Monday, 8 August 2016

Footprints Residency

Footprints Residency

needing to title the Back Lane West Residency before i wrote our ACE application
We are all so inspired by Passmore Edwards, "Why isn't his story taught in Cornish schools", many have asked!

What do you leave behind you? legacy? ladders are also part of his images

A Few Footprints is his autobiography

Funding the Ladder
by Dean Evans

Political and social reformer, politician, peace activist, and anti-slavery campaigner he became one of the most successful newspaper proprietors of his time.  Born in a small Cornish village and educated at the local dame school, he had an ambition “to be useful”; an ambition that remained with him throughout his life. Early attempts at publishing led to bankruptcy but through hard work he repaid his creditors in full. Disillusioned by Parliament (representing Salisbury 1880-1885) he redistributed the wealth that he had earned by funding the building of more than 70 public buildings; libraries, hospitals, convalescent homes, schools, art galleries and museums; to help those he considered he had a responsibility to assist.  He twice turned down a Knighthood and died at home, 51 Netherhall Gardens.

There isn't much space left on the residency but if you are interested please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

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