Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Shallal Shared Residency and picnic photo

Our eagerly awaited Shallal Shared AMATA residency started Monday.
A small blip at the beginning was finding out we had been moved and no longer had beautiful Studio C to work in however Pete and all the technicians came and transformed Studio B for us, taking up the black dance floor, removing the black out, stacking the seating and thereby lightening the space and making it spacious and airy!
So many of us from throughout Shallal arrived for the day ( from Shallal Dance Theatre, Shallal 2 and even Friends and Dancing ) along with guests so we are achieving our hopes. New and old friends and collaborations.
Belinda was with us all day
Eddie and Stewart came for the morning. Eddie had a small camera he could attach to his head and dance with.
Daniella and Paul arrived for the afternoon.
Kerry and Hannah came as well for the end of the afternoon and will be with us all day Tuesday.
Kerry replaced Anna Marie Murphy as co-facilitator in the 'old days' over 20 yrs ago now and lives in Bologna but visits every summer.
The morning we settled in and awaited the space transformation, we worked with:
'warm up'
rhythm creation
rhythm creation travelling, adding on....
Open Improvisation
Starting in small groups

After lunch we moved again and then did Solos.
It seemed rather risky so soon but the work was wonderful, surpassing what many people had done before, peoples movement range, confidence, spatial awareness and choreographic decisions expanded before our eyes.
The dancers had the chance to work solely with George ( musician) who had seen their rhythm choices in the morning so they were already tuned into each other.
Egyptian dance, Indian dance, Flamenco all use solo dancer/musician relationship.

Meanwhile Zoe, Anna, Eddie, Stewart, Kerry and Belinda took photographs to use in their own creative process.
and artists Eddie, Toby, Kerry, Joseph, Katie, Gareth, Colin, Kerry sketched small or large responses.

Fantastic day yesterday as well different emphasis, with bamboos and balance being revisited as a theme from Kerry and Jonathan doing amazing balancing and independent movement.

looking forward to today
Friends and Dancing visiting for morning session and music exploration this afternoon followed by Shallal 2.

and not to forget the annual Shallal main co Summer Picnic

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