Thursday, 26 January 2012

Eddie's photos from Gyllyngdune Gardens and some news

trying to get a publicity shot! David and Jacqui from Apex joined us, along with trustee Anne Mackay...

Nice photos that capture a lot of the movement. Looking forward to working tomorrow on many of the ideas from this visit...

  • good evening at Penryn Group, 15 of us and Verena a choreography graduate planning to come each week
  • Barbara Santi film maker ( and an old friend of the company is coming to visit next Friday, developing plans to work together within an exciting project...... 
  • just heard of success of an application to Peoples Health Trust, their funding will enable 2 participants from Friends and Dancing to develop skills as support facilitators from next September.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Photographs from Friends and Dancing's Christmas Gathering at The Performance Centre

A big thank you to The Performance Centre for use of the space and seasonal refereshments afterwards!
Also a big thank you to one of new funders The Rosemullion Trust. Local support to all our groups is very precious.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Arts Council Bursary

I wanted to share the good news of being awarded a bursary for The Arts Council's State of the Arts conference.

Forgive me for just pasteing the information:

"We are delighted to inform you that your application for a bursary to the Arts Council’s State of the Arts conference 2012 has been successful. Your bursary includes entry to the preconference events on the 13th February, your ticket to the State of the Arts conference on the 14th February and entry to the post conference reception at the Imperial War Museum, also on the 14th February.
 You are also invited to attend the Arts Council office in Manchester on the 13th February 2012 from 3pm – 4pm.  This is an opportunity for you to meet and network with other successful bursary applicants."

My application:....

My name is Jo Willis, I am Cornish and have lived and worked in Cornwall for most of my life. I am founder and artistic director of Shallal Dance theatre an inclusive community company. I am 48 years old with 5 children, 4 of which are or have been educated outside school, which gives me a different view of education within society. Shallal is based in Newlyn /Penzance, 10 miles from Lands End, an area rich in visual arts culture, now with The Tate at St Ives, but also isolated, and a long journey from many cultural centres. Dartington College of Arts moved to join with University College Falmouth last year and we are successfully working with them. I have a new regular inclusive community performance group there and we have performed at the Performance Centre Opening Ceremony and in each Community Platform event.
“The Company produces inspiring work........  Companies such as this make experimental theatre accessible to all actors and audiences.”
Rector of Dartington
I feel that the artists I represent through my work rarely have their voice well heard, they do not all want to go under the Disabled Artists banner, not all of them have those challenges, they are aged 11- 81, many are vulnerable in some way, including people with autism, learning disabilities, physical challenges, mental health issues, as well as artists broadening their experience or easing back into work from ill health,etc
“They do fantastic, inspiring work but, like many others, Shallal has this year lost all the funding it had, not because it is not worthy of support but because those with the gentlest voices are the hardest to hear.”
Colin Rogers
Managing Director, Deco Films & Television Ltd.
Mencap trustee
Our culture provides many routes for Great Art, but often not “for all” or not “all together”, too often art, which is a uniting force is taught separately in ages/ability, this is fine and often necessary, but I believe we offer an important balance to that world, by being inclusive. Our work can create a very positive sense of community and belonging, thereby allowing those “outsider” artists to be heard and seen. Outsider artist is a term used in visual art but I would use it in performing arts for us - indicating people with talent, passion and commitment but outside the normal art milieu. All our shows are devised by the company members and improvised.
So I believe I would provide an interesting “other” voice at the conference from geographical position and experience. I have a wealth of experience with working in the arts with vulnerable people in the community but also have little formal training, my main influence being shadowing Wolfgang Stange of Amici in the early 80’s.
 Shallal also collaborates with many local and international artists in diverse mediums. ( One of our patrons is international rock guitarist Robert Fripp.)
I would be interested in attending;
4. Artists shaping communities  and 7. Artists and audiences - great art for everyone

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Duane's photos from Gyllyngdune Gardens trip

Duane  sent me these photos from our trip on Friday which was very exciting. Thank you to Sarah for the hospitality and information. People brought cameras and sketch books, we explored, played, developed ideas, learnt about the site.
And are looking forward to the next few weeks of developing.There were 28 of us! Jacqui and David joined us from Apex. Trustee Anne Macakay came to support our youngest ( try out ) members Tallulah and Jewel.

Open improvisation around the arch.....
wonderful low winter light giving silouettes

Mermaids house, decorated with shells, had an amazing resonance.
Colin and Debs

Star and Jessie entering the Mermaid's house!


Eleanor and Giles

Eventually everyone gets in the photos this is Raindrop, Toby's dog
We have sheets of ideas, sketches, more photographs coming in, Rory filmed, we took a photographs we hope will go into the local newspaper.
Looking forward to working outdoors, in such an amazing space, when it's warmer!