Monday, 23 December 2019

end of term

Here we are end of term and a holiday (much needed for me) break!
What a fabulous term, all the Embodied Space events at the beginning and the Shallal Sketchbooks, Open Studios at the end, topped off with Christmas Sharing (Friends and Dancing), party ( Shallal Dance Theatre), general mince pies and good cheer at end of most sessions, and AGM.
Big thank you once again to Matt Leach our business manager who leaves before 2020, we hope to see him at some events in the future.
And welcome to our new business manager whoever you are? decision nearly made i think?!
Thank you to everyone and Lou and Barbara working hard behind the scenes with funding applications.
Now our organisational development has improved so much the final hurdle is archiving, having just spent tooo many hours attempting to retrace where i have stored photos from 2013/4! I know they are there somewhere!
In my personal life a kind person is helping me organise and streamline my book keeping and now with Phoebe's help in the new year we will eventually start to formally catalogue our wonderful past photos and film clips...phew. This is all part of Shallal becoming more independent from me on admin side so we can all work to our strengths and i can focus on people, creative developments, partnerships and collaborations.
Thank you and Happy Holidays and looking forward to the New Year!
We will leap straight into exhibition and performance at Newlyn Gallery, culminating where we started our journey. Last year we performed in the top gallery with recorded music, live poetry and song and this year we will collaborate with Pete Freemans fantastic lights and George's live improvised music....for our final Embodied Space in this project
1.30pm Friday 24 January
3pm  Saturday 25th January
Gallery open 10-5
Katie, Zo and Kerry T
Back LaneWest R&D with Peter Freeman

Monday, 9 December 2019

Visions ...and thanks

A vision realised:

this Friday with Shallal Dance Theatre after a good practice with George in the morning, followed by lunch, I stayed to discuss R&D progress with Signing with Demelza and those staying on for Art and Production went on ahead to our Krowji Studio.
Star left early to prepare for Bowie Lounge that is another vision realised as she came to Shallal initially to extend her improvisation experience and has excelled in that in the hugely successful Bowie Lounge ( sold out for Saturday at AMATA)
The weekend before Shallal Studios had been part of Krowji Open Studios, a first and really successful, lots of interest, and Hayley sold a print! (Thank you Phoebe, Lou, Colin, who enabled it to happen and Pam and Eddie and who helped welcome etc)

So I eventually ended my Friday dropping into the studio and joy of joys a vision realised, I was greeted by a calm concentrated silence and looked around to see Tina and Sam drawing at the table, using varied mediums, Colin poised by an easel contemplating his painting of cliffs and the potential addition of a raven, Toby at another table finishing poetry book illustrations and Zoe editing her film and photographs on the iMac.
This vision of artists working together in company but on their own creativity is also echoed in the Bowie Lounge - a must see when it’s next on.
Zoe and Eddie have for many years asked to be more involved in editing and design in Shallal and until this studio and the iMac, we haven’t had the time, facilities or equipment to support it.

I've just written my annual report and so much has been able to grow from the background organisational development and roles, thank you to all! you know who you are!! It gets harder to thank people individually as Shallal is made up of many parts and we all make a greater whole and trust, respect, group manners, gratitude and appreciation are all a part of it. Also the wonderful ability to disagree and debate which is important for creativity and collaboration, so often many of the best ideas are ones I’m initially not sure about or equally I suggest something which is challenged and changes.

In our challenging times the ability to think creatively, collaborate and adapt to change and work together is needed more than ever.

When I was 50 Dot Peyer sat me down and tried to help me navigate an understanding of applications and funding, I was a terrible student continually interrupted by a 6 year old and home educated teenagers! And I’m very grateful to her for all her hard work for us. Lou then stepped in and I was still not much wiser…now I say re funding that I know the territory I have the map but am not the best person to actually drive you there! I can however  read the map and see the lie of the land.
Shallal has always attracted support and we are very grateful to Barbara Santi who has written social and heritage applications for us and helped plan and deliver and sustain us. Along now with the business meeting team and invaluable very talented trustees.
Returning to Dot she said you need to think of succession and how you progress and where you are in it all. I always think, “I never know if i’ll be alive tomorrow”  (so you can see how planning didn’t come easily to me, but Shallal is important to many people and I have learnt to think ahead!)

I planned that by 60 ( 4 years to go ) there would be more in place and I could step back a little if needed, and Im stepping back a little earlier now as my family need me. My family have always been wonderfully supportive and often insightful and helpful with my work. I don’t know if this will be for long or not but we shall see. Why I’m writing is I have taken a few weeks to look and have been so pleased to step back on some projects knowing those involved are so gifted and will bring more to them and develop them within Shallal ethos and with their own personalities, gifts and strengths with a strong emphasis on cross art form, collaboration, personal unique expression and fun! 
" nothing better to do?!, outlet for creative synergy/cross art form....boost to social confidence, more creative freedom attracts people” notes from Toby Bridge on Friday while answering some queries about how people are attracted to Shallal.

So I am still in: Shallal 2, it’s on my doorstep, and Shallal Dance Theatre, my creative home for 30 years, and supportive in Shallal Studios and at Liskeard group but at a reduced level.

Matt Leach our business manager leaves us soon and we can’t express how grateful and appreciative we are for him and his talents and unruffled personality, making business meetings a joy! even though my brain has to recover afterwards.

So thanks you to everyone throughout Shallal for your support and creativity and here’s to more visions realised personally and collaboratively.