Wednesday, 3 June 2020

current thoughts...

this morning i had a really good chat with Nick Fripp a trustee...
checking in about our Risk Assessing, as lockdown is potentially easing?...

We have a 3 fold Risk Assessment considering: the individual, the group and meeting place, and Shallal's overall policy...
......which is responsive and keeping up to date - which isn't easy in our present political climate.
(A friend feels it is led more by politics than medicine.)

We now have a Covid 19 Briefing which enables us to share information and is constantly being updated...

So so sad to see this
... Debs has voiced concerns about from the beginning, the fact that many of the caring supports that are usually in place in the NHS ( when people with learning disabilities go into hospital) 'aren't'? able to be provided, in this emergency situation.
Inclusion means making equal (equity) not providing equal ...

                               i was looking for the first one and then found the following 2!

we do need a system change...

Projects are blooming under the skill, sensitivity and enthusiasm of those leading them..
Claire Mayle with Shallal Sketchbooks
 Parcel Post the studios new outreach project is beginning with Lou and Phoebe.
Shallal Dance Theatre's Art and Production afternoon slot has become
Shallal Art Zoom meeting for people across Shallal hosted by Barry Cooper, and with artists from West Cornwall to Liskeard joining in.

Shallal 2 goes international with Lily and Nicky from the hilltops of Southern Spain, to a garden in Scotland with old Shallal colleague Shelley joining in after work!
Pep pops into Open House Penzance and Shallal Dance Theatre whilst the concrete is mixing on his building project in Catalonia!
so thanks to modern technology we keep in touch.
However equality and equity come into all these equations.
We are very aware that not everyone has access to technology some by poverty, some by choice.
We also phone chat & send post.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Connect & Create Music Choices week 10

This week Harry Theaker is guest artist with Shallal Dance Theatre, so we will use this for week 11...
New video up on You tube

inspired by Colin asking for more "clown" type choices!

stretching out gently...

for the fun of it, moving around

Humoresque - Itzhak Perlman and Yo Yo Ma

buster keaton

Cheek to cheek. .....stretching, moving and relating to others, dance with cushions, pillows/props, chairs, brooms.....

do what you like....consider characters/acting/speed

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra - Buster Keaton finale

Greetings, using the space...stop.... start, silly walks?

Monty Python's Flying Circus: Intro Theme Music

Theme - Open Improvisation: working alone, with others, being still, watching

Música Para Cine Mudo (charles chaplin)

Theme Option Shallal 2 - sustained shapes relationship

Portico Quartet - "Endless"

                                                                                                                                             Themes Theme - option....Open Improvisation - Shallal 2?

Theme Option - Rushing

Winding down... face hands....pacing .....stop start rest watch start again..ragtime blues guitar

wind down...stretching out....reaching out to others or own...

blues relaxation

Eddie's Playlist

Page 1

New playlist for Shallal

 Lily and My Favourite Tunes
to Dance to....

New Playlist Of Eddie's and Lily's 
Favourite songs to Dance to

Eddie song
and now for  first song
it is  Drive
Black Coffee  David Guetta
 feat. Delilah Montagu

Eddie song

and now here is another song
it is Nothing Solutions
it is by Georgia Rose

Eddie song

and now here is another song
it is Here with me
cover played on a saxaphone

the song originally Written 
 by Marshmello Chvrches

Eddie song

and now here is another song
this song is A Sky Full of Stars
I love a bit clasical music
 the song was originally written by Coldplay
 but covered by Piano guys

Page 2

Lily song

and now here is another song
    it is Come on Eileen

it is by Dexys Midnight Runners

Lily song

and now here is another song
it is lets Dance
it was original written by David Bowie
but this is a Covered by M Ward 2003

Lily song

and now here is another song
it is all about that bass
it was originally Written by Meghan Trainor
but cover by Saxbeats

Lily song

and now here is another song
it is Old Town Road
it was originally written by Lil Nas X / Kiowa Roukema
but it was covered  by remix Rhett price

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Connect & Create Music Choices week 9

beginning to move....

stretch start 30-40 seconds in...

moving faster


with others

fast complex explore....

winding down

relaxing (  well you can see i hit a blank today!- falling back onto self promotion?! apologies)

Sunday, 24 May 2020

videos - Al's poem on youtube and ~Reaching Communities

Outlets for creativity in Shutdown...?

.................................................just edited Al's poem with paintings

Fantasy Flowers by Alan Britt Way Owl

and made a video from Steve's photos recently........ 
Katherine Giddings
photo Steve Tanner

and now doing some tidying pre-admin work i was distracted and re-listened to a track
and came to this

and then this
made 2 months later!

combining my love of street music and spontaneous dance and by the sea!

Have spent the week watching Amici films screened on you tube to celebrate their 40th anniversary, so good to have them to watch and to reflect on creating work, as Anna then watched the indoor Doorways show we created with Rory at the Acorn 2012!

