Saturday, 26 October 2013

Small Picture Show samples.....

                       A sample of some of the small paintings being produced:
                                           Studio artists Zoe and Sam.

We have been invited to the Art group at the John Daniel Centre the morning of the 11th November and look forward to sharing the small picture idea with them. Thanks to Colin Carbis and we hope to create interesting collaborations and outings with them.
In the end as always it comes down primarily to people, where there's a will there's a way etc.

Still thinking on the inspiration of John Fox. 
His advice to someone starting out:
Book your holidays!
learn an instrument
do a lot of singing
read and write a lot of poetry
be objective about the system
find people that you trust
be wary of social media, can give an illusion of connection

I still hope someone will give Sally Walters a solo show.

Sam While
                                                                       Zoe Wilton
Joseph Wheeler has just joined Shallal this term, but has known us for years and attended Open House while at school. Joseph has a love of cows. He is doing another lovely cow painting, not yet finished, and also a beautiful one based on maps.

workshopping ideas

We have had fun recently in this term returning to workshopping,

(  after remapping St Ives, new info on the website, link to film, some photos and articles )

being playful, trying out ideas using little structure. What comes out when you just play?

Skills sharing yesterday, there are so many new skills in the company this last year. Developing work for no other reason than that it works! 

Visioning last week, to weather check where we all are and where we would like to go, and how we might get there!

Thank you to trustee Anne Mackay for coming to support the ideas for our small picture show and sharing lino print skills. Now we have so many of us in the afternoon,  whereas we had only a few at first: Kerry with sketchbook on our new ipad! in typical digital learning Kerry remarked Luke nearly 6 can teach her more than the rest of us!!
poetry, fashion ideas, singing- we want to do more together, catch up chats and planning all going along. And welcome to 5 of the home ed community ages 9-14 who join us.

below some images to help us remember some of our new work/ideas.

Zoe. Katherine and Toby

 Yesterday we celebrated Demelza and Giles birthdays! they are in the photos below.
strong men, circus, stunt people ..would like to perform it on the beach!
themed from balancing with a lot of humour in the mix
Colin, Sam, Giles, Toby and Lydia.

 also from exploring balancing and shape/response...Kerry, Demelza and Zoe

Thursday, 24 October 2013

John Fox guest lecture

A pleasure to live near The Performance Centre and to hear John Fox's guest lecture last night.

I know I would like it and find it interesting but didn't realise how much,
the emphasis on the journey, and fun and play and vernacular culture beneath your feet!

"Very Affirming" as Amanda said and huge thanks to the impetus from Welfare State which has given so much to Cornwall through: Alice King, John Voogd, Bill Mitchell, Sue Hill, Anna Murphy and others, bringing in the lanterns, reviving and creating the feasts and festivals, visual spectacles, outdoor performances which were planted in Cornish soil and culture, took root and continue to grow.

Many years ago I went to Wolfgang and Amici's homage to Hilda Holger and said I am going back to the roots of my roots and here was John Fox and the roots of so much now embedded in the Cornish community and creative culture.
Could have listened to more and a whole series of talks in detail around many areas he only had time to touch on, i.e. spectator, performer, artist, community.

John Fox is a prolific artist, printmaker, poet and essayist. He was co-founder and artistic director of Welfare State International, the legendary Arts Company whose pioneering work in celebratory theatre, site specific events, community art, lantern parades, new ceremonies for rites of passage and building Lanternhouse was documented in his 2006 publication ‘Eyes on Stalks’. In 2006, Fox founded Dead Good Guides with Sue Gill.

In the 70’s “John Fox laid down the foundations for form of theatre that abandoned conventional notions almost entirely” Robert Hewison. “Since the advent of John Fox’s spectaculars of ritual and procession in Yorkshire with the Welfare State International Company 45 years ago, much of our most potent theatrical and installation art has taken place in outdoor landscapes, on rivers and hilltops, in forests and fields.” Michael Coveney. Guardian 27 April 2013

For The Falmouth Connection John will give a 30 minute illustrated introduction and then respond to prepared questions about Street Theatre, Spectacle, Community Art, Rites of Passage and Cultural Patterns of the Future.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Shallal 2 photos and feedback

Shallal 2

Thanks to Miles's Dad, Richard who took some photographs for us and a film.

They give an idea of the pieces, interesting dynamics, shaping in the first dance followed by the strength and simplicity of the second.

