Monday, 7 October 2013

Scratch Night and Shallal 2

Shallal 2 at Scratch Night, The Performance Centre.


7.30pm Wednesday, free

Shallal 2 are performing 2 approx 3 minute pieces. The first exploring their large group improvisation method and the second is revisiting Bird Girl a song- used in Mind the Gap - with a trio of dancers, Skye, Miles and Anna. Both interesting pieces, we look forward to going and hope we might see you there! 
Welcome to Alex and Kate and Stewart - who comes with Eddie-, this will be their first outing with us, (and sadly Peter has a knee injury, so we hope to see him soon.)
Shallal 2 are on first at 7.30pm and you can drop in and out of the event as there will be pauses for feedback.

Everything starts with something. A brief encounter, happenstance, a good turn of phrase. Scratch night is a series of fragments of performance in-the-process by established, emerging and student artists. The intention is to share work and try things out with a supportive audience who are encouraged to give feedback. 
For more information contact:

Skye on left

Skye and Anna at St Ives recently. We don't have many photos of Skye, although she is such a strong performer, and Shallal 2 are still collecting performance photos so i haven't one of Miles.

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