Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Barbara's show reel and film clips

 Some interesting film clips:

 spot yourself or those you know? interspersed through this showreel of Barbara's

recent highlights from you tube!

I'm a bit late coming to appreciate DV8... and the amazing performances of David Toole who died recently.

2 of my new favourite dances! love the filming, simple in shot of first dance...

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Zoom events , Back Lane West , Great Imagining Symposium & talks!

 So much going on i haven't had time to write more here!

Yesterday saw 12 people 'Having Fun with Words' from Italy and Spain to just 'down the lane'

with Jo Lumber and Debbie O'Nyons

more to come...

many thanks to Reaching Communities Emergency Fund

we are excited to join in with Sapphire, 'Sharing Amici'.
One of life's wonderful circles as Sapphire works with Amici and Wolfgang Stange, who inspired and supported me when i dropped out from a degree to dance more in his sessions over 30 years ago and the rest is history!
All of Shallal is from his initial inspiration and of all the supportive and talented artists i have met along the way...now Shallal expands and takes on more and more of others vision, enthusiasm and experience.

Friday we have our annual Visioning Event, (in these times it will be on Zoom) for everyone related to Shallal, come and add your voice and inspiration to how we develop. 2-4pm 
We will be joined by Manda Brookman, introducing Doughnut Economics and positive ways forward so the planet is considered with the people. A trustee said to me it is already inherent in Shallal and i agree most of us are in harmony with the concept so we aim to listen, learn, consider and improve, refine and challenge ourselves.

Going deeper on from the Visioning and in a spirit of collaboration and wider Sharing we are really pleased to host:

who would have known sitting in an Economics module along with Sociology and Politics in the first year of a degree would have provided helpful tools and come to the fore again in this ...( an eldest daughter graduating from an Environmental Science degree also helps)

We need everyone onboard and all the tools we can to get through the coming challenges...
Highly recommend Manda Brookman of Cafe Disruptif and am really grateful for her time and energy. 

I recently was asked to be on a panel:

Action Research Symposium 1.0 | The Human Ecosystem - How do we relate to ourselves?

find my talk from 44.00 for 6 minutes, it's a bit all over the place as was trying to pick up threads from the other speakers contributions...
The Great Imagining are seeking to get in touch with people who might like to contribute to their vision and action
 The Great Imagining 
Empowering schools to be at the heart of transformation
towards a Greener, Fairer, Kinder world


Finally ART
and we would have been in Back Lane West Studio from 11 Nov -9 Dec
However lots online and remote working and ideas, conversations, explorations:
...currently waiting to send out roles of tracing paper and pens to make large drawings/mark making at home to 10 artists/dancers.
And i am grateful to my children who support ( and tolerate me), Anna is back dropping into Shallal 2 and supports Michael making many of our posters. A highlight and focus of our first family lockdown was listening to Michaels' ideas around colour as he researched his dissertation and he shares some of what he discovered in this talk. 

It builds nicely on from our R&D work with light artist Peter Freeman last year.  
It was so good to see instagram posts of his lights at Jubilee Pool in a collaboration with Lou Brett - Awen

Shallal Sketchbooks has commisioned work and continues to thrive thanks to Claire and Nikki Kelly ( trustee) and all the supportive team especially Lou, Lisa and Colin.
Picture Post was very popular and they have printed a Zine. I was looking forward to buying one at  Christmas Open Studios, Krowji - but that is cancelled due to lockdown.
The Community groups go well and are a tribute to the creativity of everyone involved and are rolled out in a person centred, group dynamic way each group has it's own personality.

Finally our poetry book has a final visit back to the printers and hopefully will be with us soon.