Friday, 28 August 2020

Culture Declares Emergency & cornishdoughnutfeast

Thanks to Colin and Tony for this banner being in place by today!
"So much to do so little time"
(says the White rabbit in Alice in Wonderland)

CDE banner in Krowji Studio window

                                                 Building on Regenerative Visions, 
                                       Shallal are collaborating with Cafe Disruptif 
                                                   Cornish Doughnut Feast
positive news and ways forward are what we need, so let's drop what got us here 'growth economics' and start joined up, circular thinking.

 Doughnut Economics provides a new model which can be adapted and used and is already by many, 
Let's promote and introduce it. 

Shallal are now part of Cornwall Doughnut Collective.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Playlist Doughnuts and Circles week!

 Doughnuts and Circles week 


Music choices from Sam!

from Jo L

Many years ago someone played this song to me... lots of circles ...bit cheesy...

really pleased  to have found this lovely fiddle player, she has lots on you tube...

always liked rounds!

Circles in songs and foot work

from Terri

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Feedback/chat from Regenerative Visions for the Arts in Cornwall.

Feedback and connections from Zoom talks for 
Regenerative Visions for the Arts in Cornwall.

73 booked  - from Japan & Berlin to UK, Cornwall! which showed it's relevance
55  on event

We were so pleased and grateful to have such high quality and experienced speakers.

"Well done last night I thought the event was brilliant and you spoke so well. How exciting! Thanks Jo"

Attendees included:
Arts Well
Redwing Gallery
Hall for Cornwall
The Green Bottle Company
The Box Arts
Fuse Diverse Dance
The Creative Gym
Golden Tree Productions
Awen Productions CIC
Westcountry Rivers Trust
MSc Sustainable Development at Exeter (Falmouth)
Cornwall Council - Senior Culture and CI Officer
Council chair at the Royal Society of Art
Nicholas Serota, Chair of Arts Council England
Creative actions for XR and ocean rebellion 

Freelance writers, photographers and artists

From the Zoom Chat...

the UCL Covid19 social study has shown that engaging in creativity has been the most protective factor for mental health and wellbeing during this crisis

And that engagement has been across the social demographic including people who are experiencing severe hardship and with long term mental illness. ...Jayne Howard of Arts Well


if one person fails we all fail is such a profound idea. it is how our ecosystems work in nature. the cultural mycelium of the human world echoing nature.

so inspiring… Art, Design, Science, Community, all coming together in a transformative culture. completely brilliant. From Deborah Curtis

The mushroom factory is SO exciting!!!

So inspiring Jessica.

Amazing Jessica, thanks so much.

 Jessica Prendergrast

Also, if anyone wants to hear more about the mushroom factory podcast, we have just launched a podcast of the journey to building it. Available here.


 Deborah Curtis - Little House of Fairy tales

This is now a moment of Tipping Point.. we need to ensure that critical thinking, science, technology and politics are in joined up thinking with the arts. Culture is everything about how we cloth ourselves, feed ourselves, warm ourselves, relate to each other. we need to join the dots. not be separate.

There are so many brilliant organisations who have been working for decades. We need to make sure their voices are also heard. if we all work together we can create extraordinary transformation.


Brilliant, thank you - Jayne Howard & LΓ©a Guzzo - Cornwall Council - Senior Culture and CI Officer 

Thanks to all the speakers and to Jo for organising this From Helen Tiplady HFC

Thank you Jo and all the speakers, really motivating and inspiring

Thank you Jo and all the speakers - lots of food for thought.

Look forward to hopefully connecting again. Be great to catch up this way in future. Thanks for all the presentations. ...Collaborating not competing is key :-)

Thank you so much for organising this Jo, and thank you to all the  speakers. This event was really well put together - inspiring and energising. Teresa, CAST (Cornubian Arts & Science Trust)

Thanks you to Jo and all the speakers for an inspiring gathering

The Covid19 Social Study shows that participating in creative activity has been the best protector of mental health and wellbeing over the pandemic

We will immediately be joining up to Culture Declares

Thanks everyone - all the talks and projects mentioned sound so inspiring. I will be trying to integrate some of these ideas in to my new project.

 ecologist and creative

LΓ©a Guzzo - Cornwall Council - Senior Culture and CI Officer 

We are working toward our new 5 years cultural strategy for Cornwall: Creative Manifesto. Would be great to see all this embedded in this new strategy> Thanks the presentation. 

Thanks very much for good info - I think that it is really only creativity which will get us through things... so true that we have to look at what is near us. - Chair of Newlyn Society of Artists

Fantastic presentations, thank you everyone, very inspiring! 

Follow up chats between the speakers
BRILLIANT! πŸ™‚ Well done,  ... fab!
.. fabulous, Judith - a storm of examples and compelling-ness to declare!!
Great to meet everyone - and fab to find out about Jess and Contain Arts and the Onion, and Complete Communication -a very rich hour and a half all round. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Thanks for organising a really interesting session – great to hear the other speakers.  

Thanks so much again – and great to ‘meet’ you all!

Thank you, Jo! And thank you everyone!

I had some lovely feedback....... this morning
.... Judith..... . fabulous too (you all were!) and it was really encouraging to see people in the chat box saying that they were signing up to Culture Declares!
"..... the feedback ...... was for the whole event..... said that it really highlighted how much we all need to be working together on this, and that climate / doughnut way of working needs to underpin everything that everyone is doing going forwards πŸ’š"


Green week playlist

 Green theme week

Art has always involved Activism

Shallal has always wanted to show a better way for us to be together and now we can't keep silence about our systems ( which need to change now) and the planet which is our home. (People who are vulnerable are often the worst and first affected.)


This is a rather random selection which doesn't have Einaudi's Elegy for the Arctic, which is on an older playlist.

I've enjoyed listening to some great 'oldies' and finding the new work at the end.

 Culture Declares Emergency

August 28th sees a Culture Declares Emergency banner drop - there will be one on our door at Shallal Studio Krowji.

 Everyone is invited to join in with write/create - Letters to Power 

In Shallal -join in with Green Art and next week its Doughnuts and Circles.

Doughnut Economics, Circular economies...and anyone with Easy Read copy for any of these please get in touch.

JoL's suggestion of Greensleeves...

first use of the term One World..warm up
simple and effective message but now we need our systems to do so much more...

the beach boys 1972 Brighton pier!

whoops warning swear word - but good song

our concerns are not new...

up tempo..

gone green!

Mama Teirra
Macaco, one of Spain's most popular rock groups, produced this video in collaboration with National Geographic to raise awareness for the environment.

Letters to Power is a call to everyone it follows on from Letters to the Earth

wind down

positive note...what we love..

my search lead me here, look forward to working with these compositions

to listen to at home

Until we are out of this crisis we need to maintain our focus, 

and harness the voice of the arts for positive change.



”Our primary interest is to present the very best musical and artistic products

 from the Baltic Sea region. The second aspect is to bring emerging phenomena 

and ensembles to the forefront. 

The third aspect is political and environmental. 

I’m not so naΓ―ve that I believe that classical musicians will be able to save the Baltic Sea from environmental abuse. 

But I do believe that our chances to improve the situation will be much greater 

if we contribute to raising the general consciousness, 

by permeating the festival with an ecological theme.” Esa-Pekka Salonen, Baltic Sea Festival Artistic Director.