Saturday, 26 October 2013

Small Picture Show samples.....

                       A sample of some of the small paintings being produced:
                                           Studio artists Zoe and Sam.

We have been invited to the Art group at the John Daniel Centre the morning of the 11th November and look forward to sharing the small picture idea with them. Thanks to Colin Carbis and we hope to create interesting collaborations and outings with them.
In the end as always it comes down primarily to people, where there's a will there's a way etc.

Still thinking on the inspiration of John Fox. 
His advice to someone starting out:
Book your holidays!
learn an instrument
do a lot of singing
read and write a lot of poetry
be objective about the system
find people that you trust
be wary of social media, can give an illusion of connection

I still hope someone will give Sally Walters a solo show.

Sam While
                                                                       Zoe Wilton
Joseph Wheeler has just joined Shallal this term, but has known us for years and attended Open House while at school. Joseph has a love of cows. He is doing another lovely cow painting, not yet finished, and also a beautiful one based on maps.

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