Thursday, 25 June 2015

Holifield Today! Mazey day tomorrow!

today, so many fond memories of past workshops and performances and the chance to see old friends.

Colin's colourful Workshop 12pm and Shallal Dance Theatre Performance just after 1pm.

George is well enough to come. So some old, some new and some "Always New" improvisations in the performance mix.
First outing of Zoe's new Wardrobe Project costume -a dynamic firey creation.
Peter from Shallal 2 is coming!! at last, last year at The Performance Centre Peter was keen to join the main co.
Molly and Molly and Jonathan come for the first time. Anna still unwell.

We hope it stays dry and with Mazey Day tomorrow we can't camp overnight, though each year we say "next year we will!"

Mazey Day

You can find us in Morrab Gardens in the bandstand 
we hope to perform at times between 12pm -1pm.

This is a labour of love ( no funding ) and the chance to celebrate the area which nurtures us, and we are now marking our age against the fact that "we performed at the first (revived) Mazey Day" many years ago.
Marjorie hopes to come along so just like the old days!

Thank you to all the people who believed in and supported us then and those who do now!

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