Monday, 23 December 2019

end of term

Here we are end of term and a holiday (much needed for me) break!
What a fabulous term, all the Embodied Space events at the beginning and the Shallal Sketchbooks, Open Studios at the end, topped off with Christmas Sharing (Friends and Dancing), party ( Shallal Dance Theatre), general mince pies and good cheer at end of most sessions, and AGM.
Big thank you once again to Matt Leach our business manager who leaves before 2020, we hope to see him at some events in the future.
And welcome to our new business manager whoever you are? decision nearly made i think?!
Thank you to everyone and Lou and Barbara working hard behind the scenes with funding applications.
Now our organisational development has improved so much the final hurdle is archiving, having just spent tooo many hours attempting to retrace where i have stored photos from 2013/4! I know they are there somewhere!
In my personal life a kind person is helping me organise and streamline my book keeping and now with Phoebe's help in the new year we will eventually start to formally catalogue our wonderful past photos and film clips...phew. This is all part of Shallal becoming more independent from me on admin side so we can all work to our strengths and i can focus on people, creative developments, partnerships and collaborations.
Thank you and Happy Holidays and looking forward to the New Year!
We will leap straight into exhibition and performance at Newlyn Gallery, culminating where we started our journey. Last year we performed in the top gallery with recorded music, live poetry and song and this year we will collaborate with Pete Freemans fantastic lights and George's live improvised music....for our final Embodied Space in this project
1.30pm Friday 24 January
3pm  Saturday 25th January
Gallery open 10-5
Katie, Zo and Kerry T
Back LaneWest R&D with Peter Freeman

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