"2 new 3 minute pieces in process.The first piece shows an open improvisation style that the group enjoy working in and we are developing. The second piece is a song we have used before but in new setting with 3 dancers." 

Written feedback from The Scratch night at The Performance Centre.

dynamics were great powerful.
work more with imagery and a storyline, even if it’s very subtle
use objects to create movement and engage the imagination

Both performances were very moving
the dancers working (with special needs) dancers merged seamlessly into a magic


A Big Thank You to all the Kneehigh Rambles team.
Many people enjoyed a fantastic and entertaining show full of the big and the small, humour and pathos and good old storytelling, at The Dracaena Centre, Falmouth yesterday. Outreaching to people in the community and within Shallal who wouldn't ordinarily be able to get to Kneehigh shows.
So thanks again from us all.
We were also able to launch our raffle! Thanks to Jo L for coming to help!

Anna, Simon and Seth loading up the Kneehigh van!
Just have to add this which i have just listened to:
Anna's moving postcard poem!,1WT9A,C46Z5X,6VQGJ,1

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Raffle launch

We are excited to launch our
Grand Shallal Fundraiser!
A treat, some help? 
Fun, interactive, personnal prizes...

Tickets available at Shallal events, from friends of Shallal and through 

Raffle prizes:

2 Tickets to Kneehighs’ Summer Show
2 sets of tickets for films at Falmouth Polytechnic
8 tickets vouchers for performances at The Performance Centre ( average ticket price £12)  
Magic show - tickets to a show or a personnal show in your own home!
An Ode written by Anna Marie Murphy!
A personnal portrait of pets, people or property by illustrator Colin Curbishley
Surf lesson 
Massage Therapy voucher
A reflexology session 
1:1 Private Pilates session with Cscape Pilates
An hours' private Pilates tuition with Emma Manning - Director of The Helston Pilates Studio
1 free dance class – Beginners Ballet or Improvers Ballet
A dance choreographed on and for you!
A free writing workshop with Angela Stoner
A Haircut
2 hours of Gardening services
A day of Voluntary work - e.g.  housework, ironing, gardening. 
A stack of novels donated by famous local author Patrick Gale 
Art book donated by Falmouth Art Gallery
Plants from Gyllyngdune Garden greenhouse
Paintings by Zoe Wilton, Sam While, and Martin Webbster.

Raffle will be drawn at Shallal Small Picture Show, Saturday 23rd November, 2 - 6pm venue tbc 

Thank you to everyone for all your support in getting this together. 
The first public sale of tickets is today as we prepare to enjoy Rambles by Kneehigh, a ticketed show for Shallal, The Dracaena Centre and Friends of Kneehigh as part of their Connections programme.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Remapping exhibition in the library

Jo Mayes has just put up a selection of photographs, feedback and props in the St Ives Library. It is there for 2 weeks.

Outside the Town Hall celebrating their improved access with the new ramp.
There were 3 groups around St Ives and this is our song and dance troupe, in black, white and red, watched over by Kerry's exotic travelling entourage.
Many thanks to all who worked so hard on costume and props, and to Truro Museum for great costumes from their old historical story telling box!
Ideas for future outdoor pop ups keep rolling in. Many years ago Shallal did a lot of "busking" by invitation and we haven't had performers who like the outdoors again till recently and so are thrilled to return in a new style to the great outdoor events. It is a fantastic way to get the work seen, and adds colour to our lives.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Shots from the Slip St Ives

Kerry's stunt at the slip, followed by La Mer on the harbour wall.

All credit to Mark Noalls for the photographs capturing a lot of the day. The sun shone and it all evolved as the pop ups kept going.
Many thanks to ACE for 2iis which let us increase our confidence in pop ups performance. I will put more photographs up soon.

Friday, 11 October 2013

St Ives film link, Scratch and ART

Yesterday Jo Mayes and Karen came to visit the main company to round off the project with us and show the film, photographs and feedback labels!

We enjoyed it and had a good laugh watching the images so large as they were projected on the wall.

We are loving just playing again, lots of fun improvisations coming out and future ideas percolating, all in time for our much needed Visioning Session.
Next week, Friday 1.30pm - 4pm'ish, Colin will bring our last images/notes/record for us to reflect on and work from. If you can't get there please, have a chat with someone who can or write your ideas down, all ideas and suggestions welcome.