Many thanks can now be said publicly to our funders, Henry Smith Charity already enable the community groups to run and now we have Reaching Communities to thank for enabling Shallal2, & Shallal Dance Theatre to run and to pay the Studio rent for the next 3 years!
A huge thank you we are so grateful and it has made all the difference to our provision and stability to enter this turbulent and yet restricted time knowing we are supported to deliver our outreach and sustain our work. Our thanks  to Lou and Barbara whose thorough and persistent work behind the scenes enables us to all work on these wonderful projects!

Shallal Dance Theatre is awarded £250,000 Reaching Communities funding
Shallal Dance Theatre is delighted to announce successfully securing £250,000 from the National Lottery Reaching Communities fund to support the charity over the next three years.
Shallal is an ambitious inclusive arts charity in Cornwall founded thirty years ago, which runs on-going community groups across the county, specialist sessions and a dance theatre performance company based in St. Erth.
Filmmaker and Co-Producer of the project Barbara Santi explains, “We believe that Shallal’s work can truly change people’s lives, especially those who are most vulnerable in society. This funding will enable the charity to really grow and thrive while delivering inspiring opportunities for people as well as raising the profile of inclusive arts and dance practice. We are so thankful for Reaching Communities for believing in this pioneering work which for many is a real life line, especially during these difficult challenging times.
Creative director, Shallal Dance Theatre, Jo Willis continues: “We are so grateful to have received this funding from RC's just before COVD-19 as it has enabled us to continue our provision, work creatively and connect with everyone. 
In spite of the current coronavirus pandemic, Shallal has been able to continue supporting group members remotely via a variety of means from online to telephone and post. Shallal’s dance and art groups are still open to new members and welcome new people of all ages and abilities who are finding social isolation challenging and need to feel socially connected and creative.

At a time of social distancing Shallal members are continuing to find as many methods as possible to stay in contact, connect remotely and continue to be creative. Send your images to Phoebe at to add to the new gallery:
More Good News
The Studio was recently awarded Arts Council COVID-19 emergency funding to make weekly art activity vidoes and postal art packs to engage Shallal members during social isolation, ensuring that people without internet access can still take part. The results will be shared online and in paper catalogue form. We will be doing this in partnership with Project Ability in Glasgow who work with artists with support needs, sharing and swapping resources and responses to form a wider creative community.
This will be a valuable new partnership for the studio and a way to contribute to and strengthen our Connect and Create programme across the whole charity.

Shallal Sketchbooks is back with Claire Mayle steering it,
email for a sketchbook and join in
"We've been supporting the staff on the COVID ward at Treliske Hospital by providing sketchbooks and hope to be interviewing one of the nurses next week to find out how she is getting on this space."

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Joy & Hope

Joy and Hope
Im sure i've written about these before definitely Hope
But i'm sure most dancers will relate to Joy as well...
despite the pain, toil and struggle that comes with art forms, the joy is never far away in dance
the ebullient, exuberant, enthusiastic state it can create, enhance, tap into...
'when the dancer stops and the dance takes over'...

So at this time when even if we are well and in a good situation we are so painfully aware of those who aren't....
Let's wish them Joy, not syrupy happy sentimental stuff, but real joy that can be alongside sorrow and pain and give you strength to get through and a glimmer of something going through it, not running away from it.

We wish you all to be visited by Joy and strength and vision that we come out of this with a better vision and skills for our future.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Connect & Create Music Choices week 8

Here we are week 8 and unsure how long we go on for......

Courage, patience and use your creativity so we have something good to remember this strange time with!
We are all in such different spaces, all we know is we all are affected...sending much love to you.


Eddies choice
Easing into warm up!

Sunny side of the street
moving around saying hallo! or

Stretch out/reach out
an old favourite
Rackwick bay by Phamie Gow

Barn Dance Alexander Ryback
fast keep fit!

Maybelles birthday next week so...

Aurora – Running With The Wolves (Pablo Nouvelle Remix)


Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile

dancing between frames: hands, shapes etc

homage to Ruckblick! epic..!
Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana

wind down stretch out/reach out

HAUSER - Adagio (Albinoni)

All In The Morning performed by harpist Ruth Wall, arranged by composer Graham Fitkin, location St Levan Church! so local..Ruth watched our first Doorways performance!

PS this week i have returned to non embedded links for Colin, let me know as this isn't so easy for phones apparently so can alternate or return...

Friday afternoon artists meet up with Barry Cooper: theme this week Gardens - multi media, contact Jo for details...

Every evening this week has an Amici film, so loving it!
Please join us in an exploration of Amici’s history, seeing past performances and reflecting on how they have developed over 40 years. Amici’s stunning work has always subverted stereotypes and challenged conventional attitudes towards disability and the arts breaking both barriers and new ground. In a time of uncertainty, the Amici shows are a panacea, as Wolfgang Stange comments “we must not lose sight of hope, without hope we would be very lost indeed”. Amici shows that sharing and celebrating each other’s differences is the only way forward.

There are some great social art initiatives going on as well as Shallal Sketchbooks - email if you'd like

Stay safe & well, keep connected & creative!

Other peoples fantastic and inclusive projects you can join in:

Steve Tanner ....

Newlyn Art Gallery
Extraordinary Postcards. ...

Some StopGap links i found in the week....
if you have time click and explore

outdoor show