Thursday, 25 August 2011

more photos

Anna - Framed

Toby, Alan, Sam and Linda - Framed

Eddie and Colin - Framed

Anna, Linda, Marjorie and Zoe - Mothers and Daughters

as above

Toby in Intro
More Steve Tanner photos.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

getting ready at the Exchange

Whilst tidying away on my mac book came across these and wanted to share them!
Katie and others took some photos while we were setting up at the Exchange.




Katherine and Tim

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Photos by Iris at The Exchange Gallery, Penzance.



Linda and Kerry 

Giles, Katherine, Linda, Kerry, and Toby.


Katherine, Katie, Linda, Tina, and Kerry. 

Katie and Linda 

Zoe, Anna and Skye.

Many thanks to Iris for sending these photos.
 They are really good and I look forward to watching her career as she gets older.

They are also a real compliment to Ian for coming in with so little time and giving us such wonderful lighting.
 When we arrived at The Exchange they had on a great interactive print exhibition, so we had to wait till the gallery closed till we could set up, which left us very little time. Ian had never seen the show before just a dvd of our first performance, so a big thank you to him for all his generous help, and to his son who came to help.

Theatre and the arts can end up like a big family and so; Ian (lighting at the Exchange) is Sam's dad ( Sam has been in the  main company via Open House for many years), Iris is Tim ( a trustee ) and Ruth's daughter ( Ruth who played music with the main company ), Skye is  Anne (a trustee who sits patiently trying to write bids with me!) and Jem's daughter (Jem designed our website) and for anyone who doesn't know Anna is my youngest daughter.

 Tim, Ruth and Ian also through their work have organised and facilitated performances for / with us,
Tim with PYSO , Penzance Youth String Orchestra,  Ruth with Cornwall Music Therapy Trust, Music Changes Lives Conference, Ian at Penwith College as part of their Equality and Diversity week, so thank you to everyone for their continued support and talents.

I think this is also a testimony to the power of attraction which is how Shallal has always survived and thrived. Very little of this involvement is ever strategically planned, it grows from the work itself and is providential. eg. when Jem designed the website for us Anne and Skye weren't involved in Shallal.

zoe and colin snapshot

 Zoe and Colin backstage in front of a "Narnia" wardrobe 
Backstage at Launceston Town hall with Zoe and Colin for Access Theatre's community platform last night. It was a good event and we were glad to be there and see their new work - thank you to everyone involved.

And now for the holidays, but before that one last meeting and an application form that needs to be handwritten! which makes a change....

Friday, 19 August 2011


Quick last blogs before holidays
planning and thinking ...
 would love to learn some sign language anyone out there who would like to help us, be involved in incorporating it in to our work?

Found this while looking for old Pina clips on you tube; 

my children introduced me to this one..Ed Sheeran;

found this quote of Pina Bauch's,
"I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them."
Also saw clip where she said, "I love my dancers."
could wax on about authentic movement etc but.....

off to Launceston tonight with Zoe and Colin, looking forward to seeing everyone and everything.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

quotes and music

Tidying my desk, the bottom of which hasn't seen the light of day for a very long time! preparing for trying a new way of working and holidays.
 I came across favourite quotes from books that I read a lot at the beginning of dancing, I refound them a few years ago when making an artistic statement for Shallal.

Dance was always an experience for her, 
Not merely a performance,
 and never movement for it's own sake."
                               re Isadora Duncan in The Art of The Dance.

" In general it is the beauty of the individual style which catches me, the sheer unique quality of each personality."
                                  Natural Dance by Peter Slade

and then I am so excited to have found Rene Aubry's music again, many of my favouite music tracks are not on CD so I have to find time to research them again. One of the choreographers he wrote for was Pina Bausch. 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Access this Friday, link to Zoe's film and day change for main company

Last plug for this Friday's,
 Access Theatre's Community Platform event,
 for details please see last post, 
and below are a few lines i've written for their programme...

