Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Redruth Open House

Shallal Open House Redruth 2011-2012
We are very happy to tell you Shallal Dance Theatre Company will be running its community group, Open House at the Redruth Community Centre, Foundry Row, Chapel Street, TR15 1AN.
 The sessions are open to all and will be a fun way of exploring movement, dance and drama in a safe and friendly environment, run by two experienced Shallal  facilitators. 
Open House is on a Thursday morning, doors open at 10.15am for 10.30 start- finish at 12 noon. The charge for each session is £3 per person, support workers and carers will not be charged but any donations are welcome.
The first three sessions on Dec 1st& 8th  and January 12th are tasters to see if it’s your cup of tea, we will then be running 21 sessions in which we will be looking at setting some achievable aims and then finding ways of helping people to meet them. There will be an element of commitment to attending a certain number of sessions as we need to meet our funders requirements.
If you would like more information about Open House or other sessions call Colin on 01736 350 106 or 0774 754 3300

Monday, 28 November 2011

Film and Open Access week at The Performance Centre

Good news that we have the opportunity to make a short film from Chromatic thanks to funding and support from The Performance Centre. A nice end to last years work. Those of the company who can make it are having a day in Studio B filming this Saturday. We have the pleasure of working with Lucy Gaskell,  "Lucy Lights" again. Barbara Santi sadly can't make it but Ian Bucknole will be filming, helped by a UCF student.

Diary dates are:

Wednesday 14th December, 10.30am -12pm
  Friends and Dancing end of term Christmas gathering with friends and family - all welcome - at Studio J, The Performance Centre. 
The dances by Friends and Dancing can be some of the most moving, and this is a chance to see their work (although we've had little rehearsal time this term) they are well worth seeing, as some of the dancers are unable to perform in other groups.

Friday 16th December
Works in Progress from Shallal main company, and Thursday group in community evening at The Performance Centre, entrance free. time tbc

Backstage photos from Variety evening

Marjorie, Micahel, Zoe, Colin, Anna with Luke, Eddie and Skye.
 Backstage at the Princess pavillions, from the Variety night, photos thanks to Jacqui who was there to speak about Apex.
Michael and Colin


Marjorie and Zoe

Friday, 18 November 2011

Rory's visit and a study of hands

A study of hands, in the art session....
Toby, working from Zoe's black and white photo

Zoe, Doorway



Eddie, portraits


Rory and Colin

Well if you roll back time 15yrs or so, was the last time Rory and I worked together in St Peter's hall, a joy to be working together again thanks to providence and The BBC funding for part of the Doorways project, we got excited and could spring board many more projects just off one idea and chat....
We could have invited in many talented local dancers/ choreographers, but decided to invite Rory who has worked with us before and knows how we work, which speeds up the whole process.
He has multi art skills as well which help with the way we develop work.
I had hoped to photograph Rory with the company, but today was a day of delays, and we staggered in at various times and for various reasons, but good work was done,  a new duet with Colin and Zoe and costume coming together slowly. Toby brought in a fabulous tunic and hat he made.
Sam managed to find her way here, so she begins her 4 week trial with the main company and we are happy to have her with us. Sam comes to Friends and Dancing and has attended Penryn Improvisation and Performance group
We have a date to visit Gyllngdune Gardens in January, so all progressing nicely, and Rory now definitely working with us on Doorways...hurray!

St Peter's Hall
I have worked here for many years and am very fond of this hall, so put the photo on for nostalgic reasons!

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Quick updates.
Rory visiting the company this Friday and development of Doorways project underway.
This term has seen playing with ideas, settling in,  outreach to Big Health Day at Eden and short performance at Variety show... just done.
Artists visits to Penryn group, 2 art workshops with Candy and now awaiting inspired music to continue working with- no pressure Roger and Jamie!!
Possibility of making short film from Chromatic, funded by The Performance Centre, we should know soon if we can squeeze this in in time, hopeful as feel it would be a lovely finish to that piece.
 Exciting end of term opportunities with The Performance Centre, for all the groups......more soon.
Also good news this week of Open House Redruth reopening soon thanks to funding, and Friends and Dancing will also be funded for the next 2 terms!  more information coming soon.
Jacqui and Eddie have just given us Apex's CD, which we look forward to working with.

Monday, 7 November 2011

BBC Performing Arts Fund, Community Dance Winner

Shallal are thrilled to be one of the recipients of the BBC Performing Arts Fund Community Dance awards.

"The Community Dance announcements have been made! You can find the full list of winners (downloadable PDF) and the statement on the BBC Press Office website:

We have also written a blog so that visitors to the BBC PAF website can read about the great news! "

The funding will enable a dance artist/choreographer to work with Shallal creating site specific performances for the summer of 2012. The venues planned are Godolphin House, Gyllngdune Gardens, Falmouth and Mousehole.
Discussion is going ahead with dance artist Rory Mcdermott. We had a lovely meeting today and he will visit the main company on the 18th November before finalising working with us.
We first worked with Rory 17 years ago, and he brings a depth of experience, challenge and understanding to Shallal's process and performance and we hope to work with him again.