Monday, 27 April 2015

Touch Roll Contact

Last Friday was the end of Always New research and development funded by The Clare Milne Trust:
                                                              Touch, Roll, Contact!
The rain came, April showers, so our plans for more outdoor exploratory pop ups in Penlee Gardens was cancelled.
However after some fun dancing and warm up we had our meeting and then regrouped and explored Contact work, many new members haven't done any before and old ones loved increasing their risk taking and skills, some ipad snaps below:
touch, contact and rolling
When i first saw Contact improvisation dynamically performed at a Dartington Summer School many years ago i was so struck by the playful and toddler like movement extended and exaggerated! I love rolling .....
Julien Hamilton,& Kirstie Simson were the dancers i remember and while checking for them i found this
( I don't really think in age but my 50's are challenging me! i relate to the last question)

Katherine, Joseph, Zoe, Kerry and Molly
I don't think in age partly because here are ages 60+ - 19 and behind 75 - Trevor  to 14 - Annis !

Katherine and Demelza, when Katherine joined she was inspired by Kerry's contact work with other people.
Johnathan and Colin took time to explore ways of moving and balance, points of contact and working with Johnathan's crutches.
Note fun floral gear! we had good results from playing with costume styles, we like this one floral and neutral combinations.

These then worked well into more soundscapes and dances with George. 
We also took it further into push and pull dynamics with more speed and variation, these i can't capture on photos but lots of interesting good work.
And the chance to reflect and evaluate and listen to each other, we learn so much from all our experiences it is the collaborative way of learning and sharing we enjoy.
We have loved this time to research and develop the work.
Thank you to The Clare Milne Trust.

Zoe's costume arriving on Friday! Looking forward to it and the long held challenge to create dances from costume as the source inspiration. Thank you to Sean and our anonymous funders.

useful information on:

Thursday, 23 April 2015

David and Esme

I had the joy of going into work on Express Yourself and Friends and Dancing this week.
I took the opportunity to photograph David and Esme now officially engaged - it was a good party on Saturday!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Always New Pop ups Pop out to Newlyn Green.

I have many faults being indecisive is one of them which is, good in some ways and bad in others! - you can see the problem...
So i can't decide which photos to blog and have chosen too many...

Being indecisive helps me allow other peoples ideas to flourish, and means i need to work in a team, I also am aware of the skills i don't have, choosing photographs I often try to do with other artists with a keener eye.
We have a new background team emerging and our creative team is flourishing, many thanks to George who has edited a humourous short video we hope to share with you soon.

Always New Pop ups Pop out to Newlyn Green.
It had been hot and sunny but not that day it changed and the wind made it chilly, so we all kept moving.
The statue and beautiful setting immediately attracted everyone.

loved the line and the sea in the background, next time need to remember to invite a photographer our dear friend Andy is busy now so less available

Dylan and his mum Leslie joined us as he had a day off school, we hope he may come more often

Toby, Anna and Johnathan

Zoe, Toby and Molly

Star and Joseph

Zoe never fails in her poetic expression

Arron balancing with Demelza 

Molly, Colin, Johnathan, Star and Joseph
Johnathan has a condition where he will suddenly have pain for short time but needs to keep his mobility, he is an experienced performer working in other groups before coming to Shallal,  Colin works nearby to support him through it and he continues to do some wonderful work. We are learning all the time each person has their own unique support needs and talents

new members Molly and Johnathan

bit disappointed after Manchester City result!

Anna and Annis had to leave early for an Animation workshop, Finn was walking past and joined us, thank you to Leslie for taking the photo.
Toby, Kerry, Molly and Molly, Katherine, Finn, Zo, Zoe, Katie, Trevor, Star Demelza, Sam, George, Lydia, Jo, Joseph, Tina, Dylan, Arron, Colin, Johnathan and Jo.

Walking back, a beautiful woman on each arm always brings a smile

a last skip before we leave!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

First week back, welcomes, thank yous and Esme and David's engagement!

First day back after holidays to main company 
(it has been a difficult reentry this week as I struggle in the background world of Shallal but all is well really and hope and help is always at hand!)
Good meeting with Zannah - thank you Tina, good catch up meeting with Nick new trustee -  thank you Nick and good to see Shallal 2 and Colin this week.

As soon as i get to the hands on work my heart is happier as it's the place i also thrive, and as i print out our new register, i realise 
Welcome to Johnathan, Eden and Michel and Molly and Molly!
5 new members last term

Kate left this term after some wonderful flashes of work and some great design and art, her tiredness and uncertainty have led her to leave us for now, we thank her for all her contributions, wish her well and there is always a place to come back to if she wants.
Arron has come back more this term after illness and we hope Glen might feel better now the sun is out!

Shallal is a moveable feast and everything moves fairly organically and it often takes others to point out things to me!

Which leads me to huge thank you to Tina Cockett who has done just that for us, from meeting Colin, a few years ago to: volunteering, supporting back stage, supporting warm up and rehearsals, working especially with other Tina and Sam, performing with both of them in new work, giving me advice, insight, observation, running an excellent training workshop, supporting, listening, having fun with us and then offering to be a trustee and jumping in with all her skills and experience to write bids help with strategy.......and now life has an unexpected turn and she has to relocate "home" to Sussex by the end of the THANK YOU, it means a lot that you believed in us and gave so much to the whole company and then all of Shallal through being a trustee!
Tina will drop in next week at lunchtime to say goodbye.
And promises to keep in touch, and help link us into the bigger picture over the Tamar!

