Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Differently Abled - Driving Change Conference,Theatre Royal Plymouth

We are looking forward to today
just printed off my map to find the exciting looking new build where we will be,
anywhere near an estuary is good!

We have been working our improvisations with the whole group for a lot of the time so it was good near the end on Friday to just select the few who are going and see what they do and yes it works so we shall see what our audience today make of it.

The trusty crew who are travelling 2 hrs each way for a 10 mins performance max are , Zoe, Colin, Joseph, Katie, Star, Trevor and Kerry with George - musician and myself talking and driving!

We are looking forward to meeting old friends, making new ones and having an interesting day
as with many of us in Cornwall - we are crossing the Tamar! foriegn parts!!!

I hope to take the ipad so might get at least one group photo.
And thank you to Lesley-Ann for inviting us!

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