Saturday, 30 November 2013

Costume at the Acorn

We had to use another venue this week and found ourselves happily back at our other old home The Acorn. With quite a few of us away we still had a good time, Daniela led a warm up, we did some "wintry" improvisations and after lunch we had fun making costumes.
Faced with a shortened art session and not wanting to make a mess, and inspired by Zoe's love of fashion, i revisited the old favourite - in our family - of newsprint, bin liners and masking tape!
..some of the results are below created in less than 40 mins!

Toby dressed by Daniela and Sam

making a hat for Sam

Zoe, Demelza and Zo dressed Katie

Skye dressed by Arron

Toby, Katie, Anis dressed by Anna and Jewel dressed by Tallula

 Andrew Lanyon exhibition has started at Falmouth Art Gallery and Eddie Callis ( Shallal 2) and dad Tony Minnion are in Open Studios this weekend at Krowji.

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