Thursday, 19 March 2015

Snaps from the conference

Star, Trevor, Joseph, Colin, Kerry, George, Katie, and Zoe.

note barefoot, can't think or work with shoes on! and no powerpoint, but hey at least it didn't crash and we only had 3-5 mins chat to fill not 30!

Stay up late campaign
George, Joseph and Colin in the corridor

I want to more write more but also want to get the pics up before main co tomorrow, so it might have to wait.
It was great to see so many articulate and interesting artists, established, breaking ground, gaining recognition, supported and appreciated.
Thank you to everyone we listened to and to the workshops we went to, and well done Lesley- Anne and the commitee commited to "non fluffy" work as one of them said in their introduction.

Plymouth Music Zone
Dean BOOM BOOM BOOM from Heart and Soul - really good music
Diverse City
Stay up late
Blue Camel Club and Creative Minds

sadly we had to leave before seeing Wheelfever presentation and Kyle Coleman sing.

some comments:

"I really enjoyed the performance, it was lovely to see everyone being so generous with their movements and ideas"

" Lovely presentation, really nice to see a cohesive group improvisation" 

"Thank you for illuminating our practise with your clarity and generous illustration of your scores and examples of dances - you are all so gorgeous!!"

"Beautiful and generous"

We plan to progress new relationships and mutual support and learning through our residency in July, many hope to visit,  and by email to those far away.

Research and Development again tomorrow, finishing oil paintings for exhibition in April and 3 birthdays this week so there might be some cake!

And lastly thank you and well done to all the performers!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Differently Abled - Driving Change Conference,Theatre Royal Plymouth

We are looking forward to today
just printed off my map to find the exciting looking new build where we will be,
anywhere near an estuary is good!

We have been working our improvisations with the whole group for a lot of the time so it was good near the end on Friday to just select the few who are going and see what they do and yes it works so we shall see what our audience today make of it.

The trusty crew who are travelling 2 hrs each way for a 10 mins performance max are , Zoe, Colin, Joseph, Katie, Star, Trevor and Kerry with George - musician and myself talking and driving!

We are looking forward to meeting old friends, making new ones and having an interesting day
as with many of us in Cornwall - we are crossing the Tamar! foriegn parts!!!

I hope to take the ipad so might get at least one group photo.
And thank you to Lesley-Ann for inviting us!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Clare Milne Trust, Differently Abled Conference, new trustee Alexandra Zierle and residency updates!

A big thank you to The Clare Milne Trust for funding our new exciting Always New research, this is a springboard to the work which we will build upon and expand in our AMATA residency. We are thrilled to have their support to start work and to investigate pop ups and all that is behind them.
You can see us at Differently Abled conference Plymouth 17 March and we plan to be at Falmouth Art Gallery towards the end of March with snippets of work.

As things develop I had a meeting with musician/artist Jamie Mills, Oli Raymond Barker and George Bradley Peer this week to look at further developments. The conversation went into photography and so i was lost but also excited! so much we can do with cross art forms informing each other....and musical boxes! i love watching and learning from peoples creative mind sets and outlooks and approaches. I will learn a lot i think and some of the dancers will have a great opportunity or much more, we shall see where it all leads us!

Friday afternoon Alexandra Zierle popped into the main company Art and Production time. We are very pleased to announce that before she left she had been voted in as Shallal's new trustee.
Alexandra and her partner Paul both worked voluntarily within Shallal approximately 10 years ago before going off to international travels. While they were with us they helped Terri edit a beautiful 4 min doc about the main company. We are so pleased and excited to have her " on board".

Zierle & Carter - Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter

Live Artists & Visiting Lecturers

In Between Time Associate Artists

“Their creation of an emotionally intense, site-specific ambush, that ebbed, flowed and ricocheted throughout the museum for the better part of three hours, renewed my faith in the ability of people to sincerely and honestly affect how others view the world and operate within it. They performed with a profound endurance, intelligence, and grace that felt motivated by an inherent generosity in their approach to human interaction. I believe everyone there felt connected; we were breathing in the scenarios they devised, watching, as if experiencing the world, together, for the first time”, Warren Fry, audience member

While chatting with her i was so pleased to share the news of our Porthmeor Studios Residency - many thanks to our other new trustee Henrietta Boex for enabling this. Henrietta is Director of Falmouth Art Gallery.  It will be July, August and September! - we are all indulging our best beach fantasies, the turquoise sea in front, the Tate nearby and the island to the right and town behind you! 
The steering group meet on the 9th and we will start to plan and timetable - anyone interested in being involved please contact me via 

More of this as it develops,  we face 4 months of wonderful residencies: Porthmeor Studio July - September and Back Lane West in October and Shallal Dance Theatre have 5 days at The Performance Centre with an AMATA residency 20 - 24 July.

Anna and Annis 
are about to start working with Falmouth Art Gallery towards  Silver Arts Awards, this will help them both develop their arts experience and portfolios.