Zoe will be performing Chromatic II, from Shallal's latest show Chromatic which was performed at The Platform Centre, UCF, The Exchange Gallery, Penzance and Falmouth Art Gallery. Zoe is normally joined by 6 other dancers, but tonight we have just one Colin!
(To give them a challenge this is their first time with just the 2 of them with no rehearsal!)
Zoe is the most experienced dancer within Shallal having been with the company from it's beginning over 20 years ago and is a respected solo artist in her own right. Shallal works with structured improvisation and all the performers create their own work. The choice of music Blacknuss by Rahsaan Roland Kirk was contributed by a new dancer Carly and from a chance improvisation went on to become one of the most dramatic pieces in the show.

I could also add Zoe has been described as a "Renaissance" woman, dance is her main love and art form but she applies her creative ability to playing the clarinet, photography, poetry, film, and is a successful selling artist. Zoe has won awards for her film (which can be seen at produced with Barbara Santi and her photography, I can't do her justice but she is one of the few people i know who constantly lives her art and is in constant dialogue with it, she now balances all that with work with the NHS as a health champ.

So the diary continues to be full and tomorrow a meeting with Dot at The Works and a Diversity representative from the Arts Council.

Zoe and her mother Marjorie in Mothers and Daughters, so many beautiful photos to share will just keep adding them in.
and yes i should be doing something else... looking at 3 applications..... but, a public thanks to trustee Anne Mackay who is back able to give time to help complete them, so there is more hope there...

An early notification for main company members;
 that we will be changing our rehearsal day to Friday, this will help us in many ways but apologies for any inconvenience to personnal timetables and letter coming soon!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Access Theatre Community Platform.

Shallal are one of the guest artists at  
Access Theatre's Community Platform
 "Sky's the Limit"
 on Friday 19th August, 
7pm at Launceston Town Hall,
 tickets £6, 
A Feast of wine and cheese and an evening of delight!

As it's so far, (in Cornish terms - Zoe lives in Newlyn so west to east),
  and we traditionally close down in August, ( also Cornish so many tourists that travel is slow and it's traditional holiday time),
 Zoe and Colin are representing us with Blacknuss from our latest show. 
Zoe with Alan in the background

Colin with Kerry
these photos are from Blacknuss. Zoe was joined by 6 other dancers in the original so Colin will be representing them all ! 
I hope to go to and we're looking forward to being involved as we have plans to work more with Access in the future. Lauren their director has already worked with us on various projects, and we have hopes to get the two companies together to share skills in the future. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

more photos

These are some of my favourites. I will ask Anna to choose some others soon. I particulary like this one as it captures the fun of it all.
photos Steve Tanner

Thursday, 4 August 2011

2 photos

 Steve Tanner sent me a link to more photos last night so in my eagerness i've posted these, of Alan And Toby. However thay are low resolution and more high resolution images coming soon.

Mousehole chat and doorways

Yesterday Sally and  I managed to meet for chat, meet up - not meeting - we prefer "chat", preferably with tea and cake! and scribbles followed by emails, more chat and then a quick check in, but most important is multi tasking betweenvisitors, friends, children - pier jumping, dinner in the oven - on slow at Sally's etc. Anyway Luke 3 and a half  took the first 2 photos, which are better than mine. 

Sally and Kerry in Kerry's doorway
The idea was to talk around Mousehole, Dolly Pentreath, poetry, heritage etc and Kerry has helped with kind offers and contacts, so all moving along nicely now, and Sally and I are excited, which is the main thing really, from that all else can happen, enthusiasm can be like a springboard and keeps everything going...and gives impetus to resolve any problems, and enjoyment which is also so necessary in art and engagement- my favourite new word in application, I'm trying to write.

So I realise this blog is getting a very holiday feel.

There are some more photos for Mousehole research coming soon, but meanwhile have overstretched my antisocial work hours into family breakfast.
I was intrigued to ask someone who worked at home how he did it during holidays and he said antisocial work hours which i do, but also own space that i don't do..

Thanks to Kerry, and welcome to our blog. Kerry was in Shallal over 17 years ago as faciltiator and dancer, she is primarily a visual artist / painter and now teaches English in Italy, a wonderful, enthusiastic and engaging teacher.