Saturday, 26 October 2013

workshopping ideas

We have had fun recently in this term returning to workshopping,

(  after remapping St Ives, new info on the website, link to film, some photos and articles )

being playful, trying out ideas using little structure. What comes out when you just play?

Skills sharing yesterday, there are so many new skills in the company this last year. Developing work for no other reason than that it works! 

Visioning last week, to weather check where we all are and where we would like to go, and how we might get there!

Thank you to trustee Anne Mackay for coming to support the ideas for our small picture show and sharing lino print skills. Now we have so many of us in the afternoon,  whereas we had only a few at first: Kerry with sketchbook on our new ipad! in typical digital learning Kerry remarked Luke nearly 6 can teach her more than the rest of us!!
poetry, fashion ideas, singing- we want to do more together, catch up chats and planning all going along. And welcome to 5 of the home ed community ages 9-14 who join us.

below some images to help us remember some of our new work/ideas.

Zoe. Katherine and Toby

 Yesterday we celebrated Demelza and Giles birthdays! they are in the photos below.
strong men, circus, stunt people ..would like to perform it on the beach!
themed from balancing with a lot of humour in the mix
Colin, Sam, Giles, Toby and Lydia.

 also from exploring balancing and shape/response...Kerry, Demelza and Zoe

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