Saturday, 28 May 2011

Benefit Saturday 4th June

Dear friends, 
Cahooty are good fun and we are really grateful for this.... it should be a good night out, we hope you can come and please tell your friends,
(we are ever in need of funds to survive)

Shallal benefit gig by local band
‘Country ‘n Bluegrass meets Cajun ‘n Blues’
‘music to move heart and feet!’
The Acorn
Parade Street, Penzance
Saturday 4 June – doors open at 7pm
Tickets £5 on the door
Bar Open 7pm until 11pm

For further details ring Colin on 07747 543300

Tony and Jacqui who are in Cahooty are Eddie's parents. Jacqui was with the main co for Shallal with Strings, and has written, recorded and sung a piece of music for us, which we are using in the new show Chromatic. Tony helped us by combining the printed images from a workshop with Falmouth Art gallery for 2 screens now used in Chromatic. Many thanks to them both.
Tony has Open studio soon;
 Tony Minnion Open Studio
        11.00 - 4.00 28th-30th May 2nd-4th June
Studio W01a Science Block Krowji West Park Redruth TR15 3AJ
t: 01209 313136 m: 07854650034 w:

in rehearsal, Jacqui. Anna. Victoria and Sophie


Last year we celebrated Marjorie's 80th birthday, I had planned to write a press release ( it sadly remained half finished - due to lack of time and writing skills! )
So I want to take the opportunity to thank Marjorie, she and Zoe have been at the backbone of Shallal since it started, supporting everything we do. Their constancy and creativity have fed us all, and I am very grateful and honoured to work with them.
Zoe and Marjorie with flowers and cake
It would be good to do a short history of what Marjorie has done through her life, for Zoe, for Mencap and others, but that needs more time and maybe we can write it in the future. 

Instead I'd like to share a poem Marjorie wrote for the show On the Line.

Memory Line
A washing line most people think
Is to hang out your clothes to dry
But mine is special, I peg on mine
My special thoughts, my hopes, my fears
A dried red rose from my wedding bouquet
My first mothers day card, specially made
A valentines card, some photographs from long ago,
when I was young and slim
Such memories they bring to me
My dreams, my hopes, my prayers
These are the things that you will find upon my washing line.
by Marjorie Wilton

Marjorie with Tim in MASK

Marjorie and Zoe in Mind the Gap

Sunday, 22 May 2011

thrift, space and voices to be heard! - and Zoe's Peter poem

I spent the early hours one morning talking to our son John (14) about his drama gcse, all about analysis;
about use of the space, abstraction, symbolism, and then showed him
and found this on blog;
Thrift is poetic because it is creative; waste is unpoetic because it is waste… It is prosaic to throw a thing away; it is negative; it is a confession of indifference, that is, a confession of failure.’ G. K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the World
I really liked this quote when i came upon it on this website, from being a hoarder, and recycler- thinking, something may always come in useful  to others, if not to our family,and i’ve rarely been able to afford to replace or buy new.)
This quote can be taken on so many levels, but the one that spoke to me was how we waste people and their input. 
We rarely listen to the voices of outsiders / vulnerable people who can have a poetry and a gift to share, to let you see things differently / richer, which is what art can do for us - if we let it - and don’t; over emphasize, over state, over control,
instead; give freedom to interpretation and expression, allow everyone to contribute their voice, and make their own choices in sympathy with the whole /group.
 In sympathy therefore not selfishly...egocentrically, but as a real collaboration with appropriate responsibility, mutuality and joyful support of each other.
painting for Shallal with Strings by Zoe 2010

It requires effort, a discipline and a will, but the results are generous, which is what art should be. ( People usually feel generousity and respond to it.)
Peter read this again the other day, it lives on our dining room shelf , a present from Zoe for his 60th birthday last year.
Peter poem
Landmark is green
How neigh is near
A path full of jewel
Where beyond it only 
a long river beside with 
all our best opening
full of “joy” and long 
as we walk’ed
to see the boats standing 
 Zoe Wilton
photo by Zoe, view of Mounts Bay from her home.

Eddie's artwork

Just received this and wanted to share it with you, - if you know the company you can search to see each person.

by Eddie

I was wondering the other day if we should have said Shallal arts in the title, but so want to spread the inclusive ethos and raise the glass ceilings experienced by vulnerable people, in many artistic mediums. 

So.... have been delighted to receive ideas from Deana ( a visual artist, who worked very successfully with us on Chromatic for her college placement and has now joined the main company ) towards our hopes for exhibitions and more, and to see Eddie's work. It is all his own idea and inspiration from the work of photographer Ian Stern, whose work we met in researching ideas for Chromatic with Falmouth Art Gallery.

Eddie has his own blog with film and art work;

Eddie can also be seen on APEX;, 
well worth a look!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Holi-day, Benefit and Variety Show

more information to share on some of our up and coming shows and Benefit.

 Hope to see you there!

( Linda and Alan at Falmouth Art Gallery).

