Monday, 21 March 2016

Shallal dance theatre outreach to Wadebridge and Liskeard followed by a busy Friday

Colin, Zoe and Anna
3 March
Our trio of performers visited Blantyre Centre at St Austell with a pop up performance in the morning and workshop in the afternoon.

Jonathan, Zoe and Colin
Then onto Homes Farms Trust, Wadebridge the following week. Really lovely to reconnect with people there, we did the workshop straight after the pop up performance which seemed to work better. A complete joy was to meet Mary Derrington again, Mary was one of our founder members, whose duet with George Jacklin at the Barbican Theatre when we first started out remains a highlight in my memory.

we really enjoyed our time at Gorfemma, Liskeard and chatting with Rosemary afterwards, (the processional sculpture in the background is called Geraldine - as is our tailors dummy! )

Our last trip was to Liskeard to Gorfemma and then Morley Tamlyn Centre with the same format ( by then i had improved my introductions and explanations which enabled a more fluid event.) 

It was lovely to reconnect with Thomas at Gorfemma. Thomas came to visit us some years ago on work experience and is now in Far Flung a new professional inclusive dance theatre company in Plymouth 

Then into Friday with the much needed 'rough run through' my creative process with this new show has been 'sticky', partly as we were: working from the previous show, trying to merge in our new methods developed with George, integrating new performers and new research material, however it feels like it is flowing now and we just need to give some pieces more time and attention.
We were looking for a humourous piece mainly for the 'lads'. We looked at recreating Crows however last week we became quite over excited about horse racing! so watch out! Eddie made a quick horses head in the afternoon and is our compere! and 'Galloping George' is planning to make an appearance.

horse racing!

as well as recovering from an injury Colin was fighting off a cold and received some relaxation and attention!

Kerry's green palette for wood circles

Toby's sketches for installation .....working with Paul Carter!

Well done to Express Yourself for another successful show and sharing, Nick Fripp was able to go and "had a great time and found the performance moving and entertaining."

Shallal 2 continues to do good work and most of us where there last week after a term of illness, fatigue and absences, nice to all be together.

I heard from Kerry Lawrence this week "How's Shallal..... I think of you all often, joining in those two days workshop and my day in St Ives was the highlight of my summer."
Creativity with freedom in a shared caring structure is not the norm in our society and i tend to forget that.

Our trips to the North and East of Cornwall and feedback and conversations with those we met have rekindled the idea of starting an inclusive community group in that area and Lois Taylor and I had a really good chat about it this morning. 

This afternoon Belinda and I chatted around our Godolphin book idea which has also been initially 'sticky' as again was conceived partly from old ideas and now has started to have its own life and parameters and become unstuck - hurray!

Steve Tanner is available to photograph the show and Zoe will film it.

Victoria is coming in to watch rehearsals and support costume, and John Keys dropped by on Friday to catch up and set a date to come in again, so the team is moving.

11th March
And thank you again to Pep and Colin, the company explored really helpful ideas and dynamics.
The ACE consultation I went to was interesting and food for thought, as always I learn a lot from the other people around the table and their perspective and experience, our table included people working in libraries, higher education, an NPO ( National Portfolio Organisation ) and freelance artists funded and unfunded.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Welcome to Victoria, Wadebridge today and more

Welcome to Victoria who has joined us to help co-ordinate our exciting and challenging Cornish Doorways Project. She has many talents one of which is photography! see below...

Off today to Wadebridge Homes Farms Trust Centre with Colin, Zoe and Jonathan, it will be good to see some of the people there again and introduce the performers.

Tomorrow the company will have fun with Colin and visiting artist Pep and i will get to listen, and learn, feedback and brew ideas and see SS Great Britain in Bristol a nice day out (Arts Council Consultation day ) with planning for next show and reporting for PDSW on the train journey!

Express Yourself Show next Wednesday morning i believe, always worth watching,  and small but dedicated and talented group in Shallal 2 constantly creating new work!