Saturday, 5 April 2014

Happy Easter

The main company last Friday wearing Colin's Tea dance selection of Easter bonnets and sporting feather dusters!Happy Easter to you all
love from Shallal

Friday, 4 April 2014

last week and snaps and ...
Deafinitley Theatre's exciting new hub.

Blog from last week i didn't post in time!

Last Friday afternoon Barbara came into main co to continue work on a Moving Words edit, lovely footage of young people signing their simple poems, BSL and Makaton are such beautiful languages.

Fantastic day, some people away, and Colin on exciting CPD painting course with Paul Wadsworth the first of 3 days.

I have so enjoyed working with Colin in Express Yourself the past 2 weeks and the exercises he has given us. He recently also ran an insightful introduction to Creative Listening for associate artists and facilitators in Shallal and this showed more of his many talents!

Back to yesterday, George came in around 11am with a new toy - i have no idea what it's called but it can give 200+ textures to the sounds created on it it looks like a small portable drum and amp...
well we had a wonderful time the calibre of the work from everyone was fantastic. I was far too involved to film but Annis and Anna were taking photos on our new camera..thank you so much to ....
Shallal 2 are much in need of photos and we are beginning to collect some. Rosie and Maybell joined us last week and we hope they will come again. We met Maybell at 2iis in May when her dancing - aged 2 or 3 - captivated everyone and her photo is on the blog from that time.

George's new toy gave a fantastic resonance for movement and the open improvisations had a narrative quality and strength with people showing the skills we have been developing recently. Although we are under funded at present we have had time to work on these open improvisation skills and it is now showing.
Looking forward to performing in the courtyard at Godolphin, I need to go and describe what our palette will be, and to The Performance Centre for Shared Vision with Shallal 2.

Jessie is moving on from facilitating for Shallal and we all thank her for all she has given to Doorways, and the main company, fund raising, Shallal 2 ( we will really miss her ) and Aiming High, and we hope to be able to invite her back as an associate artist soon, - just need to write the darn bids! I have one to finish that needs to go in soon / now!

On another note in the past 2 weeks i attended Meet the Funders, excellent event and Great Ideas, fantastic talk from Chris Innes, Surfers against Sewage and now working with A grain of sand . All really helpful short relevant presentations.

Some snaps from last week: 
the improvisations were so strong i didn't think to photograph till near the end as i was so absorbed. This week also very strong work so Colin and Tina were able to see the potential and we may try to find another drum for Glen and co to use!
double the sound! so exciting
Dylan also visited and joined in beautifully.

( A damp grey spring dawn shot through with the strong colours of spring flowers from my window, seagulls calling, I love the dawn rather like i have loved walking into some empty dance studios before work, a waiting space full of potential, a new day!)

on with the snaps...
Glen, Zo and Kerry.
Glen is unsure of dancing but has as they say transferable skills as a musician he interprets really well, has a huge range and is now producing wonderful art, photo in next blog!

Joseph  and Skye 

Katie and Star

Skye caught in a creation
 The teenagers in the room have their own vibe going on!

Jewel in another nostalgic creation

with teenagers comes attitude!


and fidgeting they practice Freefall routines every spare minute and don't keep still!
They also kindly take lots of the photos with our lovely new camera!

It's lovely to have Annis with us I think this is probably her 8th week