Sunday, 29 April 2012

photos from Dec 16th 2011

Elaine and co

Katherine, Marjorie and Giles

Linda, Giles and Marjorie

Kerry and Toby
These were to a piece we never got to preview at The Exchange last year that has been through many changes and is one of those pieces i end up liking more than the company which is fairly rare!! it is long..but i enjoy the array of characters and want the challenge of exits and entrances, timing, changing partners, using space for them...anyway it's unlikely i'll get my way this time as there is so much coming from the company devising for the site specific performances this will be too long..we shall of my ideas was to have it made and then let them adapt it to each fairness we've had many changes of performers since it's first rehearsals which hasn't helped it form and flow for the performers. I think we'll just keep it simmering along and maybe we can use it in the autumn shows.....

photos from December 16th 2011

Some photos by Steve Tanner from the Dec 16th Performance at The Performance Centre.....
Very strong simple short duo in silence between Sam and Kerry

2 Sunsets with Zoe and Colin

The joy of improvisation and rehearsals is sometimes things just happen and this dance is one of those, it has only needed two things worked on or suggested. It is to a fantastic piece of music and will be adapted and performed at Gyllyngdune Gardens, Falmouth and possibly Godolphin House. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Penryn Improvisation and Performance group

This week the group starts again with a few gaps in the days so the dates are listed.
Do tell people about it, hope you can come, it is an amazing opportunity to work regularly in such a lovely space, from a dancers point of view the floor is lovely - after years of dirt, sweeping and unsprung floors in some venues! 
Also we welcome visits from students and artists interested in collaboration and or community experience, it can be and often is from other art forms, so far we've had radio and dance and one visit from a creative writing student. With the change to a later time we've sadly lost some of our younger dancers for a while, but new people are coming this term and Debs is able to support me as Anne has an increase in her work load..many thanks to our trustee for supporting this group for so long it has been a real support, interesting, helpful and fun. The core group remains commited and doing good work.
Thanks also to the Rosemullion trust for support this term. 

Improvisation and Performance

Thursdays 7-8.30pm
26 April
3, 10, 17, 31 May
21, 28 June
5, 12, 19 July

Studio J 
The Performance Centre
Tremough Campus

students free
adults £4
under 18's £2.50
concessions available on discussion

"a wonderful organisation with a sense of joy and acceptance..There is no pressure ...but an open recognition of and respect for every individuals' unique talent which inspires a desire to give one's best"..a participant 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Photos from Christmas Works in Progress at UCF

Well, I'm trying to wind my way back into work after Easter ( busiest time of year in our home), I had a short break as we were applying for funds for a new exciting creative writing project - a collaboration between poet Sally Crabtree and Debbie O'Nyons.
Having set myself a quieter summer schedule as 2 teenagers take exams this term, we end up with one of them with a leg in plaster! 3 full show days and outreach performances, so i need to gear up for this term and want to share photos that arrived just before the Easter break.
Thanks again to Steve Tanner for these! I really enjoyed the evening they came from, I love the process of creating work and am not a natural finisher as those who work with me will attest to! so Works in Progress is lovely!! and to be part of something bigger, there were other community groups performing ie as CYDC and a local choir.
I have been longing for these photos all term as I saw them at the beginning of term but for various reasons didn't get full copies till end of term so thanks again to: UCF, the Performance Centre, Adrian Bossey, Tamsin Godfrey and team for the evening, and Steve Tanner for the photos, well done to the Penryn group who started the evening for us, and all the Shallal performers for so confidently performing Works in Progress! Also thanks to the Woodward Charitable Trust for funding so we could commision Roger's music specifically for the group and funding the past 2 terms for The Penryn group.

Anna, Skye and Carly improvise - no music

Tallulah, Paul ,Katy and Jewel performing in Roger's Pinsent's piece "The slightly distorted mirror."

Katy has only recently joined us and hopes to join the main co in September, this was her first performance.

I love this photo.

There are more photos to come of the main company but these are photos of the Penryn group, who performed together for the first time,  although some of the performers are already in the main company, or have been, while others are new to performing

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Early advertising Shallal Summer Site Specific Shows!

The flyers are out and about from this weekend onwards ..... and are now at Godolphin House and Gyllyngdune Gardens!
Hope you can come to a performance, all free! and open air!'s hoping for fine weather.
 Shallal is joined by Apex at Gyllygdune, with Friends and Dancing performing before the 2pm show.
 Main Mousehole performance at 2pm on the beach, satelite ones at 12pm and 4pm around the village.
All performances last approx 20 minutes.
A piece of music composed by Roger Pinsent at Godolphin House, hopefully played live, commisioned piece by poet Sally Crabtree at Mousehole, and more additions and guest artists to be announced nearer the times.
                                              Happy Easter!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Mousehole recky

It was a cold windy but sunny day last Friday, Linda, Sam and Toby stayed behind working on costume ideas and we set off for a meeting and recky in Mousehole, (to the beach i used to joke was our garden when the children were small! somewhere safe to run around...)
Kate and Gail from the Sea, Salts and Sail commitee were very helpful and Sally managed to come to, and show us a lovely new childrens book by Michelle Cartlidge which features the festival.
Ideas so far: main performance approx 2pm on beach were the festival focus is and fitting in around childrens songs with Sally etc, 12pm and 4pm happenings around the village, playing in doorways etc
Only approx half the company to come due to logisitics and full day at Godolphin the next day.
Debs, Eddie, Colin , me and Rory

the beach

Colin exploring possibilities

A truly Cornish doorway! the harbour mouth

Thanks to Stephanie King for the photos.