Thursday, 30 August 2018


We are back after the holidays revving up for the start of sessions next week.

Straight into preparation for St Ives Festival for Shallal Dance Theatre...

Shallal 2
R&D for Illustration theme commission from Falmouth Art Gallery and, oh yes an exhibition as well to accompany it, a challenge,
and how to maintain all the good work until more funders support us.....

We take solace in we have survived thus far!

£600 was raised for Shallal Sketchbooks -  thank you all who supported it.

A potential studio was visited but we need to follow it up and even if we can reserve it we need the rent!!!

And thank you again to Kneehigh for our annual trip to the theatre on Monday 10 September, twenty of Shallal will enjoy free theatre with a drink! generousity and inspiration combined!