Friday, 9 February 2018

book day and news

The BOOK is here and there is so much to talk about!
Had a chance to look at it slowly last night and got the approval of family, my first audience and valued critics, so grateful to them for putting up with me!

Love to Victoria and George our compilers and editors, (a mammoth task) who sadly can't be with us today, George maybe in the air flying home!

Pep and Molly in rehearsal with Demelza (hand waving!) Zoe and Kerry behind
A big day today balancing all the events within the event!
Our last 2 shows were full of group dances, thats a lot of us in a company of up to 30!
When i first envisaged this event i thought a few solos dances and poems..
now it is 20 mins of highlights from the shows with 12 dancers, 2 poets with BSL by Demelza and a set by Skye Anna Mackay, we have so many talented musicians around.

The young group of friends in Shallal Dance Theatre of Anna, Annis, Skye and Aaron are back in the radius at present:
Anna has helped curate the show
Anna & Annis's book is getting good reviews...

sneak preview of Shallal's new book! sorry no natural light so dark image, dawn is nearly here but not quite
INHABIT by Anna and Annis is a limited edition print of 3! although requests are coming in
compared to our new book Celebrating Heritage 100 copies!
looking forward to giving company members their free copy - it will sell at £15
Skye is putting on a benefit for us as part of the end of her course
 "I am organizing a live acoustic music event in the Falmouth Art Gallery, which is towards my final project on my music course and, we would love to dedicate the evening to raise money for 'Shallal' as a thank you from me, for having such a great childhood by being apart of Shallal. 
The event will be 4pm - 6pm oSaturday the 10th of March. 
The music will consist of my duo and two supporting musicians. My duo will be performing all original songs, so what we perform will be new and exciting material. 
I would love for you to be there and everyone at Shallal to come along and enjoy the evening."
and Aaron is back in the company.
Recent email.....
"have just been to see Shallal’s show – it’s glorious, every single bit – well done to everyone involved!"
Cat Gibbard
Programme Curator
Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange


Lots of exciting things coming up..
snap shot through some of my week.....
Tuesday Lou and i chatted about our next bid for research and development in improvisation and performance spaces and audience!
Wednesday Zoe O is writing an application for Shallal 2 - thank you Zoe.
Shallal 2 went to Falmouth Art Gallery - some lovely photos to share soon, wonderful portraits to respond to for a, made in 4 sessions! show
21 March 6pm
Conversation with Nigel re new studio use

Esme in front of portrait she liked in Falmouth Art Gallery

Thursday meeting with Jo and Brenda from Continuum dance they saw SDT show at HFC and want to work with us!
in the background....researching Visa application so i can go to Moscow to Tretyakov Gallery Festival? will it all work out in time? hope so

Debs and Colin got to work, on Wednesday for EY and FAD, through the snow, Colin and Kerry are working on another application for the Penzance OH group.

Eddie has been away from SDT for a few weeks working hard for an exhibition but keeps in touch, he sent me this photo of some of his work, which i wanted to share with you.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Doorways Exhibition and from gallery to gallery news of Russian trip!

An old blog unposted......
It's a wonderful thing to work with a good team and thank you to George and Victoria for creating the book with design consultant Jonathan How.
They are working so hard and still keeping me in the loop!
Barbara Santi's initial idea to develop the 2012 show into this amazing project, really paid off and we have many other people to thank along the way! The book is creating a pressured but interesting space for this reflection. 
It highlights the benefits and disadvantages of working from home and self employment, and working with an indecisive and scatty creative director with a very poor filing system!!
We always intend to archive and then something more 'present' comes along, we have been refused an application which could have revoluntionised our systems but, 'heyho and on we go!' and thank you to everyone who has to put up with me!
Yesterday we watched a film of the show, thank you Lou, and Steve came in to finish portrait photos.

Jonathan by Steve Tanner

I have been searching back through this blog which works well as a memory and diary for us.
George is off to America for 3 weeks! i have been doing my Book Homework and an old friend has an invitation to Russia for me, and maybe in the future some of the company! fingers crossed it will happen and off to Moscow Tretyakov Gallery for a talk and showing films! at the end of March. I hope to take Anna with me...

Todays blog:
from one Gallery to Another:
Anna and I head of to The Exchange Gallery Engine Room today to hang the Doorways Celebration Exhibition with dear friend Oli Raymond Barker. Oli has been part of a collaborative group exploring work at Back Lane West residencies over 3 years! and is a beautiful sensitive photographer,
(he and his wife Zeph also used to lodge with us in our Blue Hut - small world).
He also happens to be a technician installing exhibitions at various galleries, so are looking forward to working with him. And as you have probably realised if you read these ramblings, i need people around me with patience and skill to translate what i try to do and say!

So yesterday after having struggled to write a short Resume of Shallal and myself?! for the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow,  
(this required asking another child to help me, Mary is 23 and has a degree - i can see how family businesses start! - she kindly gave me notes and feedback).
I heard back that they will pay for my travel and visa, they are holding a festival 26, 27, 28 March, we will stay with our good friend Olga Klodt who is an icon painter. 
Her work was included in Modern Icon Exhibition held in 1989 in the Znamensky Cathedral in Moscow and she now teaches in Moscow and Jerusalem.

 Love the first Value of the Tretyakov Gallery which is.....
"We believe that art, enlightenment and creativity change people's lives for the better."

The gallery holds some of the most famous of Russian icons

and also one of Anna's favourite artists at present:

Yesterday afternoon while Colin was mounting drawings, Zoe and Toby were involved in last minute art!
The best often comes at the last and i take comfort in having heard that Turner was still 'painting' his paintings that were already hung just before an exhibition!

So off we go with packed car to see which treasures we can hang!

Excited for next Saturday:
 to hear dear Skye sing, always a treat, she will perform for 20 minutes, 
we also have approx 15-20 minutes of dance extracts from the shows 
and some of the wonderful poetry 
throughout the 2 hour opening!
As well as the book!
                                 Thanks to The Tanner Trust for funding the book.

Hope to see you there!

I uploaded this, checked my emails and found helpful information from George about film loops, ending with this....short video of:

...(George) throwing a pan of boiling water into -17 degree bone dry arctic cold Minnesota air!....... 

I love the blog for being able to share this with you to!