Thursday, 25 June 2015

Holifield Today! Mazey day tomorrow!

today, so many fond memories of past workshops and performances and the chance to see old friends.

Colin's colourful Workshop 12pm and Shallal Dance Theatre Performance just after 1pm.

George is well enough to come. So some old, some new and some "Always New" improvisations in the performance mix.
First outing of Zoe's new Wardrobe Project costume -a dynamic firey creation.
Peter from Shallal 2 is coming!! at last, last year at The Performance Centre Peter was keen to join the main co.
Molly and Molly and Jonathan come for the first time. Anna still unwell.

We hope it stays dry and with Mazey Day tomorrow we can't camp overnight, though each year we say "next year we will!"

Mazey Day

You can find us in Morrab Gardens in the bandstand 
we hope to perform at times between 12pm -1pm.

This is a labour of love ( no funding ) and the chance to celebrate the area which nurtures us, and we are now marking our age against the fact that "we performed at the first (revived) Mazey Day" many years ago.
Marjorie hopes to come along so just like the old days!

Thank you to all the people who believed in and supported us then and those who do now!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Funky Llama snaps

The sun shone, the wind blew, the Llama lounge was a great place to hang out, we ate noodles and snow cones and watched Eddie in the Travelling Time Wasters, caught a little of Kyle's set, and saw old friend Philip Robinson performing with Get Changed Theatre company.
Some snaps from the day and better photos coming soon from Tim and Thank you to Lesley Ann and all the crew, it was a really nice vibe, everyone enjoyed it, and a good sing song on the way home! Thanks also to George for the message.

Colin, Tina, Joseph, Lauren, Zo, Skye, Jo, Annis, Anna, Jonathan, Katie and Toby.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

AHSW highly commended.....Funky Llama and Dance on the grass

I want to write  blog about Monday and some of the wonderful projects and the inspiring talk about the Foundling Hospital London, however time is not on my side so i hope to do it credit another good project is linked below......

here's the certificate

and now onto the busy weeks ahead starting with Lovely Funky Llama on Saturday!

We are popping up 4.50pm !

a reminder for Shallal 2

this is a draft flyer..

Sunday, 7 June 2015

This week AHSW today, rehearsals and Funky Llama on Saturday 4.50pm!

Off to Bristol early this morning and testing how 'office' train works.
 I am a 'looking ' out the window addict and dreamer so we shall see.

So AHSW Seminar and Prize giving today, and sadly Lesley Ann can't come so I am going it alone, too far to negotiate more of us and short notice.

Shallal 2 dress rehearsal at Gyllyngdune Gardens, Wednesday.

Rehearsal in a main co Friday.

Shallal Dance Theatre at Funky Llama Festival, Plymouth Hoe,  Saturday  4.50pm performance.
La Mer and others, La Mer has now looked out over St Ives harbour and Mounts Bay so Plymouth Sound here we come with sea shanties, abstract pop ups etc!

Hope to be able to introduce our nice new administrator later this week.

Lou is working hard on Porthmeor Studio Residency planning and I had a good meeting with Gary at the John Daniel Centre hoping that Sally Walters and 2 other artists might join us.
Other young, emerging, re-emerging and "I would love the time and space to reconnect to my art" artists coming into view.

Critical creative time now for both companies as we pull together work for performance and as always unexpected dynamics come into the balancing act, there has been a lot of illness and absence in both groups the last few months and now George's broken collar bone in main co, Anna bad back - getting better now - in Shallal 2, so all our recent research into new improvisation performance methods is necessary and will be tested. The wonderful thing the performers hold is their commitment, unique styles and integrity so I look forward to it all, my worry is always to be able to best frame their skills.
The style we work needs physical warm up obviously but also a mental concentrated alertness which is more elusive to have on demand especially in distracting exciting new places.
However as i reread this it is the joy of it all, that comes through from them, and that is tangible when we all meet and they perform.

Lesley Ann came yesterday to collect Shallal Studio paintings from the Studio Challenge and some from the past Small Picture Show to be hung in the marquee.

Now i am procrastinating and will go to pack!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Shallal 2 prepare for Dance on the Grass

Well back to some good work but half numbers for reasons from health to bereavement so we await next week and our dress rehearsal on the grass, weather permitting!
Meanwhile we have a running order and the music sounds good - i think - some interesting jazz and other new artists chosen mainly by Zoe and Jo.
The group enjoy large group work and some experimental music and there is a delightful "No Bus Stop Dancing" a quote and sign from Jo created last summer at workshop with Kneehigh at Heligan which i now need to fetch from Kneehigh's kitchen for the show.
Depending on the availability of performers - there has been a lot of times with some dancers absent - the 'show' may become a 'sharing and showing' of new work. We await to see how the dress rehearsal goes, they were so good before Christmas at Falmouth Art Gallery. But this term we have lost Skye  - her studies are exhausting on the day we meet - and Paul has moved onto Zumba for now. However we will be joined by Rosie and Maybel hopefully who are dedicated members but didn't make it last time. So a moveable feast!

Anna (with injured back) and Zoe (not so well) took some photos for us last night!

warm up - favourite music at present Arvo Part's Spiegel im spiegel

No bus stop dancing! 1



practising together in case others not available!

image from the final dance and Peter's cheeky look!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

News and summer performances

So we enter a new phase with all new trustees.

Many thanks as we have said before to the old ones and many thanks to our office manager Diana who moves on and we await to welcome our new admin support - more news very soon...

Thanks to our patron Robert Fripp:

Meanwhile I have had an 8 day amazing trip to Kenya thanks to my brother and his wife who I have mentioned before.

An amazing aggregation of elephants by a water hole.

Demelza is walking the pilgrims route Camino de Santiago, she sent an image of an old doorway. She is raising money for 2 really worthwhile interconnected charities.

 "A local charity "Bringing Freedom"  supporting a bigger more established and international charity
LOVE146 - against child exploitation and trafficking. Also young men and women. 
Link copied from the page is here below.
JustGiving sends your donation straight to Love146 and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.
Thank you for your support!
All the money raised is going to a safe house in Bournemouth opened by LOVE146 last year for the restoration of trafficked slaves."

And I have booked my tickets to go to
Arts & Health South West Prize 2015
and  PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

I plan to join the world of laptops on trains and tidy my files!! inspired by tent 'offices' in the bush at Tsavo National Park ( See photo Mark, Vicky and Et working) and my travels, on planes and trains i was the only person not on a device! i had books, sketchbooks and my daughters camera - a real holiday.

You can see:

Shallal Dance Theatre 

perform at Funky Llama Festival on Plymouth Hoe on Saturday 13th June

Holifield Camping Weekend at Holifield Farm 26th June short performance followed by Colin's colourful improvisation workshop between 12 and 2pm
We highly recommend it and love going!

We hope to drop in on Mazey Day, Penzance again this year, more information coming soon.

Shallal 2

perform "Dance on the grass" at Gyllyngdune Gardens Wednesday 24th June 6 - 6.30pm free

and at Playfest, Truro, Wednesday 5th August.

Last not least, best wishes to George our wonderful improvising musician who broke his collar bone recently, we await to hear how the repairs are going! but plan B is in 'operation' should he be out of action.. we hope to see him soon.....

interesting article!