Huge thank you's also to Terry and Viv Stanton and Diana, all of whom leave soon.
Terry was our first trustee who sought us out to support: his help, constant support and geniality have been wonderful over the last 5/6 years, through our first regrouping, placing us, connecting and supporting us within the county through his many work hats!!! He has been treasurer and now chairperson and has also stayed on a bit longer to make sure handover to new trustees went smoothly. Viv was so hospitable and supportive Anne invited her to be at trustee and we have gained from her positive support and care - thank you.
Diana came on board in our hour of need and stayed, along the way she picked up lots more jobs and responsibilities than she started with going from admin support to office manager and has been responsible for the smooth, efficient and pleasant running of all the background within Shallal, not always easy when working with a bunch of artists! it is hard to adequately thank someone after so long and so much care and hard work so again Thank you! 
We wish them all well.
looking again at Always New and the contrasts and focus it creates in response within a piece

Some people within UKIP have said some dreadful things, we obviously don't agree!
but we do need to be vigilant, in times of stress and strain people can forget their humanity.
I have always said i don't want to be political, but i watch and am so aware that we could loose all the good that has been achieved, precious things are universal truths ( we are all equal and all precious ) but also fragile within our broken world.
If you need support you may always need support and those who provide and give it need to be aware and vigilant to the moods and trends within society.
On a brighter note Spirit of Challenge 2012 is the first application process i have read which fully supports and embodies inclusion - a real step forward in the funding world!

More good news! i had hoped to have a photo to share, soon we hope or i'll take a camera to Saturday -

Congratulations to Esme and David
 their engagement party is tomorrow.

we feel so happy for them and rather pleased that they first met in Friends and Dancing!

News continues and Shallal has been going for many years and one of our fantastic multi talented performers who just happened to drop into it Helen Thompson is now seriously ill in Spain we send her and her family much love!
She has given me some of my fondest memories in Shallal through Midnight Feast, 1992? she came to dance and ended up sharing her amazing and quirky poetry- i can recite one by heart - and organising all our costumes, creating props and creating beautiful collage art.
We also worked together in Dance and Draw near Falmouth - set up for people leaving Budock Hospital to continue art and dance in the community. She helped me with my own visual art process and is a valued and dear family friend.

Monday, 13 April 2015

a day of art and meetings!

Straight back into work tomorrow hanging the Studio Challenge Exhibition with Lou at Gyllyngdune Gardens in the foyer, I am looking forward to it.
Followed by a short meeting with Tina and then we are meeting with Zannah Doan Regional Producer for Pavillion Dance South West.
This was arranged before we knew we would be hanging the exhibition in the morning on that day but i look forward to a day in and around the gardens.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Portmeor Residency and chat

Shallal Studios last meeting saw Lou, Melanie and I round Lou's kitchen table, thanks to Nick Fripp our new trustee for coming to and adding a lot of experience and insight to the onwards to try to find the funding to make this opportunity really exciting and full.

Whilst gathering information for Lou I came across a lovely post about Molly who will come to try out the main company soon.

Danu, Molly's mum launched Shallal towards the success it is today by having the role of development manager and getting us to charitable status ten years ago now! As with many people she is multi talented and was our musical director and wrote and performed marvellous music for our show MASK.

great list of galleries here:

oh and my husband now nearly retired but we keep hoping to lure him back to his studio in the warmer weather!

I wrote the above some weeks ago now and today went to Falmouth Art Gallery to run a session with Fal Care and we had 2 lovely spontaneous visitors Angus aged 2 and his mum.
It is a joy to work with people i know already but now meet in a visual art setting and to be supported by Lou or Laura. We are creating pictures on small cards (as well as other sizes) and fit them all together at the end to re look at them.
Falmouth Art Gallery have interesting and stimulating exhibitions and an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere which all the staff and the directors past and present have cultivated.

Philanthropy past John Passmore Edwards and present Stephanie Shirley

Happy Easter!

I am on holiday but was listening to Radio 4 yesterday morning before hurriedly diving into the supermarket, and was so inspired I had to go home and research the interview, so
I recommend:
Stephanie Shirley....
there is one on "Philanthropy and the Arts"

I am now a fan for many reasons, I won't tire you with them all, do look into her life and work and find your own.
Here are two:
1. I believe there are people with money out there who use it for the good of others and society and she does. She has given away 65 million so far, all with involvement and care.
2. Her son had autism and she has interesting things to share and he shaped a lot of her giving, we have much to thank her for.

Part of our Cornish Heritage is John Passmore Edwards a philanthropist, numerous libraries and public buildings were built by him, we hope to celebrate him in Our Cornish Doorways 3 year project which is racing to get the final money in so we can start in June, fingers crossed! and thanks to all those behind the scenes who have worked and are working so hard on it.

"In just 14 years over 70 major buildings were established as a direct result of bequests from John Passmore Edwards as well as many other gifts and donations to further their good work. Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Convalescent Homes and Art galleries were provided, many of which continue to serve the community to which they were given."
"He did more good in his time than almost any other of his contemporaries"
The Times 24 April 1911

from the website