Friday, 22 November 2019

Open Studios at Krowji and more...

Busy time.
Arts council application in thank you Lou and Colin, and Barbara busy working on another application.
Matt our beloved business manger has to leave us as his other work increases. We will really miss him, his level lightness, efficiency and proficiency has stabilised us and so helped our organisational development, and our monthly business meetings are a pleasureable event.
Anyone out there with the skills we are still open for applications!

The studio goes from strength to strength and we are watching it unfold within our original vision and then with the elements which each unique person brings to it.
Sink/s in and we are moving furniture around and getting ready next week for...
Poster by Lou and drawing by Yvonne, they both work in the studio on Thursdays. Thank you to Phoebe who with support is coordinating  and curating the event.
Celebration 11am -3pm Saturday 30 November.

Thank you to Nikki Kelly who is pointing people to our sessions and studio. We are meeting on Monday to discuss developing opportunities and maybe growing another community group.
Tuesday she has invited us to....

Shallal Dance Theatre performing 2pm and Shallal Sketchbooks will be there.

Personally I am looking at backing myself up and handing some work over as some of my family need more care. I have been aware that i might need to do this for sometime and it feels daunting and also exciting as new life and energy comes in with associate artists and facilitators developing and groups grow.
Since it became a charity in 2005 Shallal has been able to develop and do so much more and we are small, flexible and resilient which has enabled our survival, and in the nature of art have built work from the strength and talents of those involved.
Victoria ( welcome back!) and Claire ( welcome) met with me this week and we are planning the continuation and development of Shallal Sketchbooks. Thank you to Kerry who has been looking after it and now passed it on to focus more on facilitation  - Open House, Penzance with Colin which is thriving.
There is much to be inspired by and Toby showed me his drawings towards our dreamt of poetry book. They are wonderful and fully convey the feeling of the poem and i realise he has seen them all performed. Many of us in Shallal have such a legacy of creativity together.

Robin's film is in danger of not getting the exposure it deserves, i hope to post it on FB soon! It's one of the best insights into the joy of a session...

Also such a pleasure to use the music Johnny Mars kindly 'gave' us some time ago.
A legacy from the beauty of Tom's life, as Johnny played at his funeral and contacted me through Tom's mum after seeing this.....

Fun time at Shallal Dance Theatre today and we haven't decided how to support the XR Strike on may just be we have this poster out and about at all our public events..,we will have a think!