Thursday, 4 June 2015

Shallal 2 prepare for Dance on the Grass

Well back to some good work but half numbers for reasons from health to bereavement so we await next week and our dress rehearsal on the grass, weather permitting!
Meanwhile we have a running order and the music sounds good - i think - some interesting jazz and other new artists chosen mainly by Zoe and Jo.
The group enjoy large group work and some experimental music and there is a delightful "No Bus Stop Dancing" a quote and sign from Jo created last summer at workshop with Kneehigh at Heligan which i now need to fetch from Kneehigh's kitchen for the show.
Depending on the availability of performers - there has been a lot of times with some dancers absent - the 'show' may become a 'sharing and showing' of new work. We await to see how the dress rehearsal goes, they were so good before Christmas at Falmouth Art Gallery. But this term we have lost Skye  - her studies are exhausting on the day we meet - and Paul has moved onto Zumba for now. However we will be joined by Rosie and Maybel hopefully who are dedicated members but didn't make it last time. So a moveable feast!

Anna (with injured back) and Zoe (not so well) took some photos for us last night!

warm up - favourite music at present Arvo Part's Spiegel im spiegel

No bus stop dancing! 1



practising together in case others not available!

image from the final dance and Peter's cheeky look!

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