Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Small Picture Show

Thank you to artistic friends of Shallal:
June Hicks
Paul Wadsworth
for donating work.
We hope to have more coming soon.

Shallal Studio artists are looking forward to visiting Colin Carbis and some of the artists from the John Daniel Centre on Monday 11th, with a new friend Lou Brett a painter and printmaker who works from her studio at home in Falmouth.

I have managed to find Elly's paintings which I love on

We hope to work in some way with Elly though we haven't managed to work chat yet as she is emerging from 3 beautiful young boys, so we will wait, as we are waiting for more spaces and funding and a space in Falmouth/Penryn area. 

Elly worked with old Shallal friend Lisa Mortensen on a wonderful project Annexe Arts which ran for years and held excellent exhibitions. 
I also saw Lisa recently, - a piece of her work is here, " by a red line of umbilical thread was a miniature felt dress by Lisa Mortensen" and her work and influence is now as  Curriculum Area Manager for Art at Cornwall College.

Today Shallal Sketchbooks pilot goes to interview with Feast, so here's hoping!

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