Monday, 20 February 2017

Optional day! Transitions with Steve Tanner and Anna Murphy and a visit to Rose Hilton exhibition

When we were offered a trip to Steve Tanner in residence with Transitions at Newlyn Gallery we couldn't resist it, Steve has given Shallal so much support and Newlyn is on our doorstep, so we offered everyone an optional day!
Anna Murphy and Steve Tanner bottorm right!
We had a grand time and i haven't laughed so much for ages, every time i turned around from watching the photo shoot another comical and or outrageous outfit met my eyes, as well as 'bring your own', Kneehigh and Miracle Theatre co's had lent outfits and people had left some for handing on!
The wonderful, incorrigible ( a word used a lot recently in our home as we have a 9 week old puppy!), mischievous lot that are Shallal were dressing each other up in outfits and encouraging each other and a fun time was had by all.
I took some snaps, only some came out, but you can get a taste of it on our FB page
and in the above photo taken at the end, when we had chatted about clothing and lovely Anna Marie Murphy was there to capture thoughts and images of the morning in words.

The afternoon was spent in another outing, I am a long time fan of Rose Hilton's art INTCMP=SRCH
and so we all went along to the opening exhibition of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens new art gallery
Jonathan and Colin sharing the blue tones of Rose's painting

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