Sunday, 7 June 2015

This week AHSW today, rehearsals and Funky Llama on Saturday 4.50pm!

Off to Bristol early this morning and testing how 'office' train works.
 I am a 'looking ' out the window addict and dreamer so we shall see.

So AHSW Seminar and Prize giving today, and sadly Lesley Ann can't come so I am going it alone, too far to negotiate more of us and short notice.

Shallal 2 dress rehearsal at Gyllyngdune Gardens, Wednesday.

Rehearsal in a main co Friday.

Shallal Dance Theatre at Funky Llama Festival, Plymouth Hoe,  Saturday  4.50pm performance.
La Mer and others, La Mer has now looked out over St Ives harbour and Mounts Bay so Plymouth Sound here we come with sea shanties, abstract pop ups etc!

Hope to be able to introduce our nice new administrator later this week.

Lou is working hard on Porthmeor Studio Residency planning and I had a good meeting with Gary at the John Daniel Centre hoping that Sally Walters and 2 other artists might join us.
Other young, emerging, re-emerging and "I would love the time and space to reconnect to my art" artists coming into view.

Critical creative time now for both companies as we pull together work for performance and as always unexpected dynamics come into the balancing act, there has been a lot of illness and absence in both groups the last few months and now George's broken collar bone in main co, Anna bad back - getting better now - in Shallal 2, so all our recent research into new improvisation performance methods is necessary and will be tested. The wonderful thing the performers hold is their commitment, unique styles and integrity so I look forward to it all, my worry is always to be able to best frame their skills.
The style we work needs physical warm up obviously but also a mental concentrated alertness which is more elusive to have on demand especially in distracting exciting new places.
However as i reread this it is the joy of it all, that comes through from them, and that is tangible when we all meet and they perform.

Lesley Ann came yesterday to collect Shallal Studio paintings from the Studio Challenge and some from the past Small Picture Show to be hung in the marquee.

Now i am procrastinating and will go to pack!

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