Sunday, 25 May 2014

Shallal Studios website and Ideas Factory and catch up

Well babies do command centre stage and Ruby's photo wants to be here! so...who's to argue..... she looked so cute and was so bonnie that Annis and Anna took many photos the other day at the main co......
Lots to blog about and some lovely photos, but lots going on.....

Inspired by the ease of launching the new Shallal Studios website - thank you Lou !

 I went onto investigate creating a new one for Shallal, we hope it will be with you soon in basic form!

So the energy that normally goes into our blog has been side tracked to that.

Also pleased that The Ideas Factory panel has selected our Shallal Studios proposal for further development at the AIR facilities, Tremough campus (see June 10th.
The Ideas Factory is from

Lots of bid writing, also going on, thank you again to Lou and to Barbara.......

 and lots of creative thinking, HELP as still in mid process, with Shallal 2 and main co - always crisis time but also fun! -  slowly emerging into form as we looked at costume last week, it pushes it further on.....helping to define the pieces and content...

and finally the highlight of my week at present ( i love all of it ) but to be working with Debs, not leading the session just supporting, till replacements are fully in place again. I am supporting Aiming High ( our project in Special Schools ) - oh bliss, such lovely young people, just the joy and the fun of it, finding ways to move together and alone. Also the unexpected pleasure of working with Bobby, who worked with us about 10 years ago in Swanbake one of our first shows after reforming in 2003 or 2004. Bobby reminded me that she signed a song i sang! as well as tap dancing!

Moving Words is on it's last part and we were excited to go to The Deaf Centre last week, and Debbie Harvey came to visit beforehand. Anna and i went to watch As You Like It at HFC which Debbie  provided BSL for.

Thankful to have Toby back with us after  his terrible fall, love to Sam for speedy recovery from his fall, (none of these are from dance - just life!)

Express Yourself,  Colin brought in some more art approaches - and thanks to Lucinda for coming to give us yoga taster - we all enjoyed it.

 couldn't resist these photos of Colin i found recently, Annis and Anna take a lot of photos so i don't see them immediately...these were on the day Dylan visited!

Maybell in Shallal 2, we are back with some new younger members, last week 3, 4, 6 and 13..lovely!

When we first worked at that hall we attracted a lot of young families for Open House with Art ( Terri who had just completed her Fine Art degree) ran it with me! they made lots of masking tape patterns on the floor - still one of my favourites!

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