Monday, 15 August 2011

Access this Friday, link to Zoe's film and day change for main company

Last plug for this Friday's,
 Access Theatre's Community Platform event,
 for details please see last post, 
and below are a few lines i've written for their programme...

Zoe will be performing Chromatic II, from Shallal's latest show Chromatic which was performed at The Platform Centre, UCF, The Exchange Gallery, Penzance and Falmouth Art Gallery. Zoe is normally joined by 6 other dancers, but tonight we have just one Colin!
(To give them a challenge this is their first time with just the 2 of them with no rehearsal!)
Zoe is the most experienced dancer within Shallal having been with the company from it's beginning over 20 years ago and is a respected solo artist in her own right. Shallal works with structured improvisation and all the performers create their own work. The choice of music Blacknuss by Rahsaan Roland Kirk was contributed by a new dancer Carly and from a chance improvisation went on to become one of the most dramatic pieces in the show.

I could also add Zoe has been described as a "Renaissance" woman, dance is her main love and art form but she applies her creative ability to playing the clarinet, photography, poetry, film, and is a successful selling artist. Zoe has won awards for her film (which can be seen at produced with Barbara Santi and her photography, I can't do her justice but she is one of the few people i know who constantly lives her art and is in constant dialogue with it, she now balances all that with work with the NHS as a health champ.

So the diary continues to be full and tomorrow a meeting with Dot at The Works and a Diversity representative from the Arts Council.

Zoe and her mother Marjorie in Mothers and Daughters, so many beautiful photos to share will just keep adding them in.
and yes i should be doing something else... looking at 3 applications..... but, a public thanks to trustee Anne Mackay who is back able to give time to help complete them, so there is more hope there...

An early notification for main company members;
 that we will be changing our rehearsal day to Friday, this will help us in many ways but apologies for any inconvenience to personnal timetables and letter coming soon!

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