Jo Mayes is also putting together an exhibition to celebrate the St Ives performance, in the foyer of St Ives Library (including the film being shown on their display screen) from next Tuesday for a couple of weeks.

Anne Mackay came to the afternoon art session to help start off the Small Picture painting!
Welcome to Anne ( and thanks)  and to Eliza and Jewel who came with her. Some lovely work already and I went on to talk to old friend Colin Carbis at The John Daniel Centre, from our conversation we aim to develop fun, collaborative artistic times together. Starting with a mutual invitation for Artists to enter our Small Picture fundraiser and for Shallal Studio artists to visit on Monday 11th November, so we can work together. We hope to go on painting trips, gathering materials, all sorts! at least once a term.
We don't want to let the possibilities die and so are seeding new things....we also hope to extend our art session in the main company to give more time to the work.
Anne and I are exploring possibilities in Falmouth/Penryn area and the vision is still there! for 3 hubs we shall see.

We really enjoyed the Scratch Night. Well done to all of Shallal 2 who could make it, I was really pleased with the look of it! more ideas flooding in, new music for this week etc
Good feedback and some nice interesting conversations and we hope the Scratch Nights continue, an interesting way to show and watch work, meet people, discuss ideas....
Good to see old friend Sue Farmer and hear some of their folk opera,

PS please remember if you want to see Rambles i need to know this coming week and you need to choose your time!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Scratch Night and Shallal 2

Shallal 2 at Scratch Night, The Performance Centre.


7.30pm Wednesday, free

Shallal 2 are performing 2 approx 3 minute pieces. The first exploring their large group improvisation method and the second is revisiting Bird Girl a song- used in Mind the Gap - with a trio of dancers, Skye, Miles and Anna. Both interesting pieces, we look forward to going and hope we might see you there! 
Welcome to Alex and Kate and Stewart - who comes with Eddie-, this will be their first outing with us, (and sadly Peter has a knee injury, so we hope to see him soon.)
Shallal 2 are on first at 7.30pm and you can drop in and out of the event as there will be pauses for feedback.

Everything starts with something. A brief encounter, happenstance, a good turn of phrase. Scratch night is a series of fragments of performance in-the-process by established, emerging and student artists. The intention is to share work and try things out with a supportive audience who are encouraged to give feedback. 
For more information contact:

Skye on left

Skye and Anna at St Ives recently. We don't have many photos of Skye, although she is such a strong performer, and Shallal 2 are still collecting performance photos so i haven't one of Miles.

Bread and Writing Workshop.

15 members from Shallal main company were invited to the Kneehigh Barns for a Bread and Writing workshop. Our needs were forfiled, creativity, fellowship, food, beauty, fresh air, sea views, cups of tea...I could go on and on. A huge Thank you to Kneehigh Connections ( Rambles ) project  and Anna, (and Mike Shepherd who welcomed us and gave us a slide show of Kneehigh) helped by Ros and Seth, and all organised by Charlotte.
We all had a grand time and appreciative comments were voiced throughout the day. The lovely space, food, interesting writing exercises, listening to Seth and Anna's work, trying new things,.... ...I have never managed to enter Anna's website but love the front page, let me know if you get in!
At last i can publish this blog, as thanks to Michael i can send my photos to myself!!

Some Shallal snaps from the day!

 making pizza with Anna and team...
 Shallal also eat together, chat and play together, when we can ....and lunch every week!
not sadly around a fire pit till 3am as Kneehigh has done, as we heard the history of Kneehigh from Mike with lovely insights into some of their process and way of working, which includes when at the Barns swimming, singing and running on the cliff paths....
Katy's pizza

some of Kneehigh wall!

Deb's at 4-5 weeks to go- only 3 now!!!

 Pinnies and aprons chat, and we would like to make some, - please Viv ( our lovely new trustee with sewing/fashion skills )
back of Anna's apron for style!

Jo and Demelza soon to be found in Moving Words project!

Zoe in the garden


Arron and bush!

Joseph and Skye

by afternoon Joseph was on sculpture and art, pegs and blackboard

afternoon exercise

Anna's boxes, which start her writing process.

Zoe and Katy

Glen and Marjorie

Mike slide show in the morning

Anna modelling rolling pin and apron!
There are some good poems/ideas from the day, but that will be another blog! Thanks again to Anna and team and Connections Programme.