Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Zoe's Small Pictures, Toby's paintings and Eileen and Genie

Colourful and lovely paintings by Zoe Wilton for The Small Picture Show!
next Saturday don't miss it and see the hidden talents of Shallal members and friends in the open mic session.
And in true Shallal tradition lots of homemade cake!

Next we had a good meeting at the Studio with new friend Lou, and studio artists Zoe, Sam, Toby and Colin.
(Sadly we were unable to meet with Colin Carbis and we send him our love.)

I took the opportunity to photograph these lovely works of Toby's which were made for our first survival fundraiser Saved by the Bell some years we are back in a similar place but less scared and more prepared. Toby generously donated them to Shallal and I have wanted to make prints from them, but haven't had the funds, so want to show them here and may try to make postcards.

Lisa Mortensen stepped in to oversee this show as Luke was born !

part of Mind the Gap which was dedicated particularly to Eileen Herzberg
Including poetry, sculptures made from newspaper- she was a writer, journalist and sculptor - and a dance to her favourite piece of music. Sculptures made by the company with Lisa.
Eileen was cremated in the open air in Goa where she had unexpectedly died, and her ashes brought home to Cornwall, where they were scattered at Sennen beach- famous for surf and sunsets - and Fuzz Bleakley paddled out on his surfboard beyond the waves to scatter them in the sea, so Phosporesence was an appropriate title for Eileen and her sparkling life, which we are grateful to have been part of!

Eileen made the mask for MASK
Eileen is also much on my mind as she was the inspiration for Genie her close friend supporting us as a trustee for many years and she now leaves and we welcome Viv as new trustee. Big thank you to Genie and we wish her well.

our first fully funded ACE show with Danu Fox as development manager, bringing in film and more cross artforms

Anna has been watching some poetic solos on Youtube from Myway Dance Centre, Ukraine.

this is our favourite.

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