Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mousehole chat and doorways

Yesterday Sally and  I managed to meet for chat, meet up - not meeting - we prefer "chat", preferably with tea and cake! and scribbles followed by emails, more chat and then a quick check in, but most important is multi tasking betweenvisitors, friends, children - pier jumping, dinner in the oven - on slow at Sally's etc. Anyway Luke 3 and a half  took the first 2 photos, which are better than mine. 

Sally and Kerry in Kerry's doorway
The idea was to talk around Mousehole, Dolly Pentreath, poetry, heritage etc and Kerry has helped with kind offers and contacts, so all moving along nicely now, and Sally and I are excited, which is the main thing really, from that all else can happen, enthusiasm can be like a springboard and keeps everything going...and gives impetus to resolve any problems, and enjoyment which is also so necessary in art and engagement- my favourite new word in application, I'm trying to write.

So I realise this blog is getting a very holiday feel.

There are some more photos for Mousehole research coming soon, but meanwhile have overstretched my antisocial work hours into family breakfast.
I was intrigued to ask someone who worked at home how he did it during holidays and he said antisocial work hours which i do, but also own space that i don't do..

Thanks to Kerry, and welcome to our blog. Kerry was in Shallal over 17 years ago as faciltiator and dancer, she is primarily a visual artist / painter and now teaches English in Italy, a wonderful, enthusiastic and engaging teacher.

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