Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Some images from this term., and Playfest 3 August 12-3

Some images from this term.
Back to that wonderful door!

The four faces of Friday afternoon
top left: Lizzie Black from Tough Dough leading a ( free- thank you to them ) windsock workshop, Barbara and gang laughing hilariously at edit of the Duchess and the doll, Pete taking it easy! he did wake later and make a wind sock,- a nice conversation behind him, Colin making phone calls

Maybelle at Shallal2 with Mum and Sidney in background framed by Eddie and Miles.
There are some lovely photos from Shallal 2's short performance at Sam's Opening on our FB page, with guest appearences by Ann and Skye - we hope to keep them linked in, although college will be busy next year.
Next term we start our exciting new project with Wheal Martyn, learning all about China Clay, many thanks to Jan Horrel we are really looking forward to working to such an interesting commission, photos, writing and a short performance by the Spring!

Here they are some of our merry POP UP crew ....
next stop Playfest, Truro  Wednesday 3rd August, catch us out and about between 12pm and 3pm

then St Ives Festival in September and Newlyn Art Festival in October!
Artists theme for Mazey day!
Last of all a dash to send off funding applications, Back Lane West coming up in November and our new group starting in Liskeard in September with lovely Lois Taylor.
Thanks to Kiki Gale and Lelsey-ann Eaton for recent background help, ( and all the team ) and an 'away day' planning time for trustees and others on 7th September with reams of ideas from the main co and others to feed into it all, which we collected on our last day!

Our middle children are dragging me off - not too reluctantly - to Womad so I am looking forward to music and dance and so hopefully will have collected some new tunes and more for next term!
 Happy Hols! 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New group in September

New group starting on September 15th,  building on the success of Shallal Pop ups in the area in the spring, we will be working with people in North Cornwall. The group is unnamed as yet and may grow a performance element to it, all that will follow on naturally from the sessions. (Shallal is the sum of it's parts and a very collaborative style of working.)
Jo Lumber who is skipping in the photo often says her quote "Shallal makes life better".
Come along and try it!

I am pleased, 'nervous' and excited to be working with highly experienced dancer/performer ( and more ) Lois Taylor , it's on her home ground! and also hopeful that we can bring along lovely Hannah, who helped out at the end of Aiming High and is an integral part of Friends and Dancing.

for further information contact
Jo Willis or 07505 983710

Dear Shallal supporter!

Hi, we would like to let you know about our new Shallal community group in North Cornwall.

We hope you can come and join us and tell your friends.

It starts on 15th September 
Thursday 10.15am - 12.15pm
at The Liskerett Centre, Liskeard,
there is parking in the Car Park and it is accessible.

There is a suggested cost of £6 per session, but we are happy to have donations and even energy exchange, we want you to be able to come! 
(Support workers are free but are expected to participate.)

Shallal works in an informal inclusive style. 
The sessions are run to be fun and accessible to all ages and abilities. 
They will be run by Jo Willis ( Shallal's creative director ) and Lois Taylor

Hope to see you there.
Do contact Jo Willis for further information at or 07505 983710

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sam and Shallal 2! and Doorways press release etc

 Shallal 2
I am constantly impressed by people i work with and the teenagers/young people ( Zoe is now 18! ) did that for me the other night. Shallal 2 have had a good term or two but with low numbers, for various reasons we haven't all been in the same sessions very often, so i have a list of good work and rarely the same combination again to recheck the work, however we have managed it - some old, some new pieces and trusting to, group dynamics and relationships and improvisation experience.
So back to first comment, Zoe has a piece by Einaudi she can play on her violin, Anna and Skye love his work and so we decided to try it and it worked, the music and the fact that Anna and Skye have danced together for many years now and so have a complimentary gestural language.
Equally only done once is Maybelle to Flight of the Bumble Bee.  Our new fave introduced by Rosie is Christine and the Queens - well worth watching their Glastonbury set, so a selection of "stuff" for this evening and Shallal 2 are always worth watching.

Sam's Show
The background of Sam's art work in amazing - always good to stand back and look at a body of work and all the nuances and strands within it, beautiful colourful, cheerful work, well worth collecting - we have one already and there are some i really want to look at again tonight!

research trip to Falmouth Library.....Thank you to Jane, Hennie and Dean -

"It is a pleasure to come along to your group. Such lovely friendly folk. I am certainly looking forward to see what you are making of the Passmore Edwards Legacy." Dean Evans
so are we! who knows until we get into the rehearsals!!!

Thank you to Victoria for these photos

 and you can see her talent so she will be doing our final book layout etc!
Also reintroducing Shallal Sketchbooks into our Doorways art mix 

finally our review for Godolphin Doorways Show!

Doorways Show Huge Success

The sun shone on Shallal Dance Theatre’s recent ‘Doorways’ Show performed

at Godolphin House near Helston. ‘Doorways’ is a site specific show designed

around the backdrop of Godolphin’s wonderful old entrance door. The

performance weaved its magic between the shady colonnades, while

entertaining an audience of over a hundred and seventy visitors on the grass

circle in front of the house. The audience ranged from those who came upon it

by chance visiting the National Trust property to those who have seen nearly

all of the company’s shows. Audience feedback included “Brilliant ….the best

production we have seen,” to and spontaneous praise from German author

Karsten Flohr and his wife: “We experienced your performance last Friday at

Godolphin House. Now that we are back home in Germany we want to thank

you very much for that thrilling hour! We never before saw a performance like

that and we are deeply touched and enchanted.

We hope there will be an opportunity to see you again some day.”

The show contained an array of emotion and styles from the poignant and

funny spoken word piece of ‘Lady Godolphin’ to a comic horse race encircling

the audience. Audience remarks included: “Had everything; sad, funny and

emotional” “interactive and entertaining” ‘exquisitely beautiful and “inspiring.”

Specially designed for the setting and inspired by research into the history of

the place and people who lived there, many commented on how it “brought

the building to life in a magical way.”

The show was is the start of the public face of the Cornish Doorways Project

which included a photographic exhibition by Belinda Whiting in the newly

renovated Cidery, and installations in the grounds of comprising a bead curtain

doorway with images and words hanging between trees to and a large

doorway in the woods created by Toby Bridge.

Extracts from the show can be seen in the final indoor performances which will

take place at a number of venues across Cornwall at the end of the project

which. These will include Shallal Dance Theatre’s next upcoming exploration

into Passmore Edwards’ wonderful philanthropic ‘doorways into learning’

especially with a special focus on our Cornish Libraries. The legacy of the

project includes exhibitions and a book or two!

Shallal are grateful for the grass roots support as well national funding and

partnerships which enable this project to take place. Funding partners

including include The Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, The Garfield

and Weston Foundation, Feast Cornwall and many generous local donations.

love the horse race!