Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Comments from Dance on the Grass

Dance on the Grass -Wednesday evening...
Well done to all of Shallal 2.
Thank you to Comic Relief our funders this term, to all at Gyllyngdune Gardens especially Jacqui's unstinting enthusiasm and support, and all our supporters, families and friends.

Anna was unwell on the day, Paul and Eddie are busy with other commitments, Skye couldn't come this term as she was studying. And yet with a lot of illness / absences this term I am so pleased with everyone, they pulled off a really good show with integrity and commitment.
Guest artist Colin!
'The work works' and it is good for me to be re confirmed in it. I learn so much every performance and what a joy to have a free outdoor relaxed event, in a beautiful setting. With an audience full of old and new faces.

Audience Comments:

Beautiful to watch. Thank you
Amazing. So moving. You used the space beautifully
Great performance full of energy. Great musicality and interpretation from all performers. Gave me goose bumps. Well done all!
A joy to watch - loved it all. Thank you
Wonderful performance in a beautiful setting.
Lovely, moving, funny performances. Everybody was great. You all worked together so well, responding to each other. Thank you!
I love the contrast in colours between the white of the child and the black of the adults. Very enjoyable!!
It was fun, exciting and special!
Transcendent and Enriching- i feel very moved and uplifted - Thanks so much.

Many years ago we performed a lovely show Face to Face at Penwith College as the Acorn was being refurbished. We have very few if any photos of it archived and yet i remember it so well as one of my favourite shows, Dance on the Grass was also memorable and has no professional photos or record as our friendly supportive photographer of Shallal 2 Simon Roff was unable to come...but that is also the beauty of LIVE performance, for the moment and the memory.
And then I need to thank Michael who actually took lots of photos for us, so that after that preamble I couldn't choose between all these below!

Maybelle adds a prop to her dance

Mexican hat dance

family photo

Sidney's dance at the end

well done

appreciative audience

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