Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Hear My Voice....feedback and first photos

Thank you to our funders, we have thoroughly enjoyed researching, creating, performing and discussing this vital subject.

George's photos....."Yes, perfect...I’ll just use Annis’s head as a stable tripod!”  

Back in behind the scenes mode, Anna and Annis, kindly serving tea and recording the show - Thank you to them and everyone involved.
Great feedback and hopes and plans to share the work of Hear My Voice coming soon....
just in....
Friday 22 February
afternoon time tbc
at Hypatia Trust, Penzance.

As amazing and uplifting as ever. 
An extraordinary beautiful and clear exposition about horrific disadvantage a century ago.
Have we moved on?
Women have - a bit, but theres still so far to go.
And will anything change as long as men are the predominant possessors of power?
More of Shallal's inclusive generous beauty is one pathway to me hopes.
Nigel W

"To put that show on in just 3 weeks is amazing. You should take it on the road."
Ian Smith

It brought to life the struggles of the women in my family through the generations.
Debs mum
(Debs wrote about her great granny and granny who lived locally it was incredibly moving and i can't do it justice, i hope you see/hear it sometime.)

Watching the performance, I felt very grateful and emotional that those women did that. How my life could be so very different if they had not!

Thank you very much for the amazing performance of dance and poetry to celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote.
The performances were sincerely and movingly done and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The message came across loud and clear. Well done everyone!

Beautifully put together

Very moving and Exhilerating and Refreshing

Really enjoyed the connections Verbally- physically and emotional

I really enjoyed doing the dance, I think the performance was very inclusive. 

I think women should be able to vote for the country,
Zoe Wilton/dancer

It is an honour to remember and celebrate those brave women who have through their activities won the vote ( for a limited social demographic) in 1918. I do feel that we still have a very long way to go to achieve parity in society in the UK today. 

Its good to have the NHS. Its good we haven't got the workhouse. I think things are better now.
Katie /dancer

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Photos from George! Shallal 2 'Picture It'

Shallal 2 
Picture It 
Performance photographs by George Bradley Peer.
Big Thank you to the wonderfully supportive and open Falmouth Art Gallery, our performance home!
We are dreaming and scheming for our next project, be involved? come along to the sessions!

Anna and Maybelle have known each other through Shallal 2 for 5-6 years so dancing together comes easily!
Anna is off to university next September so it was good to see them perform together.
"Maybelle's fantastic I love dancing with her" -Anna

Maz & Mia's tree and owl duet
all but 3 of the dances were inspired by images from the exhibition and catalogue, as were all the poems/writing by Jo.
Cat Poem 

if you have reached the end...... you hear about Shallal 2's prize: 8 tickets for Miracle Theatres Christmas Show Aladdin at the Princess Pavillions. Jo and helpers won by making the longest paperchain!!!
Also Shallal 2's decorated Christmas tree is on view at Gyllyngdune Gardens in their Christmas Tree Festival.
News from todays show coming soon.
Three distinct and lovely shows before Christmas:
a commission - Picture It, 
an invitation Embodied Space 
and a project Hear My Voice, Celebrating the Suffrage Movement.

And if you have missed all of these, one last chance to see something this term, Lou Brett says she starts her Christmas with Friends and Dancings Sharing
this Wednesday 19th December 11.30am The Dance Studio, Dracaena Centre, Falmouth free....

and meet the groups do come along to:

Open House Penzance
Monday at the Acorn
check to see if it is on this week
phone Colin 07747543300

more info for these groups can be found on our website on homepage under Regular groups and GROUPS heading http://www.shallal.org.uk/

Shallal 2
this Wednesday

Shallal Dance Theatre
This Friday
AGM 10-12 followed by Christmas Party 1-3pm 21 Dec

Liskeard group
Thursday 10.30-12


I looked at this piece and realised we had Family, Marriage and Friendship in a row!
So i took the photo: Mother and Daughter, Husband and Wife and Friends.
More background includes: the eldest daughter and husband have also been involved in Shallal in dance and music,
Esme and David met at Friends and Dancing
and Miles and Jo love to work together they mutually support each other in creativity, movement, humour and now voice also Miles calm helps Jo's last minute nerves!

Another rehearsal snap 'hurray' for Sidney in blue shirt, who shouted out "CATS" and was an important part of this poem.
We are honoured to have known him all his life.
His mum at one end and sister at the other!