Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thank you from the Small Picture Show

Big thank you to everyone: artistic contributors, helpers, musicians, bakers, ticket sellers
and audience, buyers and anonymous doners and all those who donated fabulous prizes for the raffle, and to Terry and Diana who helped get the raffle in motion.

A cheery set up team, Colin just popped home, so not in trustee Sue with tea pot...
Jo L, The Mackay clan: Jewel, Jem, Skye and trustee Anne, Anna, Sue and Toby.

A good crowd through the afternoon of old and new friends and supporters,
 over 21 works of art sold for approx £400!
and a £500 anonymous donation-- thank you to everyone involved.
Kerry was able to be with us, she has had 3 weeks in pain however thanks to Dominique's physio
 ( she is able to move around now

Skye's debut for Shallal already known as strong performer, she is a really good singer songwriter and I would like some of the dancers to create work to her newest song!
Thank you to Jem for open mic set up and to all performers and compare! I could write a lot about it, we should do it again, as again a wide range of people involved the youngest was Dylan on ukulele - thank you to them all.

It was a good event "a lovely day..... - one of my best Saturdays for ages."

Despite being in Newlyn, where it's hard to find parking, we had a lot of visitors - retrospectively i should have counted but I was too busy with nice chats and selling pictures. A wide range of work sold which was also satisfying from: main co members, 9yr old, to a painting brought in late and sold within 15 mins!

We will look at the format but would like to do it again and are looking at ways to keep the art side visible. Recently the art/production afternoons have increased in numbers so that is exciting to see the work grow. Joseph had an order to paint another cow on red background.

Also to survive and to keep the momentum of what is successful: a sponsored dance followed by AGM in the winter and a picture show in the summer, seem viable and importantly creative, accessible and fun.

Today I am off to meet lovely Lou Brett to see what we can brew with bids for the Shallal Studio artists and friends.

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