Monday, 30 June 2014

thank you from audience

Dear Shallal Folk
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance in Morrab Gardens as part of Golowan.

It was delightful. As we were by the fountain there was the sound of a horn in the distance, then a horn on the lawn and then there you all were..... appearing as if by magic, all bright and exotic. Then you continued to dance along the path in front of us, beautifully spaced out, really well placed.  We were treated to an absolute delight of music and dance. I felt there was a lot of connectedness, the group seemed to be very together and supportive of each other. It was funny and inspiring. I love that there is such a mixed ability and diversity of performers. The wonderful interlude of Shallal made me continue my day with a warmth in my heart and a skip in my step.
Big thank you to all involved.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mazey Day, Golowan, Penzance

On the drive in we heard on the radio that it was 24 years since the first "new", revived Mazey day celebration and I am pretty sure we were there at the first one with newly formed Shallal performing outside St John's Hall before one of the main dances, I remember singing with Zoe and Tim dancing.
Well Zoe and I are still here! and last night  I heard from Tim - who moved to Sussex to tell me he was having fun at a new Zumba class. We owe a lot of our ethos to Tim and our original administrator Diana Morris, and Zoe and I were still singing and dancing yesterday to Shortenin' Bread. Zoe, Marjorie and I are the last of the original group.
 Yesterday saw performers old and new and co-opted friends - Thank you to Tony and to Harry who helped carry the sedan chair, as Toby has been told not to lift anything heavier than a tea cup while his back mends! Charlie joined us for the first time and Lauren is back with us. Trevor 73 came and we had a grand time. Processing from St John's Hall, stopping to meet George in Morrab Gardens and dance to his music some songs and La Mer. On the grass watching were familiar faces, Becky Applebee who joined us for approx 6 months many years ago and then went off to work with Kneehigh etc, Elaine and Ashan who have both been in Shallal, and other familiar faces, and so performing in Penzance is special for Shallal, our home with friends old and new. It was Glen's first performance with us, and possibly Zo's, my memory which I am following is getting worse with nearer information (and with grey hair and second child about to turn 18, I'm noticing I'm visually in the older age bracket, altho i don't really notice things like that much! but life is showing me whether i want it to or not-- I'll stop and not go into my mid life crisis here!).

SO thank you to all and I hope we will do it again, annually or biannually.
In the past we have busked in various parts of town, performed in car parks on Mazey day and had major shows in Golowan week, and it felt good to be there and give the work from remapping St Ives another airing.

We will be at Holifield Camping Weekend, Holifield Farm, Gweek which starts this Friday, 4th July performance Friday 1.30pm ( 20 mins) and workshop 2.30pm.

dress rehearsal Friday

La Mer on the prom!
Lydia, Zoe, Toby, Zo, Anna, Aaron, Demelza, Glen, Katie

Thank you to George for this photo and some verbal feedback:
"......said he was "truly humbled" watching us perform. He saw and commented on the effort and commitment that was required for this to happen.
He spoke of the kindness and happiness he saw amongst us.
He thanked me (us) for all of this "

and another piece of email feedback:

"I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Shallal's performances today.
It was wonderful, magical and as usual brought me to tears.
Congratulations to everyone - you are amazing."

Coming soon all our dates this summer.
 For now, thank you to everyone who helped make it happen, and it was fun to be back on the streets again (which remapping st ives project inspired us to do) good to give the colour costume and pop ups from that another airing with George's input as well.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Paper Cinema and Loop to Loop

We had a fantastic time at Paper Cinema workshops at St Ives Library, thanks to Jo Mayes and Loop to Loop. I managed to write a short something on our Studio blog, as it's been busy I am only now getting the images up onto this blog so:.....
 Tiia sitting interviewing Star and Kerry to finalise her project exploring Access at Tremough Campus. Glen and Katherine are also involved and they will start next term.

        Jack from Feast and Jo Mayes, bottom corner Glen and Katherine discussing music.
                          Thumbs up from Katie and new member Charlie joined us.
                Loved the immediacy of the technique and how you can play with scale.
  Many thanks to Jo Mayes, Paper Cinema and St Ives Library for these exciting workshops.

photos from a week

nearly finished ....Joseph's painting
(i set myself the task of photographing the stages of Joseph and Colin's work)

EXPRESS YOURSELF group art work "Island" created in Colin's session

MOVING WORDS third session in the main co with Emily bringing her poem and the co interpreting it,
they were waiting for Barbara who was finishing filming with new member  Charlie working on Arron's poem.