HOLI_DAY 2011!
Wednesday 1st June

Holi-day is a 2 day event (including Thursday 2nd June) and camp over for people with special needs, their carers and families. It has run for 2 years.
This year there are lots of activities going on at Holi-day, the event is only £5: you can stay all day or just drop in. There is a full timetable see website for details:
2.00pm  : Shallal Dance and Theatre Company workshop
4.00pm  : Shallal dance performance

Eddie and Company at Falmouth Art Gallery
In Cahoots with Shallal
Local band Cahooty perform at the Acorn Penzance at 7.30pm on Saturday June 4th in a benefit gig for one of Penwith’s most inspiring charities, Shallal Dance Theatre.  
Formed over 6 years ago, Cahooty was the result of two duos coming together and playing "in cahoots"! With Stu and Chris bringing a distinctive Blues and Cajun feel to Jacqui and Tony's Bluegrass and Country sound, an acoustic soup emerged with its own unique flavour, described as ‘music to move heart and feet!’.  Cahooty's set list includes old time standards, original songs and re-interpretations of classics from the 50's & 60's as well some unlikely acoustic versions of more contemporary hits all presented with a lively dose of energy and enthusiasm.
Shallal Dance Theatre is an inclusive community charity that makes dance, theatre, and related arts accessible to a wide range of people in Cornwall. Facilitated by experienced and committed professional artists, these sessions are open to anyone in the community regardless of gender, race, age or physical, mental and emotional status, who would like to learn new skills and gain confidence in dance theatre and music in a physically accessible, socially inclusive environment.

Tickets costing £5 are available on the door from 7pm, with a bar serving from 7pm until 11pm.  For further details ring Colin on 07747 543300.

Kerry and Eddie

Truro College Variety Night

7.30pm - 10.00pm -  Mylor Building Theatre  - Tickets £7.50 available from Truro Gateway Club T 01872 553 404 or Robert Owen Communities (ROC) T 01803 868 550.  Proceeds to Dreamflight and Shallal Dance Theatre Company.  (Not open to the general public)

(photo credits Colin Ross)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

UCF contd

Giles and Carly
Back again with the last of these photos. 

Kuldip had watched us perform twice, so the workshops built on areas we needed input into, it gave us ways to look at travelling and connecting.

We enjoyed the luxury of workshops of a high standard that were funded and near home.
It was a good way to end the term.


photos by Charlie Hey/UCF

University College Falmouth training days

I was wondering what to write about next, there is so much going on, 
and the answer has come in some photos from our 2 training days in early April with Kuldip and Jane, courtesy of University College, Falmouth, towards our performance Platform event on the 8th July. Many thanks to Lesley Ann for arranging it all. 
We had the joy of working in two large and luxurious dance studios in the new Performance Centre and invited Giles and Debs (from Friends and Dancing) to join us as well.
There were more of us over the two days but this is what was left at the end!   
back row left to right, Sam, Katie, Alan, Jane, Kuldip, Jo, Tina, Carly, Colin, Toby
bottom row Lesley-Anne, Giles and Kerry.
 Alan, Giles and Kerry.

 Toby and Sam

photo credits Charlie Hey;
more on next blog as can't put more photos on this one?
still learning!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chromatic continued

Well already this is an interesting learning curve.....!

Welcome to our new Shallal blog.
We hope it will be easier to share images with you this way.

Starting with Chromatic, which had a successful outing at Falmouth Art Gallery.

Lovely write up from Harry who helped out.

"Shallal's historical presence in Cornwall as an inclusive dance theatre collective shows remarkable commitment, perseverance and vision.
I had the pleasure of being welcomed into the company as stagehand during Shallal's installation of Chromatic at the Falmouth Art galley.
This truly is inclusion that knows no boundaries, where everyone enjoys participating!
Throughout the Performance of Chromatic I was moved by the excitement, presence, power and sensitivity of the performers, Shallal are truly a force to be reckoned with!
Quiet reflective moments, comedy duo's and innovative contemporary jazzy ensemble work show Shallal in all their contrasting forms at their Greatest.
I was really taken on a journey into the shared experience of being human and an out of this world experience of virtuosity and power of the collective."
Harry Theaker
Vincent Dance Co.

Some great photos from Colin Ross.

Friends and Dancing joined us on Wednesday along with musician Jamie Mills.
Final photo with Shallal main company and Friends and Dancing.
Many thanks to Falmouth Art Gallery and Feast.

Chromatic can be seen on;

    Thursday 23rd June, Golowan week; 
Chromatic at The Exchange Gallery, Penzance as guests of Tim Boulton in aid of Cornwall Music Therapy Trust.

 Friday 8th July; Chromatic at the Performance Centre, University College, Falmouth.
Other outreach performances 
Wednesday 1st June, Holi-day at Holifield farm, Gweek,  workshop 2pm, short performance 4pm.
Monday 20th June, launch of First buses as Safe places at County Hall, Truro, short performance at lunchtime.
Wednesday 22nd June, as part of Gateway Show, at Truro Theatre, Truro College, evening.

(Thank you for your patience, hopefully all will improve with practise!)