Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chromatic continued

Well already this is an interesting learning curve.....!

Welcome to our new Shallal blog.
We hope it will be easier to share images with you this way.

Starting with Chromatic, which had a successful outing at Falmouth Art Gallery.

Lovely write up from Harry who helped out.

"Shallal's historical presence in Cornwall as an inclusive dance theatre collective shows remarkable commitment, perseverance and vision.
I had the pleasure of being welcomed into the company as stagehand during Shallal's installation of Chromatic at the Falmouth Art galley.
This truly is inclusion that knows no boundaries, where everyone enjoys participating!
Throughout the Performance of Chromatic I was moved by the excitement, presence, power and sensitivity of the performers, Shallal are truly a force to be reckoned with!
Quiet reflective moments, comedy duo's and innovative contemporary jazzy ensemble work show Shallal in all their contrasting forms at their Greatest.
I was really taken on a journey into the shared experience of being human and an out of this world experience of virtuosity and power of the collective."
Harry Theaker
Vincent Dance Co.

Some great photos from Colin Ross.

Friends and Dancing joined us on Wednesday along with musician Jamie Mills.
Final photo with Shallal main company and Friends and Dancing.
Many thanks to Falmouth Art Gallery and Feast.

Chromatic can be seen on;

    Thursday 23rd June, Golowan week; 
Chromatic at The Exchange Gallery, Penzance as guests of Tim Boulton in aid of Cornwall Music Therapy Trust.

 Friday 8th July; Chromatic at the Performance Centre, University College, Falmouth.
Other outreach performances 
Wednesday 1st June, Holi-day at Holifield farm, Gweek,  workshop 2pm, short performance 4pm.
Monday 20th June, launch of First buses as Safe places at County Hall, Truro, short performance at lunchtime.
Wednesday 22nd June, as part of Gateway Show, at Truro Theatre, Truro College, evening.

(Thank you for your patience, hopefully all will improve with practise!)

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  1. Joe

    Looking good, keep it going. Great input from Harry. Terry