Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Some images from this term., and Playfest 3 August 12-3

Some images from this term.
Back to that wonderful door!

The four faces of Friday afternoon
top left: Lizzie Black from Tough Dough leading a ( free- thank you to them ) windsock workshop, Barbara and gang laughing hilariously at edit of the Duchess and the doll, Pete taking it easy! he did wake later and make a wind sock,- a nice conversation behind him, Colin making phone calls

Maybelle at Shallal2 with Mum and Sidney in background framed by Eddie and Miles.
There are some lovely photos from Shallal 2's short performance at Sam's Opening on our FB page, with guest appearences by Ann and Skye - we hope to keep them linked in, although college will be busy next year.
Next term we start our exciting new project with Wheal Martyn, learning all about China Clay, many thanks to Jan Horrel we are really looking forward to working to such an interesting commission, photos, writing and a short performance by the Spring!

Here they are some of our merry POP UP crew ....
next stop Playfest, Truro  Wednesday 3rd August, catch us out and about between 12pm and 3pm

then St Ives Festival in September and Newlyn Art Festival in October!
Artists theme for Mazey day!
Last of all a dash to send off funding applications, Back Lane West coming up in November and our new group starting in Liskeard in September with lovely Lois Taylor.
Thanks to Kiki Gale and Lelsey-ann Eaton for recent background help, ( and all the team ) and an 'away day' planning time for trustees and others on 7th September with reams of ideas from the main co and others to feed into it all, which we collected on our last day!

Our middle children are dragging me off - not too reluctantly - to Womad so I am looking forward to music and dance and so hopefully will have collected some new tunes and more for next term!
 Happy Hols! 

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