Monday, 27 February 2017

Doorways inspired drawings

We are really enjoying looking at parts of the legacy of Passmore Edwards, the more we read about him the more impressive he is.
So in the afternoons now we are drawing some of his buildings etc....

our hero!

in the best Shallal tradition if you have something else you are inspired to do, do it, Joseph's cow - background not yet complete!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

images of Trevor

Work is full of lovely images and moments and this week we captured some of dear Trevor, not having a very good day, but still entering into the fun of it all!

We don't like any labels in Shallal but as we might enter a film competition about 'older'?! dancers, inspired by Trevor, so we may say 3 of the people rolling around on the floor are over 50!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Optional day! Transitions with Steve Tanner and Anna Murphy and a visit to Rose Hilton exhibition

When we were offered a trip to Steve Tanner in residence with Transitions at Newlyn Gallery we couldn't resist it, Steve has given Shallal so much support and Newlyn is on our doorstep, so we offered everyone an optional day!
Anna Murphy and Steve Tanner bottorm right!
We had a grand time and i haven't laughed so much for ages, every time i turned around from watching the photo shoot another comical and or outrageous outfit met my eyes, as well as 'bring your own', Kneehigh and Miracle Theatre co's had lent outfits and people had left some for handing on!
The wonderful, incorrigible ( a word used a lot recently in our home as we have a 9 week old puppy!), mischievous lot that are Shallal were dressing each other up in outfits and encouraging each other and a fun time was had by all.
I took some snaps, only some came out, but you can get a taste of it on our FB page
and in the above photo taken at the end, when we had chatted about clothing and lovely Anna Marie Murphy was there to capture thoughts and images of the morning in words.

The afternoon was spent in another outing, I am a long time fan of Rose Hilton's art INTCMP=SRCH
and so we all went along to the opening exhibition of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens new art gallery
Jonathan and Colin sharing the blue tones of Rose's painting

Saturday, 11 February 2017

news and

Thanks to Wolfgang.
If you watch this short interview you will see Wolfang's homage to Hilda Holger.
I feel the same about Wolfgang he changed my world view and answered a part in me that was searching in response to my past experience knowing people with support needs ( and reopened the door to creativity which had been closed too early with subject choices at school - Art or Science?)

I just found this a good read if you have time!

Shallal Sketchbooks will be on view all half term!
It is a great joy to have Victoria enabling this project in an inspirational way, all thanks to her and Lou and Falmouth Art Gallery and Anne Mackay who supported it in it's infancy and to the international Brooklyn based Project which inspired it!

Amanda's sketchbook and studio!

Rehearsal shifting gear and today thank you to Delpha for coming to work with us with art, lots of good work coming together for show in July and image from ladies sewing!
welcome back to Debs !

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Catch Up!

Getting there!
Just read last post while waiting to: listen to music, reread an application etc and very grateful to have at last the bare bones of work for shows.
It was exciting yesterday at Shallal Dance Theatre to revisit all the ideas on paper in drawings and notes for Passmore Edwards!

Lauren and Marjorie 86!

Joseph's birthday !!

and again in Shallal 2 we have bare bones for Clean Dirt  ( working title).

Lots of exciting events coming up:
Transitions with Steve Tanner and Anna Marie Murphy at Newlyn Art Gallery, half term Friday we don't usually meet then but this is worth meeting up for - Thank you Steve!
Steve Tanner - Transition2 2017.

Who are we ?

Steve will be exploring our relationship with clothes, from the conformity of the uniform to the expression of individual identity.

We are the only animal on earth that clothes itself. From practical, social and aesthetic reasons, clothes express our individuality and our conformity. Clothes tell a story; they are tactile, they smell, evoke and carry memories. They can be man made to mass made. Lost clothes, abandoned clothes, forgotten clothes, recycled clothes, clothes of the dead and not yet born. Some are worn to purposely shock or question our status; then there are some who have no choice in what they wear: a homeless person, a refugee, a baby... 

Steve invites you to be photographed as you are, or dress up to become someone else, bring an item of clothing that you can’t throw out or bring along clothes that you want to throw out.

Any clothes that you would like to to leave will be donated to Refugee Aid based in Penzance for their ongoing work with Refugees.

Visit to HFC Truro for Shallal Dance Theatre courtesy of Paul Hamlyn Community Club
to see Ghost Dances by Ballet Rambert
March 24
Meeting at Truro Library before hand and with dear Dean Evans coming by to chat and check our research.

Colin has been working hard with Newlyn Filmhouse 
to enable a showing of the award winning film, My Feral Heart...17 March 11am also possibility the director will come and give a talk! tbc

Frances from HFC has kindly offered us a chance to see an  English Touring Opera project in May
...... a new piece of work, Different,  they have devised with Key Club.
 Tuesday 30 May in the Assembly room at the Hall.

There is some info on the work on the ETO website at the link below.

Oh and big thank you to the Dolphin Class at Flushing School who gave me chocolates and the most beautiful Thank you card!
"Just emailing to say how much I enjoyed the dance yesterday. It is so good, ......., to learn something new and a new way of doing things. 
 thank you so much for all the time you gave up and the hard work you put in to teaching dance to my class. It was so lovely for them to experience something that I couldn't offer in such an open ended and creative way." class teacher
We hope they will all come to see our new show in July.

I'm working out logistics for Shalall 2 and came across this;
- nice quote and our film from AMATA residency!

As we speak dear George and Victoria are making another little film/slide gem from postcards given out throughout Shallal to share how we perceive our "mission statement" in visual language!

And Shallal Sketchbooks soon at Falmouth Art Gallery, they are a treat go along and enjoy a few moments through others eyes!