Saturday, 21 January 2012

Duane's photos from Gyllyngdune Gardens trip

Duane  sent me these photos from our trip on Friday which was very exciting. Thank you to Sarah for the hospitality and information. People brought cameras and sketch books, we explored, played, developed ideas, learnt about the site.
And are looking forward to the next few weeks of developing.There were 28 of us! Jacqui and David joined us from Apex. Trustee Anne Macakay came to support our youngest ( try out ) members Tallulah and Jewel.

Open improvisation around the arch.....
wonderful low winter light giving silouettes

Mermaids house, decorated with shells, had an amazing resonance.
Colin and Debs

Star and Jessie entering the Mermaid's house!


Eleanor and Giles

Eventually everyone gets in the photos this is Raindrop, Toby's dog
We have sheets of ideas, sketches, more photographs coming in, Rory filmed, we took a photographs we hope will go into the local newspaper.
Looking forward to working outdoors, in such an amazing space, when it's warmer!

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