's.

listen to Jo L in this....

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

current thoughts...

this morning i had a really good chat with Nick Fripp a trustee...
checking in about our Risk Assessing, as lockdown is potentially easing?...

We have a 3 fold Risk Assessment considering: the individual, the group and meeting place, and Shallal's overall policy...
......which is responsive and keeping up to date - which isn't easy in our present political climate.
(A friend feels it is led more by politics than medicine.)

We now have a Covid 19 Briefing which enables us to share information and is constantly being updated...

So so sad to see this
... Debs has voiced concerns about from the beginning, the fact that many of the caring supports that are usually in place in the NHS ( when people with learning disabilities go into hospital) 'aren't'? able to be provided, in this emergency situation.
Inclusion means making equal (equity) not providing equal ...

                               i was looking for the first one and then found the following 2!

we do need a system change...

Projects are blooming under the skill, sensitivity and enthusiasm of those leading them..
Claire Mayle with Shallal Sketchbooks
 Parcel Post the studios new outreach project is beginning with Lou and Phoebe.
Shallal Dance Theatre's Art and Production afternoon slot has become
Shallal Art Zoom meeting for people across Shallal hosted by Barry Cooper, and with artists from West Cornwall to Liskeard joining in.

Shallal 2 goes international with Lily and Nicky from the hilltops of Southern Spain, to a garden in Scotland with old Shallal colleague Shelley joining in after work!
Pep pops into Open House Penzance and Shallal Dance Theatre whilst the concrete is mixing on his building project in Catalonia!
so thanks to modern technology we keep in touch.
However equality and equity come into all these equations.
We are very aware that not everyone has access to technology some by poverty, some by choice.
We also phone chat & send post.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Connect & Create Music Choices week 10

This week Harry Theaker is guest artist with Shallal Dance Theatre, so we will use this for week 11...
New video up on You tube

inspired by Colin asking for more "clown" type choices!

stretching out gently...

for the fun of it, moving around

Humoresque - Itzhak Perlman and Yo Yo Ma

buster keaton

Cheek to cheek. .....stretching, moving and relating to others, dance with cushions, pillows/props, chairs, brooms.....

do what you like....consider characters/acting/speed

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra - Buster Keaton finale

Greetings, using the space...stop.... start, silly walks?

Monty Python's Flying Circus: Intro Theme Music

Theme - Open Improvisation: working alone, with others, being still, watching

Música Para Cine Mudo (charles chaplin)

Theme Option Shallal 2 - sustained shapes relationship

Portico Quartet - "Endless"

                                                                                                                                             Themes Theme - option....Open Improvisation - Shallal 2?

Theme Option - Rushing

Winding down... face hands....pacing .....stop start rest watch start again..ragtime blues guitar

wind down...stretching out....reaching out to others or own...

blues relaxation