Friday, 31 October 2014

short films at "GLIMPSE" integrative dance event

Recently i missed a lovely opportunity, and an email reply i wrote went into draft and wasn't sent! oops, i came across it later by chance and so it arrived too late.

So today: 

ROC Creative presents ‘GLIMPSE’, an integrative dance event hosted by SculptMotion Dance Company, on Saturday 1 November 2014 at the Palace Theatre, Paignton, Devon TQ3 3HF

I had been invited to lead a 2 hr workshop, sadly as i replied late they found others, but i am flattered as Anjali Dance Company are running it now. I have heard about them for a long time, (but being in Cornwall) have never seen or met them.

We looked into taking some work in progress to show but all was too late and there was no supporting funding available anywhere to enable that to happen quickly. We hope to meet and share with them at some other opportunity.

The reason for blogging this is to share that, although we may not be there some of our films will be!
"We are hoping to show three clips tomorrow; Doorways, The Crows and Red."
Suzanna Oxenham  

The films were made by Barbara Santi,  Red and Crows involved editing input from some of the dancers. 

It is so good to know there are integrative dance events happening, and we hope they have a great day.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

MIke and Lou Brett's private view this weekend

Next lovely event!

For one weekend only!

We would love to invite you to come and see our new paintings and prints at Back Lane West gallery in Redruth next weekend 25th and 26th October.

The private view is from 12noon to 4pm on Saturday 25th (beginning of half term) - if you come all the way to Redruth we will treat you to home made cake and posh tea in tea pots.

Back Lane West is easy to get to by train and easy to park (parking Station Hill).
9 Back Lane West TR15 2BT.

Hope to see you there.

Mike and Lou

Not only a chance to socialise with lovely art but also to meet Lou who has done and continues to do such a lot to support Shallal Studios, and the main company through her bid writing skills etc

Melanie is busy working in the studios until the w/e and sent me this after her first day!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Pop Up "Poetry Party" today

Pop Up "Poetry Party"
at Falmouth Art Gallery

featuring Fools: Colin and Daniela
 Actor, Steven Kelly
with singer song writer Skye Mackay and more!

All free with refreshments!

Hope to see you there

for some reason the title on the Art gallery poster took Moving Words too literally!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Photos from Friday! Newlyn pop up and Wardrobe ideas

 Pop Up at Newlyn Art Gallery, thank you to Simon Jacques and Annie Metcalfe, we had a good time and Trevor was on form!
Colin and Finn, Finn's third week and he was going to watch but then was inspired by rhythm!

These are just taken on the ipad and in true non photographer mode many of the best parts i was enjoying so much i forgot to photograph!
 Came away very over excited at the thought of doing a lot of these in a variety of venues, I was then frequently reminded to wait till Spring and warm weather! But i am inspired by them, the amazing freedom and creativity they give the performers and the relationship between music and dance/theatre.
 Thank you so much to George whose instinctive music and creativity make this possible and it was the first day of his new work mode!

I then struggled with how these fit into our work and realised we have 3 strands at present:
Commissions - thank you to all who invite us to work with them

Brief - projects, an extended Doorways is still percolating in the background waiting to emerg

 Freedom - spontaneous work

So onto the afternoon:
between Wardrobe workshops we digest what we have learnt and this time i asked everyone to think of colours, designs they would like and a wealth of great ideas came forth, some below!

I am awaiting Anna and Annis to create a Wardrobe blog where we can record and share the project, but they are immersed in GCSE's this term and we don't have internet at rehearsals but hopefully we can soon share that with you.

Thursday, 9 October 2014


My printer broken at present so just blogging Kerry and Glen's birthday cards.
The style of card is from a Shallal tradition, before we could access images as easily, so that performers had a record of some of their work in the past year.
Cards usually come with cake - which we can't share so easily, but you can share some if you get to  St Peter's Hall today 12.15 - 1pm,
 after our Always New excursion pop up at Newlyn Art Gallery today approx 11am..this should keep us on our toes!
in at the deep end! so far this term we have been researching and less dancing, so it will be fun!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October Events

Lots on this term, starting with:

Don't miss this Friday 10 October:

Shallal Dance Theatre can be seen in Newlyn Art Gallery
 as part of Newlyn Art Festival to perform some of Always New in pop up form, 
well worth seeing, their new style with improvising musician George Peers is entertaining and amusing, approximate timing 11am.

Shallal Studios Residency continues at Back Lane West, Redruth all month, more information on
do come and drop into Shallal Studio Artists days.....

I'm off there to day with all the Shallal Studio artists and friends, Jo Lumber enjoyed her time there yesterday a seed bed of ideas...

Some photos from Anna and Annis on 

Very excited about :

Moving Words celebratory Pop Up "Poetry Party" is hosted by Falmouth Art Gallery on Saturday 18th October 2 - 4 pm
Pop Up "Poetry Party"
A drop in event with spontaneous pop ups, celebrating Shallals' Moving Words Project. 
Interactive and Fun, featuring Words, Fools, Performers, Poems and Songs.
The Moving Words Project, explores written, spoken and signed language.
Hope you can join us!

We can share with you that lovely Steve Kelly, Colin Curbishley and Skye Mackay will be entertaining us along with others! 

More News!

Shallal 2 will be at Falmouth Art Gallery on 18th December event starts 5.30pm with refreshments,performance at 6pm - come and be entertained and do some late night shopping in Falmouth!

Our fundraising Annual Sponsored Dance Friday 21 November at St Peter's Hall, Newlyn 10am - 1pm, All Welcome
followed by our AGM 2pm - 4pm
(we are looking for new trustees, if you are interested please contact )

Shallal Dance Theatre: performances coming up at Penlee House Gallery and Museum later this term, really interesting visit last week, thank you to Zoe and Louise.