Tuesday, 16 January 2018

AMATA show audience responses

Steve Tanner photo from HFC...Toby, Pep, Colin and Anna behind boat.....i do feel privileged to work with these crazy peeps!
So here we are after a successful show - Many thanks to all behind the scenes:
James and Nick (and team) at AMATA for support: parking, ( a big thing with so many of us coming from all directions) organisational and technical and just making our whole visit smooth and easy. Victoria, Bea, Anna, Annis and Nigel and all the company and Mike for emergency delivery!

At the end of each show we ask our audience to fill out evaluation forms for us and our funders.
I received a lot of positive feedback from the audience straight after and people wanting to join!
Lovely to have Dot with us who spearheaded our first ACE application for this project and hadn't seen the fruits of her labours...
Fantastic to have Tamsin there from Heritage Lottery!

It's the flu time of year, so Victoria has taken a well needed late break and i'm laid up at home but enjoying rereading responses and digesting the show.

1. Did you enjoy the event?
Yes a lot = 34    Yes a little = 1

2. Why?
Lots of talent and enthusiasm. A range of emotions
An innovative way of communicating a story
Creative, original, emotional, inclusive, beautiful
So many reasons, difficult to write
Made me smile, warmed my heart. Gave me Joy.
Sheer Joy!
The music and dancing was attractive
Moving, Fun, great entertainment Brilliant
energetic, vibrant and filled with passion and drive
To see such life affirming expression from such an evidently committed group was joyful
Such diversity & and a joy to watch everyone enjoying performing
It touched my heart
Not something I usually see in Cornwall - very refreshing.
Because it is all so sincere and your hard work shines through
inclusive and magical
it was very entertaining
Moving, funny, beautiful, wonderful!
The soundtrack was brilliant, the story was interesting and the sense of humour was good.
It was a fantastic performance
surprising, varied, graceful, risky
the enthusiasm of the performers
it was a modern take on an historical event and was hugely entertaining
Good historical stuff
very moving
Excellent dance movement
Very dynamic and enjoyed the flexibility
It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me want to dance!
Entertaining, good music & encouraging cast members less fortunate to take part
So much talent and enthusiasm
It was agood balance between verbal and non verbal ways. I liked the poetry side a lot. Although i couldn't capture the whole piece cuz of English not my mother tongue. I'd like also to see more of freestyle movement. red & pink (poem) is top

3. Have been to a Shallal event 
Often = 9,     Rarely = 6,    Never = 15     with Twice = 2 and Yes = 1

4......Did it highlight any heritage themes?
Yes a lot = 22,     Yes a little = 6,      Not sure  = 1

5. ........Did it increase your understanding of inclusive arts?
Yes a lot  = 28,       Yes a little = 3,       Not sure = 1

6. .......would you come to a Shallal event again?
Yes a lot = 30,         Yes a little = 3

Any other comments....
Amazing! Thank you!
Inspirational - Anything possible
Perhaps the poetry written performances could be published - may raise funds
Well done to all!!
Thank you - very much enjoyed the performances
The disabled actors performed brilliantly
We would see again
Just a lovely event, Well done Heritage Lottery for supporting this.
Exceptional performances by everyone
It makes me want to dance again
Keep going it's a joy
Keep up the good work
You should get writing published
a tremendous beautiful bit of theatre which brought a tear to our eyes and a smile on our lips
the story telling and the music are both beautiful and enchanting
Nice to see these young people included and happy
Well structured
Moved through all the emotions form laughter to tears. Astounding
Wonderful! Authentic! Moving! Delight to witness! v. talented!
I loved the show, thank you so much!
looking forward to seeing you all again
Thank you very much! I enjoyed the warmth of the circle, it feels a lot and I to me it is the most beautiful thing about Shallal.

"Thank you so much for the Shallal show on Friday night.
The standard of the work was so high and I was immediately lost in the creative world of the dancers.
Its a great achievement with such a big and varied cast.
I love the Passmore Edwards story, and find it very moving; the elevation of people regardless of who they are - its so timely now, with the library funding cuts, but also more broadly in this culture of money and power.  And the Godolphin work is so steeped in atmosphere and history. It speaks volumes for the time spent on research and for the collaborative devising process, to create something so abstract and poetic and yet accessible to an audience."

Thursday, 11 January 2018

48 hours of busyness and fun!

An intense 48 hours about to start! Get in at AMATA is 9.30am get out about 10pm!
Tomorrow sees our exhibition at Helston Museum Gallery a chance to see and enjoy close up a selection of the art work created through the project, as well as Shallal Sketchbooks there are now over 90 of them!
And the joy of listening: searching for music we invited George ( Shallal Dance Theatre's resident musician) who we know so well and Frazer ( his wife and 2 daughters attend Shallal 2) who we hope to work more with, to improvise together.
It should be a delightful event and a nice wind down after the busyness and adrenalin of a big show.

As usual, last minute changes with Brian and Kerry ( performers) and Linda ( back stage) unable to come...however people step in and support each other.....

In the background bids being written and book being edited and a useful conversation with Kirsty Cotton from HFC.

And i recently read an interview with Wolfgang, who i shadowed over 30 years ago! http://www.inclueded.net/writing/stange.html which helps put everything into perspective! AMICI have an Open Workshop soon...www.lyric.co.uk

Last thing.
I was unwell yesterday and while resting received a lovely phone call from 'Possum' Mary Anne Green, who many years ago came and painted at Shallal for some months, creating wonderful paintings. She has a film of working with dancer Caroline Schanche who also performed, made costume and film in Shallal many years ago.....